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  1. Magnificent review Sid! I'm in Australia and I just found your reviews this week and have enjoyed them very much - especially seeing seeing such different parts of the world that I haven't been to. Drink shots are great too! Will look forward to your next one...
  2. Hi Carole The exact same thing happened to me - I sailed on the Golden Princess which left on 22 December, and I put some on board credit on and it showed as $139.10, so I called Princess and they had a look at the booking and they could only see the correct amount of the $125.00. They had no explanation for it. So I checked my credit card and it went through as the $125.00 (Aussie dollars). Once on-board I checked what credit I had and it was the $125.00. So it must be a glitch in their system somehwere.
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies, and I had thought the refund would go back to my credit card rather than a cheque, so that was good to learn. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Anne, nice knowing I don't have to worry and be chasing them up. Hope you had a good cruise.
  5. Thanks so much for your reply OzKiwiJJ, much appreciated.
  6. Hi Does anyone know how long it takes for Princess to refund unused on board credit after the end of a cruise? It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since the end of my cruise and I feel that it should be through by now....
  7. Hi Travelling on Golden Princess in December and as Elite status, have priority boarding. However boarding pass reads that you can have priority boarding within allocated check-in time. My query is, do they stick to this or can you board earlier (once boarding commences). Just wondering if anyone had experience of going earlier than their allocated time?
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