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  1. By the time they got around to doing the Radiance Class ships they had perfected The Schooner Bar. We've sailed on BOS 5 times. It is our favorite RCCL ship. It's big and it serves as a main thoroughfare to the popular Colony Club with it's large dance floor/showroom floor and 2 bars.... lots of fun things happen here...plus the repeaters party, captains party, etc. And the 2 Pay (Chops and the Italian restaurant) restaurants flank both ends of the bar in the Schooner.... and, someone finally had their thinking cap on, because there is a Ladies room right in the Schooner Bar, itself and a Mens room, too. Trivia is held in the SB every afternoon. The space has a large wall of windows (so does the Colony Club) and it is filled with sunlight in the day and wonderful views, night and day. The bar, itself, is big, oval shaped, the back row of stools seats are low, it is a step up from the floor. The seating area of the lounge is large, as well, but even though it is very close to the bar, it manages to provide intimacy, if wanted, and camaraderie with the crowd at the piano bar. It is well staffed.. easy to get a drink... although, we always sit at the bar. It is my favorite spot on my favorite ship. It is a great place to hang out or just to have a pre dinner drink.... it gets crowded right before 2nd seating! The bartenders are always great. The whole ship is the perfect size and although it is very ship like in some respects, the view for one thing... you see the ocean wherever you are on this ship... it is set up like a hotel. You will not need days to remember your way around. Also, other than the pre dinner crowd in the Schooner, which is crowded only compared to normal other times in the bar, not crazy crowded, the ship never feels crowded. Arrive at the MDR 10 minutes past opening and you will avoid any crowding waiting at the door. Although, that will be found on all ships and we have always gone up to the MDR 10 minutes after opening ever since witnessing the ugly and unnecessary pushing and shoving rushing the opening of the doors, on our very first cruise. Reminds me of the behavior of the crowds when they had Midnight Buffets... mind you, these were held within 2 hr or less from dinner! UGH! It is a fabulous ship and a fabulous class of ship. I wish Royal had built the other 2 ships that were in the original plan for this class. There was supposed to be 6. I have only been on the NOS size for a bigger ship/class. I much prefer the Radiance Class. Brilliance is gorgeous. So beautiful, so pretty and yet masculine and handsome, as well. It is one fine ship! Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Again. Have things changed? Used to be one shot to buy the package. 1st day on board. Once on board, you could not purchase it after that.
  3. Unless something has changed, drastically, I have never had a weak drink on any RCCL ship
  4. Really? Why wouldn't the drink package work on the private islands. We had this premium Drink Package all the way back in 2004....on the 12/13 cruise on the Brilliance... we used the card at Labadee. Being that these islands are for RCCL guests they have always been considered part of the cruise... I mean, your seapass card works there.
  5. That's the problem with you non smokers. Give you an inch and you want the whole ship. How kind of you to "not begrudge" the smokers . As if they need your permission. I bet those smokers would not only like to keep on enjoying smoking on their very own, bought and paid for, balcony but they are wishing they could still smoke in the same bought and paid for cabin. Wasn't that long ago that the non smokers were whining that the cabins stink... and it's not as if the smokers won't be able to smoke.. they can smoke on their balcony. All you ever hear about is inconsiderate smokers...I think it is the non smokers who are inconsiderate. I mean, who wouldn't want to run up or down to deck four every time you want a smoke, eh! Gotta make sure you have the whole back "aft" corner of the ship to yourself! EMc
  6. Ok, I just scrolled back and now see that the promo was posted. As usual, the RCL reps are the last to know!! Woulda been nice.
  7. Could someone show me the actual promo? Or point to where I could find it, please? I just called RCCL and priced out a balcony cabin on Jewel for 10 nighter on April 26..price shows 899. plus tax.. total for 2 is 2,038.38, the RCL rep applied our diamond discount of 300, giving us a total price of 1,738.38. It will cost us 869.19 per person for this 10 nighter. I specifically asked if there were any restrictions...We are ready to book this so would want to be sure that there are, in fact, no C & A restrictions. Thanks, EMc
  8. >>>Did I miss something? <<<< Nope. We had never seen this before, either. Haven't seen it since and, no, it wasn't a group thing. And like I said, I didn't see it at first...not really accurate...I glanced at it, very briefly and thought it was the wine package. The couple we were sitting with noticed it and, so, we took a second, better, look. There was a sticker placed on your sail & sign card, but they keyed the card into the system and it was full of info. It wouldn't be possible to hand the card off to someone else to use. We still have the card. Well, we have all of our cards, including one from Celebrity. But we have had to show the card to many people who "insist" that this program never existed. It's a bright yellow sticker that says "Premium Brand (in bold) Drink Program".We have been on the Brilliance many times and this was the only time it was offered. The crew told us it was not offered on the sailing following ours. It didn't sell enough. I was also told that this was pushed at the pool bar area before sail away. This was the December 13th, 2004 11 night cruise. It was our 3rd time on the Brilliance.
  9. Unlimited Liquor Packages…starting from $51.50* per night Our Liquor Packages provide the ultimate in convenience for all tastes. Choose from our Classic or Premium Package based on your own preference and desire. This is the quote from the Celebrity email about the drink packages, This is, exactly, how the RC package was stated.. Note the mention of "convenience for all tastes", Like I said, I am assuming this is the same program as RC offered. The way it's tiered lets you know what it includes. Ie, everything above. I did say I wasn't sure... but I really do think it is the same. I could be wrong. I hope I'm not.
  10. I can't say for sure, but... we purchased the unlimited premium liquor/drink program on RCCL's Brilliance of the Seas in 2004. The package doesn't just cover "liquor".. it covers beer, frozen drinks, wine, bottled water and specialty coffee. And soda, too Even if you don't drink a lot it can be a good value. Think about it. I think bottled water costs 4 bucks...a beer is.. what? 5 bucks, at least.. the drink of the day? So, grab some coffee.. have an early Bloody Mary eye opener... have a frozen drink or two later in the day at the pool. Throw in 3 or 4 bottles of water through out the day, a pre dinner drink, maybe a drink at the show.. a glass of wine or 2 at dinner or 2 cocktails, not to mention buckets of beer. In fact, we were able to take whatever amount we wanted at the end of the night back to the cabin. Beer to go! See what I mean? And, yes, they did also offer all those other specific beverage packages if that is all you wanted... but the unlimited premium drink package covered all those things. What it didn't cover was ultra premium liquor... ie, really high end stuff. We loved it and were hoping to see it offered again. It was not. And it is only cost effective if you order it in the first day, We didn't really see it at first.. we were in the Schooner Bar and they set up the usual large number of tables offering all kinds of packages. I assumed the table offering it was only offering the usual wine package. As I was walking away, it caught my eye. It was well worth it. Plus, it was nice to know that the bar bill was set from the get go. Keep in mind, it is per person and the email I received (from Celebrity) showed this package at 51.50 per day.. with 15% gratuity added. We were on an 11 night cruise... it was 1,265.00 total for the 2 of us and I believe the RCCL package was the same. I do think this is a bit strange.. would seem a better "fit" for RC....anyway, I DO, so, hope RC follows suit! EMc
  11. I was very surprised to recieve an email offer of a RC cruise with a very steep discount. It is advertised as a verandah cabin for 1,499. It is for the 12 night Mexican Riviera cruise on 12/21. Christmas and New Years. Royal Caribbean's price is 1,999. Anyway, not only was I surprised to see this is was doubly surprised to see that it was sent out from Cruise Critic. It stated that the fare was a non-refundable fare. I still don't think this is allowed. They are selling outside category H cabins at 1,299. That is the price for an inside cabin through RC. E3 balconies are 1,499, E2's are 1,549 and the E1 is 1,599. The tax is listed at 104 for all cabin categories listed. What gives? Do agencies who go through Cruise Critic get to bend the rules? Are the rules now different? The agency is national and a large one, although I don't know how long it's been around. It is Online Vacation Center. It was listed along with other deals from other cruise lines in CC's latest cruise deals newsletter. I'm going to call RC to see what they have to say about this, but I'm wondering what other agents think of this? I'm guessing, not much, eh?
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