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  1. Two September (B2B) cruises cancelled on April 10th. Carnival refunded total for both cruises today (May 24th). Much faster than we anticipated and much appreciated. No refund anticipated for our NCL cancelled May 2020 cruise until at least August. That was our dream cruise that we had been planning for years and paid premium prices with many expensive excursions. The NCL cruise was the first time in 10 years we ever bought extra medical insurance and that was promptly refunded within days after cancellation by the 3rd party insurer. Cruise lines would be building better customer relati
  2. Our May 3rd NCL cruise had been cancelled with the latest announcement of cancellations. The original NCL Announcement indicated we could not submit a "refund" request until April 13th. Today (April 3rd) I received an email indicating that a Future Cruise Credit for this trip had been applied to my account. Totally unacceptable level of customer service. The extra stress imposed by not only NCL, airlines, insurance, and hotel companies has been totally uncalled for. Carnival cancelled 2 of our September cruises and immediately provided request forms to obtain a full refund of money alread
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