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  1. I noticed the low prices but waited until my wife came home from work to get her approval. When I went to book a few hours later it was gone. ☹️ If it comes up again I’ll move more quickly! Or, perhaps prices will adjust on the Ovation TA as the price difference between the two TA’s is arbitraged.
  2. The Quantum TA from Tokyo to Seattle, presumably departing on Apr 25, 2021, is still missing. Do you have any guesses as to why? My wife and I are booked on the May 8, 2021 Ovation TA from Tokyo. But if the itinerary is the same for both ships I’m hoping to get a junior suite at more reasonable prices than currently available on the Ovation.
  3. That’s disappointing. We have a Feb 2021 B2B booked on Liberty. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Thanks. I just dropped off the form at the Future Cruise department with X4 on it. There is a long line up, as those on this Edge transatlantic are taking advantage of the new Celebrity deployment.
  5. Oh well. Thanks for checking. I was hoping to book a fall 2021 B2B on the Odyssey, while on board our current cruise, but that won’t happen now. Does anyone know if it’s worthwhile filling out a Future Cruise form onboard, given the nonstop series of promotions Royal seems to have? Would the small amount of credit given be combinable with other promotions?
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