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  1. Good morning everyone, some good news regarding my canceled April 5th cruise on the Regal. I took the refund option and one credit card got a partial refund yesterday. I reconciled the refund breakdown with Princess this morning and was told the rest is in progress and perfectly reconciled.
  2. I read in another thread that Princess wins and these disputes are being declined.
  3. From what I gather, the Platinum coverage is useless and, unless death or serious health issue, will only issue Future Cruise Credits. In the future I will purchase elsewhere and cough up the extra dollars for "Cancel For Any Reason" coverage.
  4. Thanks for giving a little hope. My canceled cruise was April 5th and refund request submitted March 12th. Hopefully mine is right behind yours.
  5. I submitted my refund request March 12th and still waiting for my refund. The Future Cruise Credit showed up on my account three weeks ago. The refund process is too lengthy for my liking so I will not be booking any cruises in the near future with Princess or any other cruise line.
  6. I printed my invoices after each payment. When I last spoke to a Princess representative, I was told the cruise fare refunds would be returned to the last credit card used for final payment but additional payments for shore excursions, coffee cards, gratuities, etc. would be refunded to the cards used. I received my future cruise credits but no refunds and now over 60 days.
  7. Thanks for the update. This means refunds will be even further delayed.
  8. Will answer all the questions when I receive my full refund, which is now past the promised 60-day window.
  9. I will let you know after I get the thousands of dollars Princess still owes me.
  10. Understood, but they are holding thousands of dollars of my hard earned money and my trust is waning.
  11. Princess claims they have limited staff, working from home, who has to process each booking manually to process all refunds, which are being done in cruise departure date order and translates into thousands of passengers per cruise. Today is my 60th day so I will give them until Friday of this week before disputing with the bank.
  12. I never received an email confirmation when I canceled on March 12th when the option became available. The Future Cruise Credit was credited to my account last week. I gave Princess a call and was told my refund was being processed and to be patient. The representatives have been very professional and do their best to respond to inquiries. It is understandable that we are all anxious but they are working from home. I am hoping to see some credits in a week or so.
  13. Airlines are now required to issue refunds. https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/refunds Sent from my iPad using Forums
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