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  1. Oh if only we had any left !
  2. we are due to go from Lisbon to Brazil in November. we booked through a travel agent so will be interesting to see if they honour the 30 day extention
  3. Has anyone got a telephone number that they have got through on. They are not replying to emails
  4. We are booked to do the reverse of this on the 14th November 2020. As we don't know yet if this will go ahead I am not doing any of my normal planning. Have done transatlantic before find the sea days can be relaxing as long as you can get a sunbed
  5. I had some butt clenching moments reading that. Glad you got back okay I would have been in ICU following that. No stories of getting back late, but on a middle east cruise on Marella a couple of years ago we had quite an experience. On passing by Somalia and taking on armed guards to assist our passage the ship was full of tales of kidnaps etc. These were quickly laughed off. We woke in the morning to find us floating off the coast of Somalia with engine failure. All of a sudden the stories of kidnaps seemed a bit more real. We eventually limped at 12 knots t
  6. Thank you so much for posting it was just what I needed. You obviously made the best of it. Stay safe
  7. I am so sorry for your situation and your loss. You can really do without this at this time. I think the offer of FCC was insensitive and really bad customer service. I really hope that you get this sorted out as soon as possible how awful and a terrible way to treat anyone
  8. Terrible times for all. Crew the cruise companies and all who would have thought we would have been in the middle of this when we all welcomed the new year in. Stay safe everyone
  9. Thanks for that. We were due to do the Panama on a Marella cruise on the 10th March. Two days before I dislocated my toe and had to have surgery on it so we had to cancel. The cruise just ended up sailing around and came back a week early because of the Covid 19. I was gutted at not going but just waiting for my trip insurance that will be in the bank to be spent on a cruise as soon as they are up and running. Stay safe everywhere at least whilst we are on lockdown we have some pretty good memories to look back on
  10. Hi, hope you are all staying safe and well. to keep us going who has a cruise review to post does not matter from when. We all live in hope of cruising again and to keep us going whilst in lock down I think this would be great
  11. I was going to ask this as well because although we cant go at the moment I would still love to see the stories of other
  12. I am following and loving it some of the place that you have been were some of the ones that we should have been going to. I had to cancel because of a bust foot. The cruise went ahead but only did a week and not stopping anywhere then came home. Was not meant to be. Loving looking at some of those places
  13. Thank you for the information we are to do our first Azamara cruise in November we have done 20 on other lines. I will take note and stay away from the jig saws. I don't think that will be hard to do !
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