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  1. We went on the same Jan. 3rd cruise. It was in low to mid 50's when we boarded. Temperatures were probably low 60's next day, but it seemed windy most of the cruise. My wife was always cold due to wind. Made it impossible to play mini golf. I say bring a light coat/hoodie and you should be fine. Also cabins are pretty cold. Once in Mexico it is warm and sunny as long as no storms are in area.
  2. I think it depends on what the port is. Some ports are stricter then others. We sailed last week out of Galveston, and it seemed they didn't care. We had 8 bottles of actual water in a bag, and 16 sodas in a zipped up cooler. They didn't open bag or cooler to make sure that's what it really was. Also my 32 oz rum runner made it through just fine in checked suitcase.
  3. Oh yeah you wont have any trouble sleeping through the night. We usually got to bed around midnight and fell fast asleep. Also the guy in charge of cleaning rooms was extremely nice!! Not sure if he stays in that area, but if so, you will really like him!
  4. We used them last week on our cruise. Very good!! It's the cheapest and closest to terminal. Your cruise must be special due to all the 1's in the date.
  5. We were in Progreso last week. We paid $15 and went to a private beach resort away from town. We saw alot of army guys with big guns, so thought it might be better to get away from the streets of Progreso. The resort was ok. The beach access wasn't good. Lots of seaweed and looked like muddy sludge stuff along shore. Didnt get in water. Cozumel the next day was 100 times better then Progreso!!
  6. Was on the exact same cruise and time as you. Enjoy to see the rest of your review!!
  7. Here is a pic of that area from our cruise last week on the Ecstasy.
  8. Well we never experienced noise from any guests or anything. There was alot of noise and room pretty much shaking when the ship was coming into each port and leaving each port. That lasted about 10-15 minutes. We were only able to slept in on sea days...lol. Also felt the waves pretty good in our room. We were E7 and friends in E9. Overall would stay there again due to very cheap price.
  9. Well back from our 1st ever cruise. We left from Galveston on Jan 3rd. Check in process was very fast and on the ship by alittle before noon. We brought on wine, soda, and bottled water. Never looked at any of it which was a surprise. Also the rum runner made it through in checked bag. So guess count us lucky. We had a porthole room on empress deck. The shows and comedy was great. Also enjoyed the adult scavenger hunt and newlywed and marriage show. The cruise director Steve is awesome!! Plays fiddle, violin, and juggles. Couldn't believe how multi-talented he was!! Bingo wasnt good to us, but broke even in casino. Roulette table only way to go. Slots are bad. The food was great. Just a very few things we got that wasnt very tasteful. FYI dont ordered 2 entrees at dinner if your not hungary. Saw this happen twice. What a waste of good food. Progreso stop was ok. The town area is kinda scary in our opinion. People wont leave you alone with buying stuff and you see miltary guys with big guns. We just paid $15 and went to a private beach resort. It was ok, but beach was full of seaweed and dirty. Cozumel was by far the highlight of trip. We did the Deluxe Sail, Snorkel, and Beach Party excursion through Carnival. It was so much fun!! Definalty recommend that. Alittle shopping after that and then back on boat. We did go downtown and went to Senor Frogs. Very expensive food, so we just had a drink and left. The last day was sad to seeing vacation was about over. The cruise was on time with all departures and arrivals. Back in Galveston alittle before 8 am. We did the self de-barkation. We were 1st deck called at 8:30 am. Off the ship, through customs, and at our car by 8:50 am!! Overall a great experience!!!
  10. Its just a plain long bag. Could hold probably 3-5 hangers with clothes on them. We are the type that dont wear that stuff much, so no dry cleaners. Just makes sense to have them in that, then folded up in a full suitcase.
  11. Just packing for our cruise. Was wondering how people bring on suits and dresses. We were going to have them in a long garmet bag to avoid wrinkling in a suitcase. Do you carry this on or check it?? Thanks!!
  12. Yeah I was mixed up too. Im leaving from Texas, so it will be same time. My wife will be glad to hear about the mall near the port. Thanks!!
  13. We have a excursion planned that will be over at 12:15. Ship doesnt leave till 4:00. Is there much to do near the port where ship is within walking distance in Cozumel?
  14. We have a excursion planned that will be over at 12:15. Ship doesnt leave till 4:00. Is there much to do near the port within walking distance?
  15. Going on a cruise next month that ports at Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico and Cozumel. We plan on doing a shore excursion in Cozumel, but not one in Progreso. What do people usually do there in Progreso if dont do excursion? Thanks!
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