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  1. The reason I asked was that I was told that so far only Chinese had died and I was wondering if this was factual or not.
  2. Does anyone know how many people who are NOT Chinese or of Chinese descent have died from this virus ?
  3. Yes, we had no prior knowledge of this and we were so pleased that we had had all the shots. It was fortunate that we hadn’t relied on the over 70 excuse, it wasn’t being accepted apparently.😳 BTW. I had the YF shot when I was 18 (over 50 years ago) but couldn’t find my Vaccination book, my wife hadn’t had it previously, so we both had all the shots, with no ill effects.
  4. We both had ourYellow Fever shots when we went on safari inTanzania 16 months ago, with no ill effects (we are both in our early 70’s). We were pleased that we did as we had to show our Yellow Books at the bottom of the stairs from the plane, (that was parked way out on the apron) No YF stamp, straight back on the plane !
  5. We had SWTC on the first day of our two days in Mumbai, it was one of the best of the 12 or so SWTC we have done.
  6. I can’t agree with your statement “the prices have never been lower” In actual dollar terms we paid three times more per night for our May cruise than we paid 6 years ago, for the same level suite. Most of the current future prices are four to five times per night dearer than 6 years ago. What annoys me is that Seabourn then discounts the cruises drastically at the last minute to fill their ships with the “Interline” system. Why not offer a better than the 5% discount on some cruises to their loyal clients e.g say every 100 days sailed gives you an even larger discount ra
  7. I’m a bit of weather nerd and always take a thermometer with me. The guest areas on all Seabourn ships (even on Quest in Antarctica) are kept at 21 to 22c (70 to 72 f) with the Lounge and MDR slightly cooler (for performer and waiter comfort.)
  8. The white areas on Deck 5 below the suite numbers you mentioned are offices; 661 is above the Hotel Director’s and Cruise Director’s offices; I don’t think that you’ll be hearing any noise from them; nor from the Lifeboats being used as Tenders. (Are there a lot of Tender ports on your cruise ?) I would prefer that location to being forward in 622, 625 or 621 as 661 is about the pivot point of the ship, i.e. least motion.
  9. Chair Hogs should be Keelhauled, naked 🤔Perhaps too horrible to witness, maybe Keelhaul them dressed🙄
  10. Kimanjo, 35 C, that’s about 95f for the USA (about time USA changed, as we did in OZ 40+ years ago🙄😀🤣) I’m old enough to be fairly conversant in both🤔
  11. BUgrad: Hopefully you will be much safer in the land downunder👍😀
  12. That A$3,999 price was probably the “interline” price that us ordinary.mortals don’t have access to🤔🙄😡
  13. Strange, when we were in Antarctica on Quest in December 2014 the heaters were there. We ate outside ever day, my wife preferred it (even though she normally hates the cold) as she said the Champagne didn’t become warm.
  14. Years ago on a Seabourn cruise I looked at the BJ table from the doorway as I walked past. The unoccupied croupier came up to me and asked if I would like to play, I answered “No thanks, my daughter-in-law is a croupier at an Australian Casino, I know the odds” she smiled and walked away. Need I say any more🙄😀
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