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  1. I'll definitely report back on how it plays out with the b2b, fingers crossed as its a unique situation and we didn't cancel, we also booked the b2b well Before the outbreak so it was not something anyone could have foreseen. Royal also is not to blame for the virus and hopefully they will work with me.
  2. drats, was guessing this wouldn't be easy, they probably didn't have a contingency plan for this but I was hoping someone else might have had to ask them. I will give them a call tomorrow, with the extended cancelations i imagine getting through is going to be rough, and when the big box TA then calls he is going to get someone who might tell him something different, but at least I'll know going in as much as i can. IF by chance anyone out there already had this same FCC deliema please share, I'll keep watching this thread. I'm sure Royal never meant to block out passengers with a b2b but 2
  3. Figures I'd have the odd question, our sailing on the Freedom next week was also canceled by Royal so I have to decide soon. I've been reading up on the different threads about using the FCC but have not run across our situation. We won't be able to get vacation weeks again this year having lost spring break, company policy. We already have 2 cruises booked for next spring break but they are back to back, changing from the one ending in Ft Lauderdale to starting the other in Miami same day. Odyssey and Navigator, neither ones balance is as much as the FCC we will get back from this lost F
  4. it doesn't mention how close to sailing date, we were fortunately able to get an appt but it will be a day less than 3 weeks of sailing. We couldn't get one closer to sailing. Hoping they don't make it too difficult since they are mostly asking about long running conditions, not something you'd suddenly come down with.
  5. To OurUsualBeach- when i mentioned the 6 nights or longer, I had heard the Carnival $200 OBC offer was for cruises not canceled that were of that length any cabin category, I hadn't meant rebooking offers. I didn't know their policy on that, sorry for the confusion. That was the original topic. Nice to see all the updates and loyalty to Royal. But if I got it wrong I hope someone will post updated corrections.
  6. I believe the offer from Carnival might be for cruises 6 days or longer, we don't cruise with them but my brother does. So I'm only getting this second hand if it helps.
  7. We didn't luck out either, we are also 4 ports for Apr 5th- the A, B, C islands and St Thomas- no St. Maarten add on and possibly the most expensive week of the year, the ones before and after are seriously cheaper but I imagine that is when San Juan schools are on spring break- same as us. It'll still be amazing.
  8. What week are they adding the port, we are sailing on the Apr 5th itinerary of the ABC islands and it would be awesome if we got as lucky. So far we haven't had any similar great news. We were in St Maarten a couple years ago but rain made it a challenge to experience the way we'd hoped. Would love another chance.
  9. If it helps we just did it mid Nov, they did a great job with the flow, once you arrive at Studio B you are given a time slot, it wasn't crowded on the ice and everyone was having a great time- not all of them lasted the full session so switching over to the next group went smoothly as some had their skates off early. Nice skates to use. Don't miss their ice show, its incredible- and we had seen the one on the Symphony of the Seas- theirs was every bit as amazing as the bigger ships.
  10. That was Hugely Helpful, I think if there had been issues there would have been some vocal fussing, and I have not seen anything on the boards criticizing there being 2 ships in port most of the time. At first I wasn't sure why they wanted the 2 ships to be there together most of the time well into 2021, and then other days zero ships, but in thinking about it I believe its smart to let the area be natural inbetween rather than a constant flow of ships every day of the year. And perhaps by doubling the crowd they can keep prices down rather than a smaller turnout but everyone paying a higher
  11. Anxiously hoping its not to late for a last minute question about Coco Cay, how was it with 2 reimagined Voyager class ships ships visiting the same day. On your first visit I think you were there with the Navagator (same size), your second visit you might have had the much smaller Empress- how crowded did it feel. We are looking to book the Navigator and notice on all the dates we have to pick from its always in Coco Cay with the Mariner, how was it for Perfect Day in your mind? I had read some people were wondering if lines would be long when an Oasis class visited but they carry far fewe
  12. He's absolutely right, you don't want to call until your to the exit, we only waited 3 min ourselves and some who had called too early, their cars were being waved through by security because the passengers were no where in sight. The drivers probably had to make another loop. Its incredibly well run and efficient. At least I saw a lot of Lyft and Uber decals on the cars picking up passengers.
  13. It was more peace of mind, a set price, paying through the app, tipping in cash in appreciation as he was fantastic. And just knowing we were not being driven into a longer or busier route in case that might have changed the cab fare. I just had not seen any recent info on whether they were allowed to do pickups at the port. Had already seen that private shuttle services were not interested in going from Port Everglades to MIA, and hoping that this helps others. thank you for your kind words, I love giving back to the boards as we have benefited so much from what others have posted. Happy
  14. The cruise was great, I'm one of those who likes to plan, my only weak prep was the transfer from Port Everglades to MIA. With 4 of us there was the ships transfer or taxis, I hadn't been able to find much about Uber or Lyft from the port, so I was happy to share in case others have bigger groups and are weighing their options. Taxis are great if you are familiar with the area and know they are taking you direct. We're from California so this was unfamiliar territory. I will add, for anyone trying to get to Terminal 18 and their were other cruise ship terminals close too- now that we'
  15. I tried to find info on ride share prices for this route as we had rented a car and started in Orlando precruise, but turned it in before sailing and just needed the ride to MIA post cruise. MIA had a non stop flight back whereas FLL did not. I knew the 'anticipated' taxi rates but with 4 of us and the high demand for the larger taxis, I was really hoping to just do the ride share. Just did it last Sat and it was flawless. We were out of Terminal 18 but they might all have signage, we exited and went right to the ride share pickup sign (next to taxis). Our driver was there in 3 min, I do
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