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  1. It was more peace of mind, a set price, paying through the app, tipping in cash in appreciation as he was fantastic. And just knowing we were not being driven into a longer or busier route in case that might have changed the cab fare. I just had not seen any recent info on whether they were allowed to do pickups at the port. Had already seen that private shuttle services were not interested in going from Port Everglades to MIA, and hoping that this helps others. thank you for your kind words, I love giving back to the boards as we have benefited so much from what others have posted. Happy travels always :0)
  2. The cruise was great, I'm one of those who likes to plan, my only weak prep was the transfer from Port Everglades to MIA. With 4 of us there was the ships transfer or taxis, I hadn't been able to find much about Uber or Lyft from the port, so I was happy to share in case others have bigger groups and are weighing their options. Taxis are great if you are familiar with the area and know they are taking you direct. We're from California so this was unfamiliar territory. I will add, for anyone trying to get to Terminal 18 and their were other cruise ship terminals close too- now that we've been there, there are quite a few close together...that we went with Alamo for our rental one way from Orlando and they are just minutes from the Terminal 18 on Eller and talk about efficiency. As soon as we pulled in with our rental, before even processing it, they were asking which cruise ship we were headed for and told us which shuttle to head to, they had at least 6 large shuttles running and were filling them with passengers for each destination. Rather than you boarding and riding around until your ship came up. Incredible service. I would definitely sail out of Port Everglades as a top choice again.
  3. I tried to find info on ride share prices for this route as we had rented a car and started in Orlando precruise, but turned it in before sailing and just needed the ride to MIA post cruise. MIA had a non stop flight back whereas FLL did not. I knew the 'anticipated' taxi rates but with 4 of us and the high demand for the larger taxis, I was really hoping to just do the ride share. Just did it last Sat and it was flawless. We were out of Terminal 18 but they might all have signage, we exited and went right to the ride share pickup sign (next to taxis). Our driver was there in 3 min, I don't know the price for a standard size car since we did the XL (with 4 people and a lot of luggage) but ours was $83.67, for a standard vehicle it would be a lot less. This was probably also surge pricing as we were off right in the thick of things. Very quick ride, just over 30 min, I do know the driver had a toll charge but that was factored in. Just in case this helps anyone else with quite a few passengers trying to look at their options. We also rode Lyft from the airport to the Bayside Marketplace and back, it was about $17 ec way, nice break from sitting around the airport. We did see quite a few people there wheeling their luggage around but that didn't look fun, we had done a day room at the airport so we were able to leave all our luggage there. There are other options, just sharing what worked out for us and current pricing.
  4. Both Host Clarea and mscinmia absolutely nailed it, I was able to look on that link today before boarding our flight and the Indie is indeed porting at terminal 18 after her European run. The Adventurer of the Seas is also in port this Sat and she's over in 29, so I appreciate knowing just where our RCCL ship is pulling in :0) Thank you both!
  5. This is really helpful, our hotel the night before is northern Fort Lauderdale. Our cruise documents had given us that 11:00 arrival slot but given that it's just arriving in the U.S. I think we're better off backing off for more like noon. Super appreciate the suggestion. It's not like we can run back to the hotel if there are unexpected complications but if I keep the car until they are starting to board, we at least have the option of finding someplace close by to hang out. I imagine the car rental will know when they are letting the shuttles drop passengers off, sometimes the terminal will work with the rental places to hold shuttles up if they don't want to be besieged with passengers and no place to put them all.
  6. I will definitely look at putting in the Alamo address, it sounds like I could see the ship from there. Appreciate the heads up as I was guessing there would probably be extra time needed for the ships arrival. Our cruise documents don't specify a terminal number but given their time in Europe I wasn't sure if their first U.S. inspection might be in a preferred place for customs & USGC personnel to greet ships after a longish absense. On the map it looked like Port Everglades was fairly largely spread out. Thank you everyone.
  7. Thanks to the awesome advice on these boards I was able to rent from Alamo in Orlando for a one way rental and drop off on Eller Dr. right near the Port Everglades Cruise Terminals. The Nov 9th cruise on the IndependenceOTS is Arriving transatlantic that morning, is there any way to know before leaving the hotel where it might have been placed? I am hoping the moderators won't mind me asking here, this is for any experience boarding a RCCL ship that has arrived from Europe to start its Caribbean itineraries. I would like to drop an 80 yr old, a mom and a 10 yr old grandson off with the luggage for the porters. Then take the car to the rental return and Uber/Lyft back to them. With 4 passengers and luggage that's easier than trying to get a large vehicle to haul Everything vs it being just me scooting back. I'm not familiar Port Everglades but there seem to be a LOT of terminals. I do love Waze and google maps but realize it needs me to input precisely Where the ship is. Does anyone have any experience with locating a re-positioning ship? We have an 11:00 arrival slot, do they ever not allow you to enter because maybe customs or immigration needed extra time to clear a ship that is newly entering the U.S. for the season? We leave for FL in about 3 weeks, I super appreciate any help.
  8. I will keep my fingers crossed for this December, we have to turn in Any work vacation requests by this Feb 1st for anything to be considered for 2021. And I wouldn't mind if they marketed it to Australia, we would be happy to take one there, of course here saves a ton on airfare :0) I just wasn't sure if I needed to be diligent looking every couple days in case new ships had their very own release booking date separate initially from all the rest. I could see an even more thunderous deluge of calls when the booking window opened. New ships bring their own special excitement understandably. Huge Thanks.
  9. With Royal having the 5th Oasis class coming out perhaps spring of 2021 and their first icon class in the winter of 2022, has anyone experienced the wait for these new ships to announce their itineraries and opening their bookings once the new ships reach the U. S.? I know this forum is the best way to hear all the latest news but trying to see how early we might be able to block out the vacation time from work. We were early on the Symphony but booked less than a year out, word was surely out there earlier than I knew as there were not many cabins left to chose from in our category when we did. Super awesome ship. We have 3 cruises booked, but hoping to make these new ones as early as possible.
  10. Super Thank you, I had totally missed the earlier part of 456 and only caught the ending, had peeked in case way too late that night and was skimming, was so excited you were still on your posts, we are close to #19 at the Decantur so I know this is going to be a wonderful break for the grandson. Exploring is awesome but the chance to find other kids from time to time is also priceless when you travel with an only child. Can't wait for our turn on the Freedom and thank you so much for all the insights! PS we did know about the kite area but that park seemed super handy. Small is still just fine.
  11. If you could look back at post 453, about the Thing 1 figure on the ground leading to a playground, I was hoping you might remember about where you were... some of our best things have been just stumbled on by accident or taking a wrong turn, we love exploring but its also fun to have a few goals, landmarks/photo spots, thrown into the adventure. My grandson lit right up when he saw that photo you took, if you don't remember its no worry- i just told him I'd ask :0) Super appreciative and thanks.
  12. small PS, I do see on the map that the gate you mentioned is #14, have had great fun following along, found the fountain, umbrella road, Pigeon Park (24), have really enjoyed following your adventures, we are on the Freedoms ABC itinerary but I already want to book another one with the islands you visited :0) Great trip report, thank you for all your time, we're right after the amplified.
  13. A belated question if I might, loved the picture showing the path in San Juan leading to a playground area with Thing 1 image on the pathway leading in- I have not found a single other mention of this park you discovered, if you were looking at this map of the tourist area of Old San Juan, I think you were near it close to when you came back through that big gate, do you know what number might be in its general area just to narrow down the search please... and if that gate was near any of these reference numbers by chance, or a word on the map, hints gratefully appreciated.
  14. We were just on the Symphony and they definitely don't let you wear googles, it was rough for our light sensitive grandson but he persevered and said it was worth it as he had an absolute blast, he's 9. No exceptions for any eye wear but hope you're able to give it a go.
  15. I also see the opportunity to maybe get in some great wish list ideas with this thread, while I don't have any significant ones I can think of some things that might be fun to have. And here we have a chance to give RCCL all kinds of ideas on what might draw us to book another cruise just that much sooner. We once met a young crew member who happened to be the one who suggested the idea of the computer terminals onboard, all from watching passengers rush ashore in search of the nearest coffee wifi spot. Granted this was before it became so common to bring your own laptops but great ideas are always out there. On the chance these might inspire and although not that great.... my biggest wish would be for an Oceans Adventure room for kids similar to the teen room, our grandson isn't a group joiner but enjoys Disney because there is space for individual fun, whether it is a small movie screen, board games, cards or interactive games, or even a small indoor area for occasional basketball, things that you don't all have to do with one whole group. Other than that he much prefers RCCL. A makeover area for women, although there may be such a thing in the spa. Or in our city the fluff/blow bars are popular and I have to admit there has been many an excursion where i wouldn't have minded just relaxing after an excursion and having my hair washed and dried in time for dinner. They could be especially busy on formal nights. I never have all the hair things in my luggage that are so convenient at home. This may also already exist and I just didn't know. CC is Huge, I bet you guys could come out with some real awesome ideas, you can easily out do mine, I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Maybe an interactive game they can do around the ship- Great Wolf lodge has an impressive one in their hotels as does the Disney Fantasy and Dream. I just want to add, we just got off the Symphony a couple weeks ago and it was the most incredible cruise we have ever taken. I really, really wished I could just stay onboard another week and our 9 yr old had the best time of his life (his 13th cruise, ours over 40). So RCCL never fails to impress me and although we have tried 9 other lines over the decades, we now sail on RCCL more than all the rest combined. How they will outdo the Oasis class with an Icon class is a true challenge, but I know they will WOW us yet again. Let's make it interesting while we wait :0)
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