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  1. This coughing and sneezing is not confined to the buffet area. It's also in the MDR, specialty restaurants, pool area, etc. It's everywhere! Quit giving the buffet a bad rap.
  2. A couple of years ago we thought a 3 nighter would be a good idea. Definitely NOT worth the plane ride. Our best so far was a 14 nighter in Alaska.
  3. A person can only eat so much cheese. This person deserves the consequences!
  4. And everyone is assuming that ALL passengers will be getting off the ship. Many stay on board.
  5. LAYERS! Bring gloves if you plan to spend time near glaciers. It was so cold in June we could see our breath. I also made a fleece head band to go over our ears. Used it a lot. And a windbreaker. Wool socks. Rain gear. Not saying you will need all of it but we did in some ports. We spent a lot of time on deck and it was windy. My layers consisted of shirt sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, then fleece jacket. We were on HAL on a 14 nighter. Some ports were very warm so we were glad to have the layers. Just peeled and shoved them in the backpack. We didn't eat in the MDR SO I can't address that. We ate in the buffet each night and watched for whales.
  6. Last Feb on Navigator the Windjammer served lobster 3 times. They were good if you got them right away. A couple of years ago on Serenade there were fresh grilled lamb chops. I had to wait a super long time as people ahead of me were taking 6 at a time. But yum. Worth the wait.
  7. Thanks. Maybe it will be sorted out by our 2021 cruise. But then again...
  8. Will D's be excluded from the DL 24/7 or just during happy hours? We will be diamond after our cruise next month. I like the quiet of the suite lounge. Wondering if we will be able to use the DL or if I will need to get suites.
  9. We try to arrive about 10:30. We hang around the solarium reading or, if it's a new ship for us, explore until rooms are ready. Only have 2 small bags to carry. We grab lunch in the jammer then and it's pretty tame. Works for us.
  10. I laughed out so loudly that I woke up dh in his nightly snooze in the laz-e-boy. Last year was a tough one. Thanks for the levity.
  11. We were there several years ago. We walked around OSJ after dark and felt very safe. Lots of people and vendors around. We kept pretty close to the waterfront and didn't walk down any dark empty alleys.
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