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  1. When I grow up I want to be Barbie. That b***h has EVERYTHING!
  2. We're on the way to 10,000! Thanks for all the belly laughs.
  3. I've had to poop for 3 days. But I can't cause there's no toilet paper.
  4. I live in Minneapolis which has several beautiful lakes that are just the right size to walk around. There are aldo lots of very large houses around them. The lakes also attract a lot of ducks and geese. Many years ago the Park Police noticed that the fowl population was thinning down. A lady in one of the houses was baiting and luring them into her house. She was arrested for hunting without a license.
  5. I. Just. Can't. Unsee. This. Starting diet today.
  6. We flew business class on Delta to Sydney. We were not allowed in the premium lounge at the airport. What's the secret?
  7. Yeah. It seems to be a lit of old and stupid info. But once in a whole I recognize a name.
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