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  1. Thanks for a great review. I am just so sorry that "our" cruise is over.
  2. DO NOT use Woolite. It has bleach in it and over time will cause colors to fade or the cloth to rot. As Dani said: a Woolite TYPE of liquid. I can sometimes find something appropriate in nicer lingerie departments. The cloth is beautiful. So are the cork bags.
  3. I'm glad this airline fiasco is at the end of your cruise and not the beginning.
  4. Don't know a realtor but there's a great condo for sale in Cocoa Beach.
  5. I always hate to see the reviews end. I have to wait until next Feb for the Vision. The reviews help me wait.
  6. Thanks to everyone posting pics. I miss the Caribbean so much. Hopefully we'll be able to be aboard the Vision next February.
  7. Went on Navigator. Excellent. But a LOT of food. We split the calamari and clam chowder. So glad we split them. Passed on the (cheddar?) biscuits. We each had fish and chips. I don't eat dessert and don't remember if John had any. Stuffed.
  8. Crystal's thread: 1 Go to the main CC board 2 Ports of call 3 Europe 4 Greece
  9. Somehow I missed this. I am so far behind and rush through the messages. I have sent prayers that everything goes in your favor on Wed morning. We are all here for you and wishing the best for you both.
  10. We stayed at the Hampton SeaTac Airport location. They had a great free shuttle system to and from the airport. They also provided a free shuttle service to the train station that went downtown. Free breakfast. We did not rent a car. Didn't need to. We went downtown both days on the train. Easy to figure out.. Went to the Chuilly glass museum and gardens one day. Absolutely beautiful glass works. The next day we went to the aquarium. Excellent. We always like to go to local zoos. Lots of places to eat downtown. We did not go to the big Pike's market. Wanted to eat lunch at the space Needle but didn't have time. There's lots to do but I'm only commenting on what we did. The hotel also provided free shuttle service to several restaurants in the area. (Note that shuttle pick up and drops are arranged around flight schedules! It may take some time to get picked back up.) We ate lunch downtown both days. There were a number of restaurants close to the hotel for dinner so we just walked. There wasn't a lot to do by the hotel itself and at the time (5 years ago) there was a lot of construction going on. But it was fine for us. They offered transfers to the cruise pier from the hotel, and from pier to airport (for a fee). Reasonable rates. If you purchased a pier to airport shuttle and had a late flight, you could be dropped off at the hotel, relax in the lobby, and be comfortable, free shuttle to the airport. Nice option. Since covid I don't know what they offer but I would stay there again.
  11. We didn't have bb guns when we were kids. We used small rocks and straws.
  12. Are you up and on your way? At the airport? Prayers for smooth flying!
  13. Wait! You are on the Bella cruise? I haven't seen your name on the roster. Can't wait to meet you two and so many others!
  14. Go to Dollar Tree and Michaels and make your own. It would be a great craft project!
  15. Can you ask them to take the head off? I don't think I would like that either.
  16. That's kinda the problem with those "special requests." I don't want to eat Indian food, steak etc. every single night. That's why we prefer the jammer. Sometimes for dinner it's just soup and salad for me. (Well that is after hitting the appetizers in the suite lounge before dinner!)
  17. I am so excited for this trip and I'm not even going.
  18. I get it. We did the New England cruise from Quebec a few years ago. The cab driver was kind enough to share his cold with me. I wasn't really sick but couldn't taste much. I ate a lot of chicken fingers with mashed potatoes and gravy in the jammer. When you don't feel well it has to be comfort food. Haven't been seasick except the time I did it to myself on Celebrity. (Note to self...do NOT mix 2 glasses of grapefruit juice and 2 cartons of milk before going on a rough ferry ride to visit Tulum. Oh, and lay off the martini bar after a few tipples the night before. This is not a good mix.)
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