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  1. I was able to find the official immunization record being used by the state of Washington (and a number of other states) using the myirmobile.com website. There is an option to download a certificate of vaccination issued by the state Department of Health. I downloaded mine and it shows my name, DOB, and the date, manufacturer and lot numbers for both of my shots, but it doesn't show where the shots were administered (a mass vaccination site in my case) so I'm not certain if that would be considered valid proof for Princess' purposes. I'm sure they'll have to sort these things out as they g
  2. Right now, the guideline calls for 95% of passengers to be fully vaccinated, which I assume would allow for children too young to be eligible for the vaccine as long as it's less than 5% of the total passenger capacity. It's also too soon to tell what the guidelines will look like by the time the cruises actually happen. That said, it looks like the December 2021 Caribbean cruise I've got booked is on the schedule.
  3. On the Royal Princess cruise I was on during the last week of January (reverse of the usual Mexican Riviera itinerary) we were told that we would be speeding up to arrive in Puerto Vallarta a couple of hours early due to a passenger medical emergency. Don't know a lot of details beyond that.
  4. If you can find Patters for a recent cruise on the same ship (usually someone will post them here) that will usually tell you which dining room is open for lunch. In my experience most of the time it's one of the two midship dining rooms, and if they're not open yet just look for the one that has the lunch menu posted on the wall outside.
  5. My wife was able to buy a future cruise deposit for me on a cruise (one of the 1 night Vancouver to Seattle cruises) that I wasn't a passenger on, although I'm not sure exactly what she had to do in order to set it up. I assume she would have needed my captain's circle number.
  6. I'm guessing Diamond may be out of commission for a while, but should be sailing again soon. I'm guessing they will reposition the ships in Asia, but I have no idea where. My sister in law actually had booked her in June for a Japan cruise two weeks before the Olympics, but has now cancelled.
  7. I know Princess does this, they typically sell the chart in the art auction on the last sea day of a trip. That said, at least on the newer ships they may not even keep paper charts on the bridge anymore, using the electronic ones instead.
  8. Yes, we did this on our recent cruise. The friends in the other cabin will need to use the cabin number and birthdate of whoever purchased the package to log in though.
  9. You can use as many as you want, but only the first one will give you the OBC. If you were booking multiple segments of a B2B you would presumably get one OBC for each segment.
  10. Yes, that would be my wife. She made the mistake of pulling a Patter out of her purse and not paying attention to the demonstration. I guess I'm glad I didn't take out my cell phone during the demo?
  11. Adding a few more small notes: - MedallionNet worked pretty well for us on this cruise. My sister-in-law bought the unlimited 4-device package (she has a bit of a hard time getting completely away from her job) and the coverage seemed pretty reliable. The chat functionality in the OceanCompass app could use some work (device notifications could be inconsistent) but it did what it needed to. For those of us on the MedallionNet package we just used WhatsApp, same as we use on land. - We were on Anytime dining, generally preferring to eat as early as possible (which usually m
  12. Agreed, Marcus and his staff (Aussie Rich in particular stood out, even if he did seem to enjoy throwing obscure Australian stuff into the trivia) did a good job keeping the guests entertained Marcus definitely seems to be more visible around the ship than some of the other cruise directors in the fleet, I think I even saw him ushering in the theater before one of the production shows.
  13. Yes, I would say that the trivia was mostly fact based questions, some of it was pretty obscure though (There was a Beatles trivia on the day we were in Mazatlan that was particularly nasty, I'm not sure even Paul or Ringo could have gotten a perfect score on that one.). There was one "Tricky Twisted Trivia" on the second night that was more brain teasers, but I missed that one so I don't know exactly what was in it.
  14. I believe we made it to the port around 10:45 or so. After security and check in, there was almost no waiting before passengers started boarding the ship.
  15. Just got back from the January 25th Royal Princess sailing, and thought I'd share a few thoughts on the trip. Passengers for this trip: We had a party of five for this cruise. Me and my wife stayed in one cabin, and my sister-in-law stayed in the cabin next to ours. Also traveling with us were my parents, experienced cruisers and the ones who got me started on Princess in the first place. my Mom is Elite on Princess and for my Dad this cruise was his fifteenth, so he will be Elite on the next one. Moving On Over: As I have mentioned on this board before, we
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