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  1. Turn up the volume on your computer. It's a great policy proposal which will mandate refunds within a certain number of days when the cruise line cancels a cruise for any reason or if there is an order for a cruise shut down. Refunds, not FCC's. Great for consumers, absolutely terrible for cruise lines.
  2. Allure of the Seas, Feb 2020, pretty sure there was Covid on our cruise and flights.
  3. Cruise vlogs are the equivalent of kids watching videos of other kids playing with toys.
  4. Same where I live in Southern Ontario, our tap water is great and we don't buy bottled when home. So is the water from the taps in the washrooms safe to drink? It doesn't taste so good to me so I've been thinking about bringing a Brita (easy to pack) and have the charcoal correct the taste. We've usually purchased cases of Evian on board for the convenience but refillable bottles are just as convenient if not more so.
  5. The only way they can safely do that is to also exclude anyone in the high risk categories.
  6. I just answer truthfully figuring that if they weren't supposed to ask than they wouldn't.
  7. Evian tastes much better than Dasani......fact. Ship tap water tastes better than Dasani.
  8. I have a good idea what the answer to that is but let's just revisit on that date. All pure speculation until then.
  9. Ah cool, thanks. 1700 on that ship sounds like a dream......a good dream.
  10. How many passengers onboard? And so gone are the days of being on board with drink in hand by 11am?
  11. Correction, thousands. What could go wrong? Answer, quite a lot.
  12. Not sure what people are expecting when cruising during a WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC.
  13. I guess we'll find out once the booster mandate comes down. Will those without the booster be considered unvaccinated? This continues to be quite the shmoz.
  14. Well now Jimbo, I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with you on this one. That second sentence there is the reality.
  15. I was thinking the same thing. And I heard an insurance specialist on the radio up here say that while my country (Canada) is under a "level 4 travel warning" (new term for me) there is no travel insurance that will cover you while on a cruise but they'll gladly take your money......fine print matters I suppose.
  16. Sorry to hear that but here's to hoping that you're able to smell a freshly baked savoury bite on a ship sometime real soon.
  17. Originally booked a connecting JS on Indy for Feb 2021 at just under $3200 total for 2 adults and 2 kids. L&S'd to Odyssey Feb 2022 and all suites currently sold out. Can get a balcony for around $4700 though.....prices have shot up that much?
  18. The Suite Lounge is not cut off to Pinnacles at all, they can easily book a suite just like everyone else.
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