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  1. Thank you all for the information and opinions on Greek travel this summer. I’m encouraged to hear that Steve is booked already for July and has so far received nothing to say that DIY explorations are banned. Thank you iancal for the link. I will check it often updates on greece and other areas around the Mediterranean.
  2. Early in the Pandemic, there was speculation that some cruise ports around the world would not allow “free range” cruisers off the ships....in other words, only cruisers on authorized excursions would be allowed to visit. Of course, much has thankfully improved in many parts of the world since the early days of fear and uncertainty. Based upon current knowledge, can I assume that Greece will be open to DIY explorations?
  3. We were on the Constellation this past October, 2019. We only cruise the Mediterranean so we have been on the Connie many times. We found our Ocean View cabin and all of the common area to be very well maintained as usual. I had two huge desires for the Connie’s upgrade.....solid shower doors (I’m not a fan of the shower curtains) and improved TV programming (the Connie’s TV programming is beyond bad). I am disappointed we won’t have those on our next sailing, but they will not stop us from booking her. We choose to sail the Connie because of it itineraries, pricing
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