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  1. We are cruising December 3rd. I havent seen an email yet and when I try I get this. I guess I cant access yet.
  2. Im also on the December 3 Radiance and Im watching the cabin availability on the Navigator as I may just do the same thing.
  3. It would be great if they do make those announcements next week prior to my final payment. Will just cross my fingers.
  4. I have been checking availability on our cruise Dec 3rd and yesterday many of the sailings are no longer listed including ours. The 1st cruise shows Dec 13th out of Long Beach. I called Carnival and asked they said the sailing was sold out. Last time I checked it had a lot of cabins left. Im confused of why the sailings prior to mine are gone. All sold out?? Final payment is due in a few weeks. I dont want another cancelled cruise 😪. If the Radiance isnt ready yet than I would rather cancel and sail same dates on RCL Navigator and not get credit for future sailing. Any thoughts on what may be happening?
  5. I have learned so much from these boards as Im also concerned regarding what I had. Just a piece of paper with stickers of vaccine. No CDC card. From the information I received on the boards, I emailed Walgreens that provided the vaccine clinic and also our state site to get all my vacs. I have not heard back from the state yet, but this AM I received a call from the Walgreens manager that he has a CDC card with all the information for me and Im picking it up in the morning. I also went to the ca.gov site to request my digital vaccine record and was sent that. I think I have all that I will need. Appreciate all the help these boards provide.
  6. I called Carnival because I do not have a CDC card but a piece of paper with stickers from a clinic Walgreens provided at the healthcare facility I work at. When reviewing my paper I saw that with the 1st vaccine I didn't have a sticker with lot number. Carnival told me that a digital COVID-19 Vaccine record with QR code from the state would work. Im not sure if you can get that from your state or not. I live in California and got mine. Thank you for the information above and I did reach out to Walgreens to see if they can provide another piece of documentation also as I think each cruise line may be different and I have 3 different cruise booked with 3 different lines. Will wait to hear back from them.
  7. I also have all the emails printed leading to the clinic that was held at the healthcare facility and my quarterly medical insurance that shows all prescriptions I received and the dates. Things were a little disorganized early on, but I cant see how all my docs that match would not be OK just because I dont have the CDC Card. But I will check with Cruise line. Have 3 cruises booked.
  8. I am also worried about what I was given. I received my vaccine early on as part of a clinic at the facility which I work and there was no CDC card. It was a vaccine record and they put the sticker of the pfizer vaccine NO lot number, but date. 2nd vaccine they added the pfizer sticker and lot number and date. I checked with my insurance and they send me both claims that showed when my vaccine was given, the type and the dates. I also uploaded the information and received a Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record from the state once they verified the information. Im hoping that is enough verification to sail. Thoughts?
  9. So glad you asked this question. I was just thinking about this.
  10. I watched prices go down on my sailing in March. Called NCL yesterday upgraded from a mini suite to a concierge villa for 387 total. Cancelled my upgrade bids for that level.
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