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  1. Looks like we won’t get to be on her maiden voyage after all. Very disappointed to learn our November cruise has been canceled. Hope all who travel on her enjoy it.
  2. If you want to see the Princess webinar from last week it is on this page. Just look through titles of threads. He does say Enchanted will come to the Caribbean for the November sailings....barring any more “no sail” orders. Great news for us.
  3. I apologize for the last post. I just saw the posted warning about political statements. The Devil made me do it and I did not resist as I should have. I won’t do it again...on CC.
  4. Well, folks. We can always do what our Beloved Leader says and stop testing so many people. That way the number of people testing positive will drop. Problem solved!! 🙀
  5. Appreciate the photos of the Enchanted. Were the interior shots taken in June also? If so quite a bit of finish work to do. Hope they can continue to work during sea trials. We are in the November 21 and 28 cruises and hope we are part of the maiden voyage.
  6. May 3 Alaska cruise RT San Francisco. Received refunds on excursions and water package shortly after it was canceled in April. Just received full refund on cruise and air. Took a while but we have all of our $$ back.
  7. Very concerned about these posts because we booked November 21 Enchanted cruise last week with no mention of any issues with ship. Unaware it wasn’t completed. If it gets canceled it will be our 4th for the year.
  8. I have a related question to the topic of the thread. We recently purchased 100 shares not as an investment but as a means to get OBC. Now I cannot find any mention on Princess.com as to how to apply. Has this been discontinued?
  9. Quartetman, This is so funny. DH is NOT a Big Tiger Fan. That’s just me. He’ll be watching your games also. If we make this cruise we’ll have to meet for a drink so y’all can commiserate about your Gamecocks. 😁🐅🐅🐅
  10. We always go into embarkation port at least a day early. Nearly had a very bad experience one time and we learned our lesson.
  11. We are currently booked in the Riviera in November, RT Miami. We’ve been using AAA lately which is why DH surprised me when he made the booking. It’s a short 10 day cruise which he did because I’ve been grumpy about our 3 canceled Princess Cruises. We have a few days to make some changes. He did not take air option as they did not offer the airport we use and we refuse to drive to Atlanta. He did take the Miami hotel which will be dropped as price is ridiculous. We can beat it on our own. Will have to do the Google search recommended to see what I can find. Thanks again for info.
  12. We did use an O TA. DH called O to get info and ended up with a booking. Not sure how we get a member of Connoisseurs Club. Just ask person who answers? He opted for the OBC perk as that is usually best for us but after reading might switch that for excursions. Although I’m going to go through list to see how totals look. Thanks again for help. O seems to be very different from other cruise lines we’ve used. Looking forward to this experience.
  13. LHT28, Thank you for the links in your reply. They were very helpful and answered most of my questions. I am still a bit unsure about purchasing the upgraded beverage package. We are wine drinkers plus I get a cocktail or two. I hope to bring some wine on board if we are able to purchase it before boarding. Do you just get more glasses of wine and liquor with the upgrade? Is there a link for that info? Thanks again for your help.
  14. When I’m looking at hotels what is the area called near the port? Don’t want to book Doubletree is it’s not the correct one. We are also interested in amenities near the hotel like restaurants and place to buy wine. Thanks so much for taking time to reply.
  15. Just trying to understand what is included in a booking with O. Do we get unlimited internet with each booking? Please tell me what you get with the $20 pd pp upgrade to Premium Beverage package. NO alcohol with regular fare? How much are daily gratuities? Plus, are all balconies private? Deck plans don’t make this clear. Just booked our first Oceania cruise and are not finding fine details on web site. Thanks for help. Have learned a lot of good advice from CC over years.
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