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  1. Thank you RCCL Fan for the link to your review. It was very helpful and informative. We realize that the size of the ship is a very subjective thing and we can take people's recommendations but have to decide what we can and can't live with ourselves. That being said, we are very close to deciding on the Vision TA and hoping the great crew remains for the crossing!
  2. This is an interesting topic for me. We are considering a transatlantic next spring and are trying to decide between Anthem (Cape Liberty to Southampton) and Vision (San Juan to Barcelona). Leaning towards the southern route but are afraid Vision will be too small for that many sea days. We have not been on that class before. We’ve been on Anthem and most other classes except for Oasis class.
  3. Last year my DH and I cruised out of San Juan in March. We were scheduled to fly down Friday for a Saturday departure but early in the week we saw a storm coming so ended up starting our vacation a day earlier, on Thursday. We were told about 100 people missed the ship because of flight delays/cancellations.
  4. As far as lines for disembarkation, our time was supposed to be 8am. We passed by where you get off at 7:50 and a crew member asked what # we were and after we told him he said we could get off even though it hadn’t been called. There were only a few people in front of us. We got our luggage, went through customs, walked to the garage and were driving out of the garage about 8:30. As far as specialty restaurants, we didn’t eat in any this time. There were no sales for first day lunch. Our head waiter told us a few times that he could get us 25% off at one of them and somewhere else we were told we could get 30 or 35% off (can’t remember where). We were on a 12 night so there were a few headliners. A juggler, magician and some singers.
  5. Not one on Anthem but we use the hooks mentioned earlier and a portable line to attach to them.
  6. We were supposed to leave CT Friday morning at 6 for our San Juan cruise which leaves Saturday. My husband had been watching the weather and I was checking Thursday’s airline schedules. I called Jet Blue Monday and they already knew about possible bad weather and waived the change fee. Oddly (nicely!) enough, the same flight Thursday cost LESS than what we paid so we get an extra day’s vacation for the cost of hotel and meals. And no worrying for days.
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