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  1. We received a surprise complimentary specialty dining from out TA! Yay!! Are you supposed to tip or is it included when your TA provides the dining?
  2. Nevermind...found it. So does pending sound like we got it?
  3. Where do you look to see if your offer has expired or is pending?
  4. Do you remember where you scan your passport on the app? I can see where you take your picture but not where you scan your passport. TIA
  5. We got two of the bottle carriers for my kids when we went to Disney World. We would always freeze bottled water to take in the parks. My DH and I just put ours in our travel bags while the kids used their carriers. Their bottles stayed cold all day long and sometimes still had a little ice left in them! We've decided we're buying some for us the next time we go. Warning though. You may need to leave them outside to air out for a day or two. They really stunk at first.
  6. I don't mind at all. It helps the wait staff be more efficient. And, if I need to get to a show, I'm not anxiously waiting for them to show up and take my order. And, if I want a slower paced experience, I can linger over dinner taking my time to eat each portion of my meal. The staff are extremely accommodating and will adapt to your speed and desires. I'm also one of those people who knows what I want weeks, if not months, in advance. It's no different than when we visit Disney World and want to eat at specific restaurants because of certain menu items that we love. If yo
  7. Not that I don't trust Royal's customer service reps but I think I'm going to stop by the reservations desk when I get on the ship just to make sure.
  8. I see it! Thank you! That's not a great enhancement in my opinion. 😕
  9. I made my reservations for each night of our cruise for 6:30pm. This was back in July. When I checked the calendar then, it showed the actual time for each meal. When I look at my calendar now, it shows "At your Leisure." Did something change?!?! Do I have to go make more reservations now?
  10. Where were you sitting on the ferry? I wonder if that had anything with it. I definitely plan on taking some Dramamine that day.
  11. Thanks for the info! It's good to hear someone actually had a good experience. I've been going back and forth on whether to cancel our excursion but there's really nothing else that we want to do that we haven't already done. And Rio Secreto sounds like it would be fun and different.
  12. I've read so many nightmares about this that I'm getting really nervous about going but I really want to do Rio Secreto. So any tips you have to get through the ride without losing my breakfast would be greatly appreciated!
  13. We've enjoyed getting a scoop of ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's on the other Oasis ships but don't see one on Harmony. Where can we get our ice cream fix other than the self serve on the pool deck?
  14. We'll be in Roatan first week of March on the Harmony. We plan on going through Rony's for a snorkel excursion but I'm not sure which excursion to pick. We like to snorkel but don't care about doing it all day. We don't care anything about sitting on the beach for hours. Is there one you would recommend for just 3-4 hours of snorkeling?
  15. I heard somewhere on these boards that bug spray was not allowed when snorkeling. Is that true at Roatan? I've heard they are bad there.
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