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  1. I am hopeful that all these precautions will help celebrity be up and cruising again by May! Maybe wishful thinking...but here’s to hoping!
  2. We are also on the silhouette in May. While I realize the world has greater problems, I can’t help but be disappointed with this news. Ugh... While time will tell, I have a bad feeling these closures may stick for a while.
  3. This is our concern as well, as we are healthy in our mid 30s. In some ways, I am hoping celebrity cancels the cruise entirely so we receive a refund instead of a fcc. It was aN anomaly to get that much time off approved! For the OP, I would feel more optimistic. Our sailing leaves in May so we need to decide fairly soon, but you have plenty of time to see how this unfolds.
  4. Just a thought....I wonder if any sailings will have so many cancellations that the cruise will be canceled all together? Like how occupied must the ship be to sail?
  5. So glad to hear Celebrity is offering FCC. While I am still hoping to sail (headed to Norway in May, flights already bought), it’s nice to hear that could be an option considering the situation is so fluid.
  6. We have a cruise booked to Norway in May and are taking a “wait and see” approach. For us, this is a trip we’ve saved up for and I’m concerned that we’ll be forced between a rock and a hard spot - lose our vacation money or be put at risk. We have a very young child so that will ultimately factor into our decision.
  7. Thanks for posting! We sail her in Norway in May. Here’s to hoping corona virus gets under control before then!
  8. No, my husband work in higher ed and can only vacation during semester breaks, so it was May or nothing. It’s my understanding that we will stay have a lot of sun light though, or Do I have that wrong?
  9. Thanks all! Yes, our cruise does stop in Geiranger.
  10. Thanks Sharon! So glad to hear you did not need boots. Did you mostly wear sneakers on excursions?
  11. Thanks for the reply and glad to hear your North Sea passage was smooth sailing!
  12. I posted this in another section of the boards..but there wasn’t much action so I thought I would post in this area since many folks are experienced in cruising this location. My husband and I are experienced cruisers...but have only sailed to warm weather location. We have booked a cruise from South Hampton to Norwegian Fjords in May. Im at a bit of a lost with what to pack for the sea days and evenings. I get the layers for on shore, but on the ship too? For dinner? Should hats and gloves be brought? Boots? if it seems like I’m overly concerned, it’s because I am. I’m from South Florida and really don’t have many shoes that are closed toe. 😂 I realize I’ll likely need to do some shopping. Also, anyone have any insight on cruising across the North Sea? I’m not prone to sea sickness and have experienced high winds in the Caribbean, but could this be worse? Thanks for reading this far and appreciate your thoughts!
  13. Nope no boots. Check out boat shoes if you must wear closed two shoes.
  14. My husband and I are seasoned cruisers....but we’ve really only cruise to warm weather locations. We booked a trip to the Norwegian Fords in May. I’m at a bit of a lost for what to wear on board. I get it...layers...but even on deck? Will hats and gloves be needed? Boots too? I am especially concerned bc I know I’ll need to prepare ahead - I live in South Florida so I barely own any shoes that aren’t sandals. 😂 Thanks in advance for your input!!
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