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  1. Have a blast. She's a gorgeous ship. Looking forward to your review.
  2. Really? Maybe you should read it again? Or better yet.....move along. 🙂
  3. It really amazes me that there is so much snarkiness on this board. I now recall why I hadn't posted in years. I thought it would be interesting to review this way just for fun. To intimate that I did not enjoy my cruise is presumptuous. If you have nothing better to do than comment on my posting this, then move along. No one needs snarkiness and you're taking up space.
  4. I was hoping to get an idea as the what (those who sailed that week) thought. I don't want to create any bias by posting my thoughts first. Hope that makes sense. 🙂
  5. We sailed. Share your thoughts, experience and overall vacation?
  6. Hey there...you're on now and I'm hoping you'll have better luck than we did. The noise is pretty noticable in that cabin IMO. We still managed to have a great time but I wouldn't pick this as a priority next cruise. Hopefully they left the lovely Green room divider curtain for you. 🙂 We requested it and they were great about it. If Tyron is the room attendant then you'll be pleased. He's quite nice and makes great towel creatures! Enjoy.
  7. So frustrating! DH spoke to RCCL agent directly for 2 hours+ and they insisted that Pullman was guaranteed even though we had to go with them choosing our cabin due (guaranteed JS) to late booking. Apparently that was the only option available. So we get the cabin number today and here we are. Grrrr....ship is full too from what we've been told. Anyone make a suggestion? Worth it to call and see?
  8. Hey all Back with a question about Oasis JS 14626. I've searched and only found stock photos and was hoping someone might have photos and/or videos? It doesn't say that there is a Pullman available which would be disappointing but sometimes there is one and it's not listed? *She asks fingers crossed* I've read it's below the pool area which can be very noisy. Yes?
  9. I must've missed it but was the CD mentioned as Drew Divine? Of not, who will be there until the end of the year?
  10. I don't recall saying anything about savings... It was the only option available as we are very close to sail date.
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