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  1. Lawn Club would of been awesome and I really wish they had some sort of water slide . . . . but man was the service and food good on this ship.
  2. Yea decided to cancel this cruise before they charged me my final deposit. Refund took 3 business days.
  3. Yea L&S to Alaska will be difficult as that season usually starts after May 4th. My situation continues to be a May 14th 9 day on the Equinox in the Carribbean. There is literally the exact same cruise on April 15th . . . but they are being stingy about it being 29 days earlier instead of the required 28 days or less (4 weeks). I mean I didn't want to do that date to be honest but I would have. So now when the 2022 Carribbean schedule officially is unveiled, I'm hopeful there is a cruise that fits. Will for sure cancel if it isn't given by final payment.
  4. Still haven't received a cancellation for this cruise and it is still in my account. Just gonna be patient here as the optimistic part of me hopes they extend Lift and Shift further down the line and when the Caribbean cruises for 2022 open up (hopefully next week) I will have an option. Not likely to happen but who knows. If they pull some slick stuff like force me to take a FCC or something, then they won't catch me on their ships again once the FCC is used.
  5. Also on this cruise and have yet to get cancellation from my TA and its still showing active in my Celebrity account. I'm still holding out hope for new cruise options in May 2022 on the Equinox and then Lift & Shift to that as I'm sure those cruises are going to be very pricey. If I have to decide by December 8th, if no new cruises show up for May 2022 I will take the refund. That FCC is gonna be a trap for a more expensive cruise with the new pricing.
  6. It doesn't matter to me at all tbh. But I could see it being a requirement to allow passengers to disembark at certain ports so from that aspect hopefully cruise lines make it a policy to have immunization records so passengers that were wise enough to get the vaccine aren't limited option wise by others who refuse to get it.
  7. Believe it is 30 to 45 days. I agree that FCC is a non starter for me as well. Cruise prices certainly will be higher over the next few years to 1. Make up revenue and 2. Get people to use up the FCC that is expiring at a rate that negates that 25%. Lift and Shift seems like the best option if it works out for you schedule wise as many of us have great perks on currently booked cruises that will look even nicer a year later vs. the higher priced all inclusive rates we are seeing. If not an option, get your refund and wait your days for it to process. Enough it enoug
  8. Count me in as somebody who really doesn't care for buffets but understands their appeal as a place that accepts a more relaxed dining atmosphere and a wider variety of hours, plus the ability to choose from a variety of foods with ease. It was mentioned earlier but the ultimate problem with buffets in a post COVID-19 world is not so much people breathing over the open food or the touching of surfaces (this was always an issue and people need to wash their hands or at least hand sanitize before eating at a buffet to protect others from a whole lot of bad viruses and bacteria), its
  9. Absolutely. A proper 3rd party vendor will often be 20 to 40 percent cheaper, offer more bang for your buck, better local food opportunities and less people. The two big pros for going the cruise line excursion route is guaranteed return to the ship (even if something major went wrong) and the use of OBC. But the big time 3rd party vendors obviously are very in tune with the cruise ship schedule and are specialists at getting people back on time. A big operation like Calabazza in Barbados or Cosol in St. Lucia, I wouldn’t worry at all about missing the ship . . .these places hav
  10. Like others have said, tip whatever you feel the service is worth. i have never tipped more or less than what is taken out daily. One of the reasons I enjoy cruising is because that work has been figured out for me already and I am content with the amount the cruise line decided on. Me asking for a bucket of ice everytime the room is made shouldnt result in having to tip extra, but certainly tip extra if you enjoy the service and feel it warrants extra.
  11. You definitely take more of a risk with unknown vendors at the port, but with proper precruise planning, you can find third party vendors that blow away the cruise line offerings and make the cruise line excursions look bootleg in the process.
  12. St. Lucia - Cosol Tours. What I like about them over Spencer Ambrose is the included brunch they serve, which features tons of local delicacies. Highly recommend.
  13. We did the Fascination out of San Juan in May 2018 and liked it so much we did the exact same cruise in May 2019 (7 ports in 7 days both times). The 2018 version was great but exhausting as we did all of our excursions and used Bernards in Saint Marteen (highly recommend and they did a 2 hour stop at Rainbow when I went . . .and Maho Beach for an hour). So 2019 was about relaxing and not waking up at 7 am to make the 8 am excursion pick ups lol. The only negative about Rainbow is the distance from the port as it's 30 minutes with little traffic . . . But it is certainly a step up
  14. Funny enough I skipped Orient this time because I got up late. Ended up taking the $7 roundtrip water taxi across Great Bay and rented 2 chairs, umbrella and 2 rum punch for $20 from a guy that was working with Lay Back Beach Bar and Grill. Very nice day. The water was perfect and the food was pretty darn good. Rainbow was nicer as was the open water beach, but factoring cost and convenience, us being close to the port, I wouldn't hesitate doing the same day again.
  15. Been here in May the last two years. Probably my favorite bar in all of the Caribbean. $5 tasty rum drinks and really darn good food. Free use of chairs and plenty of natural shade and functional restrooms. Really decent snorkeling. It is kind of rustic but by no means is it in bad shape. Service speed depends on how busy they are. Sometimes its quick and sometimes its slow, if you are easily agitated with the “island time” then maybe go some where fancier. Only $4pp to get there (with minimum 4 people) My advice: 1. Unless you are a guaranteed full taxi ride,
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