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  1. Gotcha! Yeah it's not there 😞
  2. I'm looking at the Carnival site right now & the Vista 10/31 cruise is there. Its 7 days out of Galveston. Maybe it was just a glitch for you 🤷‍♀️
  3. Part of the casino bar is smoking and outside on deck 3.
  4. Whew! Just spent my Sunday reading 30+ pages. But oh so worth it. Great review so far Greg. Can't wait to see the rest.
  5. Another great review! Especially loved your review of the drinks at Paradise beach 🙂
  6. I have been looking so forward to your review and once again you're off to a great start.
  7. Glad you had a great cruise. I know you were very excited to go. How was the Courtyard by Marriott? We are staying there in October before our cruise.
  8. Great review! Glad you had a good time too 🙂
  9. I hope you do a review when you get back. I just booked the same hotel for October. Couldn't beat the price for the French Quarter.
  10. Following along. I've been so excited for you to get back & do your review. 🙂
  11. Sorry you didn't have such great service on your cruise. We were on the sailing prior (10/5 - 10/12) to yours. We had YTD , and never experienced anything like what you mentioned. Our service each evening was really good and the food was on par for Carnival.
  12. Following along! I am looking at doing this same itinerary & ship in 2021. Have a great time 🙂
  13. We (me & the hubby) went a couple of years ago in April. We got a cabana, and to be honest the food went to waste, as we couldn't possibly eat all of it. Same thing with the drinks. We ended up offering it to the people in the area. As for the water temp, it was still cool for April. We went to HMC a year ago in October and didn't have a cabana and had a much better time. Just because we didn't have to rush over to the island to our cabana and we were able to spend more time in the water.
  14. I hate that your cruise is over with. It's so depressing when any cruise is over. We leave on Friday to fly into FLL, with a layover in ATL. Then we get on the Conquest on Saturday. Thanks so much for making the time go by faster.
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