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  1. Or Cyber Monday sales? Thanks
  2. The "free" excursions? Thanks
  3. stipmom

    Cartagena Ship Excursions

    We used Martin from Cartegna tour guides. Took us all around new and old city. Next day my friends did the catamaran tour via celebrity and they really enjoyed.
  4. I have a Feb 2019 sailing on the Infinity. Thanks
  5. are higher or lower than normal.? Last river cruise was in 2014 on Danube and alot of complaints about Avalon and Viking bussing when AMA waterways did not. Wonder if that has changed with new ships and different on Rhine. Looking to go in 2019,Thanks
  6. stipmom

    12 Day Internet Package

    It was $299 for unlimited internet for my 11 day cruise with 50% off second person.
  7. discount card for purchase which will give me 10 days for $60 Thanks
  8. My two Oceania cruises were on the Marina down the coast of Spain and Insignia to Cuba After the Marina cruise I cancelled another booked Oceania cruise but kept the Insignia one because I wanted to go to Cuba, The breakfast and lunch buffets have limited choices. While it's nice to be able to have grilled lobster sandwiches for lunch I had it too many times due to lack of de cn salad or sandwich choices. Dinners on Oceania contain more expensive ingredients so that is a big plus(love the foie gras) but the Coquilles St Jacques dish contained three small scallops on a similarly small slice of potato with a mushroom garnish and they called it an entree.(While you can always get more it was served two hours after we first sat and we would have missed the show which is only one time) A real Insignia plus is the bread. Their baguette is the best I ever had Ice cream service ends at 4 p.m and does not start again until the buffet at 6:30. Ice cream flavors are limited. Usually only. vanilla chocolate and Strawberry, another flavor that changes and a sugar free. I am a chocolate lover but went for the vanilla and strawberry since the chocolate lacked flavor. Between five and 6:30 there is no food available except for room service.i feel when you are out for most of the day and come back at 5 p.m. you might like something small to tide you over and room service is not the answer Service is excellent , except on the pool deck but I have always found great service on Celebrity. Beds and bedding are great. While I like the idea of a smaller ship i just don't feel as a cruise itself Oceania is worth the extra money.
  9. i just don't think Oceania delivers that better a product to justify the increased cost
  10. stipmom

    Insignia Cuba cruise December 1st

    Also on Dec 1 sailing. Tour excursion descriptions do not match what the excursion actually is. Would avoid the cigar tour in Cienfuegos as it is not more than 15 minutes in the factory and they have too many people in a tour group to get a good look.
  11. stipmom

    FROM Celebrity TO (i) Oceania or (ii) MSC ?

    I sailed on Oceania for the first time in April for a 10 night European cruise. I am elite plus on Celebrity. If not for my cruise to Cuba in December I doubt I would sail with them again. Was not a fan of their product. Specialty restaurants were good but regular restaurants left a lot to be desired.One night I actually left dinner hungry.Breakfast and Lunch buffets needed more choices. Looking forward to returning to Celebrity for my next few cruises
  12. stipmom

    airline club passes

    The last few times I have tried to use my unexpired passes for an international flight we have been told the lounge is full . This is out of Newark
  13. stipmom

    Many children on board in January?

    Depends on when you are going in January. Where U.S. Schools go back right after the New Year Canadians usually go back a week later.
  14. stipmom

    Considering Oceania, a few questions please

    While the food in the specialty restaurants was good I felt the food in the main dining room was not.Also, choices at buffet for breakfast and lunch were poor.i have been on Azamara and they do a better job at those meals.While I looked forward to the surf and turf sandwich the lobster was overlooked each time I had it. On a positive note their French fries are very good and service was wonderful.