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  1. I know I am responding a year after your post but for those reading it later, I have to give a great big two thumbs up for Hotel Calzaiuoli. It was fabulous in accommodations, service and location. Another fabulous hotel is the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi, a bit out of the way, but really beautiful. It's on the Arno and Santa Croce is behind it. Large marble bathroom, chandelier over the bed and included a dynamite breakfast spread. Loved opening the large windows and hearing the church bells. $109 Jan 12–13
  2. Exactly. It might be a false correlation that a lot of alcohol = night life. If there was something great going on, I would stay up and go. Much of the time, I stay up in my room reading, or watching TV. A few years ago, I did a Norwegian Cruise on the Breakaway or Getaway (can't remember) and there was a small venue called Fat Cat Cafe. It's a jazz and blues club. OMG, we went every night and they had the most fabulous live entertainment in a small club atmosphere. I drank mostly club soda after a glass of wine , otherwise I would go to sleep. The place was hopping.
  3. Yes, the laundry, the food, the quiet relaxing atmosphere, service, medallion.net, ocean medallion (yes, I carry my iphone), the International cafe, High tea on the Royal and Regal, And I do like the lack of surf pools, climbing rocks, ice skating rinks, risque pool games, children running in packs throughout the ship, and pressing all the elevator buttons. The only other line I like as much in this price range is Celebrity. In many ways, Celebrity is similar to Princess. And I would travel HAL again but the smaller ships.
  4. It works perfectly on all of my suitcases and I can easily rezip them without a trace of it ever being opened -multiple times, I might add. And I have Travel Pro plus another two brands. I'd venture to say that quite a bit of luggage still contain those self healing zippers. Zip ties won't make a bit of difference. However, hope is on the horizon. New zippers are being manufactured with two rows of teeth to easily prevent this from happening. And there is one called Pacsafe Toughzip which is puncture resistant. You might want to try your luggage and/or buy some new luggage with puncture resistant zippers. It's on my list for future purchases. https://www.safesuitcases.com/Puncture-Resistant-Luggage-Zippers.asp
  5. A zip lock is no assurance that your luggage has not been tampered with. I once forgot my luggage key at home, so while traveling I googled how to break into your luggage. It was so simple. A poke with the pen breaks a self healing zipper and you can open your bag in seconds. Then you can reseal it. Oh well. That explained how a lot of electronic cords and charger were stolen from my locked luggage years ago. I now carry them. Here's a video
  6. I can sympathize with you. Once my luggage was lost coming back from Italy. It apparently had a two week vacation without me traveling around on Alitalia planes throughout Italy but finally was returned having been rifled through by inspectors and mixed with a friend's luggage contents whose luggage also went along for the ride. After that I was concerned about all the cruises I take that I looked into an electronic tracker but decided that it was not worth it. Many only track in short distances or require a subscription. So, every time I cruise, I am on edge until I find my luggage. I am not sure if the technology has improved since then. Besides not putting anything of great value in the luggage, the only thing I do now is put an additional paper inside the luggage with my address and phone number in case it was taken by mistake or if the luggage tag gets ripped off. I also make the bag very distinctive by attaching whatever ridiculous colorful stuff I have around on the outside (like Christmas ribbons on the handle) and use a neon green luggage strap. I walk off anything of either sentimental or monetary value. I may also take pictures and keep receipts of more expensive clothing for insurance purposes and to refresh my own memory of what was in the bag. I do hope your missing suitcase is returned.
  7. On my last princess cruise, my daughter was just interested in the brewed coffee. She started ordering me lattes along with her brewed coffee but by the middle of the cruise, I just ordered my own latte but brought her medallion. There were no issues.
  8. I also called under a promotion for a European cruise for next summer and inquired about a refundable fare. It costs slightly more, but I got the promotion with a refundable deposit.
  9. How does knowing the captain in advance going to help you understand the announcements. I honestly don't mean to be snarky but are you going to practice listening to a potential accent(s) in advance?
  10. Is dinner really 5PM ? My last princess cruise said it was, but when on the ship, the actual dinner time was 5:30 or 5:45. Have they actually gotten their act together?
  11. Oh, Bummer! I have booked above La Mer and didn't realize the change from the Royal and Regal. I don't think I am so happy now. Can I assume that it will only be open in the evenings for dinner? La mer video
  12. My next cruise will be my first as elite. How do I swap out the mini bar for the coffee cards - well not cards any more. Will the information be added to the medallion?
  13. I tried to book the Enchanted for August 2020 but I couldn't book a particular room online (only as reserve). After reading this thread, I entered 3 people online to see what deluxe balcony rooms were available. Bingo. Then I called my personal cruise consultant at Princess and requested that room. No problem!!! Got it. Ridiculous that I had to go through all of this. Thanks to all of cruise critic members for explaining what was going on and saving me from booking a guarantee room.
  14. Right on!!! I personally wore my dressy black Fitflops to dinner almost every night on the Summit in Blu. Ooooooh, no one stopped me. I don't even think anyone looked down. And I didn't have to shove my feet into heels after a warm, steamy day out in Bermuda. And btw, on chic night everyone looked great. There were a variety of styles - some more dressy than others - but honestly, people were looking GOOD and dressed well.
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