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  1. Not necessarily true. When I got my original vaccine for shingles (not the new one, Shingrex) , my doctor told me I had to get it from a Pharmacy because we had a power outage in NY and he lost his supplies. He did not reorder. This vaccine has to be stored frozen between -50° to -15°C (-58° to +5°F). If my doctor had a place to keep it, I am sure others did also. I did get it at a pharmacy near my doctor and rushed to his office for him to administer. Since then, I have gotten my two doses of Shingrex. ThermoFisher, who I order from for my lab, has many sized models able to store vaccines.that need to be frozen. And I think if doctor's need to get the proper equipment, they will. And also, there will be a market to produce the required units.
  2. I guess it depends on the person. I have sailed from Southampton many times. I never look forward to it; just endure it. After a long overnight flight from the states and arriving early, I have had to wait hours for the Princess busses to arrive to drop off former passengers. They now have a waiting area with seats but have done it where they just cordoned off a section of the airport and we all had to stand for hours. Poor seniors with walkers!! Then a long drive (1 hour 10 minutes) from Heathrow which is often longer because of heavy traffic. The last time, it was 1 hour and 55 minutes. And very frequently, I am too overtired and anxious to get on the ship at the same time; kind of like an upper and a downer at the same time. But, if it's the only way to get on a ship or itinerary I want, I just have to do it.
  3. Right now, Florida is still under a mandatory two week quarantine when entering NY. I wouldn't put money down on a vacation that might still have quarantine regulations. That's not going to be fun! But yes, the city is beautiful and has lots to offer.
  4. Wow!!!! That looks really good. I missed this one. Maybe it wasn't available during my vacation time. I will have to look for this when cruising resumes. Haven't been to Naples since my early twenties. And have not been to Portugal or Mallorca. I have put this on my list. Something new to look forward to. Thanks.
  5. Yes. I loved this cruise and went solo too. It was a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Rome. However, I do remember a stop in Cartegena, Spain which doesn't seem to be on the itineraries now. I think the ports were Barcelona, Cartagena, Gibraltar, Marseilles, Florence, and Rome. Excursions were to Maipe Yeguada, (the Andalusian Horse Ranch), a small group tour of Gibraltar, Loumarin and Aix en Provence, Cinque terra, Portofina,.I didn't do Florence since I have been there many times. I did rebook this similar cruise this summer on the Enchanted with my daughter, but it, as you know, has been canceled. I am so looking forward to doing it again as soon as cruising becomes safe.
  6. Andalusian Horse ranch in Cartegena Spain. And here they come!
  7. I understand your feelings because the situation is truly awful. However, it is not a system that is holding the crew members there without reason. The article cite's travel restrictions, port closures, shifting rules on returning workers, and the fact that about 15 countries won't allow their citizens to return home. Cruise lines are overwhelmed and I'm sure trying to figure it out like so many governments, health care systems, etc. One of the things that bothers me though, is that the article says the some crew members are isolated to their small quarters up to 21 hours a day. Come on, it's and empty ship. Certainly, they can do better than that. While trying to protect their physical health, they are doing incredible damage to their mental health.
  8. Oh really? Nothing more than the flu? Well, I've never known anyone who has died of the flu and now, sadly, I know 3 people who have died from Covid-19, and they weren't easy deaths. I will sail when I no longer cry.
  9. Sorry that it didn't work for you. Did you keep the shift key depressed as the page loads? If so, must be another reason. Hope it resolves.
  10. This could be a website glitch or something in your cache. Not sure why it happens but found a fix posted from a previous thread. Try holding the shift key down and reload the page. This works every time I get “pricing not available”. Pricing will appear. Hope this helps
  11. I have a Barcelona to Rome cruise booked for this summer. I can only keep an eye on the situation until final payment and then make a decision. I also did purchase Princess's cancel for any reason insurance and will weigh that option. While the WHO has stated that 80% of the cases appear to be mild, not sure I want to take a risk about a quarantine or the possibility of being hospitalized in a foreign country. And frankly, I don't think we know enough about Covid-19 yet. So I am in a wait and see mode. I find it concerning that there is an outbreak in Italy. But, I have not canceled my April California Coastal. I think the risk is very low. Not worried at all. Have the PBP; alcohol kills everything. LOL😁
  12. You have me laughing. Also in NYC. You didn't mention the poorly ventilated subways with people on top on one another and shoving to fit into the cars - some coughing and sneezing. To be squashed in a subway is a rite of passage. It could be we have healthier immune systems having dealt with much disease. One of my mottos : Never leave home without cruise insurance. I have a California coastal coming up. As far as I'm concerned, it's not a matter of "if" CoVid-19 comes, it's a matter of "when." And the longer it takes, the more the medical community will know. I can't stop living because tomorrow, I could get hit by a taxi or a bike or worse. The WHO says 80% of cases are mild and it's likely to happen every year.
  13. You are partially correct if the mask is of the surgical type it's no good for your protection. Also, as the biologists at my work place say, your eyes are semi permeable. I have boxes of goggles if necessary. LOL Mode of transmission need to be determined. The N95 are the ones recommended by the CDC for health care workers, This is from CDC website: Prioritize the use of N95 respirators for those personnel at the highest risk of contracting or experiencing complications of infection. See CDC web page for futher information https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/hcwcontrols/recommendedguidanceextuse.html Actually, not too worried as death rate is low. I was lucky (eyes rolling) to get the swine flu back in 2009 but a very mild case. That actually had a higher mortality rate than this coronavirus but who knows if the Chinese are reporting accurately. According to BBC report, this seems to cause the biggest problems in people who have compromised lung function, smokers, asthma, etc. Personally, I can't imagine it not coming to the states and making some sort of an impact. Time will tell.
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