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  1. Alternatively, you can simply take the public bus to the turtle farm and pay the admission, then take the public bus back to the ship when you are done.
  2. Please either get an accessible room or work with Celebrity to arrange what to do. Our last cruise, I was in a manual wheelchair. I skipped the scooter because we could not get an accessible room, and Celebrity states that the scooter user should put the scooter in the room at night. I was non-weight-bearing on my left leg due to surgery, so I had to either use the WC or crutches. The passenger next to use had a rental scooter. Not an accessible room. He repeatedly left his scooter in the hallway, and there was not enough room for me to get through in my wheelchair when he did that. We had to go to guest services for assistance more than once. They eventually had the scooter park by the elevator at night, not the hallway.
  3. I'm lucky in that Scooter was born on a farm, during black powder deer season. To a family that thought black powder was fun. He came from a pair of hunting dogs. Fireworks in general don't seem to bother him. The really loud boom ones make him growl a little bit and bark if we are outside. If we are inside, he doesn't really notice.
  4. For an individual server at the bar, they can print out a receipt with no sale and you can add a tip to it that way. We've done it a number of times for our favorite bar servers. The dining room doesn't have that same ability, however.
  5. One thing to remember is to use a private viewing window when looking at airline prices. I’ve gotten a price, come back later and has it go up, then looked from a different computer and it was less.
  6. We’ve been happy with Park N Go. Easy shuttle to port.
  7. You may not be able to. I feed mine a high quality dry kibble, sometimes I supplement with some canned food. For raw feeding, you’d need fresh meat, and the cruise line will not supply. I guess you might be able to freeze portions solid, pack with cold packs, and bring, but they line may not let raw food on board. Then, storage during the cruise might also be an issue. It all depends, I’ve had some rooms with a refrigerator, but I’ve had the refrigerator fail as well. Also, CBP would not let any leftover off the ship and back into the country more than likely.
  8. We were sent a link a few days after sailing in December 2018 and could download all of our images that way. Easy.
  9. Is this the new package with no Prints? I believe they are ending the prints as they toss so many of them, and many people are quite happy with digital. We have gotten the package many many times when sailing with family.
  10. My daughter (age 25) has a number of food allergies as well as many food sensitivities. She reacts to ingested soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg plant, melon, oranges, apples, pears, peaches (along with other fruit that has a pit like a nut). We always email special_needs@celebrity.com and get it on her reservation. When we board, she speaks to the host or matre’D and places her order for dinner while letting them know of her allergies. Each evening she places her order for the next day. She always finds plenty to eat. She does eat most meals in the MDR. She carries two epi-pens, I carry two more. She carries liquid Benadryl. So far, so good.
  11. Actually, A different country can still require a quarantine of any animal, even a service dog. Their country, their law.
  12. Scooter has done his business all over! We live in a small town with lots of grass. From the start, he went in the yard, on gravel, and on mulch because all three were handy. Our first trip, we went to see family outside of Las Vegas. December 2016, they had not yet installed their relief areas after TSA. The designated place was outside, a pile of mulch, in a fence, that smelled and had cigarette butts all over. Right under the tram. Loud, stinky. We walked a short way away and he went on some gravel. Same trip, he went on fake grass outside by my in-laws house. Next trip, my first alone with him, he went on a metal grate around a tree in downtown Atlanta. That was just a couple of weeks later. I tried to get him to go in the inside relief area in STL and ATL, but he would not. Neither stunk, just inside. We kept working at it. July 2017, he still would not go inside the airport, but in Orlando they simply escort you outside. He went in command great by then. January 2018 he went with me to San Diego for a conference. He still would not use the inside relief area at the airport. The ones in St Louis are nice and don’t stink. The one at Phoenix was very small. We never did locate the one at San Diego, but he went outside as soon as we got off the plane and got stuff. Hubby was with me, and got bags while I took Scooter outside. May 2018, we had a cruise to Alaska booked fairly last minute. We trained for the 8 weeks to use a box. He finally did go. We had a long wait in StL at the airport before the flight, but an inside relief area was fairly close to our gate. So, I took him to it and gave the command every 20 -30 minutes while we waited. Once he went there, we had a party and he got TREATS! He finally got it. Made it much easier, particularly since we got to the airport way too early. Anyway, he went there a couple of times before the flight of 4.5 hours to Seattle. Upon boarding the ship, we found the relief area, and it was a metal box of about 4x4, but had other stuff in it, and was crammed under a shelf so that only part of it was available. i complained, a second box appeared next to that one. There were two dogs, so that helped. Scooter would use the metal one for urine and the other one for solids. I asked for one on my balcony but they claimed not enough lumber. I believe the other dog was in a suite and got one on their balcony, since I never saw any sign that dog was there after the second day. It all worked out. The inside relief area area at SEA was nasty, just a couple of puppy pads with turf over them, and it stunk. We went to a conference at Columbus in June 2018 and they had similar (puppy pad) but it was out of the way in a secure area and you had to be escorted there. So, only SDs and not shared by pets, and changed/cleaned after each use. They only have to give inside relief area access to working dogs, not pets under the DOT directive that started in 2016. One note: on Celebrity, my room attendant was responsible for also going and checking the dog’s box in the out of the way wind tunnel they use. He had to not only do all our rooms, but also remove any solids a couple of times a day. Not to mention extra cleaning due to fur. We tried to minimize the work, but there is extra for them. So, we made sure to give an extra gift to the room steward for the extra passenger that no gratuity was charged for.
  13. Goodness! What a pretty and serious face Oakland has! I just love all the expressions they make. Congrats on everything! Enjoy your cruise with the new pup!
  14. Cruises are sold by the night, not the day. We have always been able to go to the Cafe Al Bacio on the last morning. At some point, generally about 9am, they will close out the computer for the disembarking cruise and will no longer allow you to have anything. If you are a Back to Back cruiser, you can let the bar server know you are on the next cruise as well, and often they will write it out on a ticket to key in once the computer opens again.
  15. When stuff happens during travel, one must be flexible. Assuming all 4 people were adults, If two seats were available to get people to the ships on one flight, those should have been taken, and then CA would have found two more seats on another flight. It might have taken 3 flights, as 2-1-1 to make it work. Happens. Part of the issue was demanding that you all fly together. You may also need to fly ahead of the ship and spend a day or two waiting for it to arrive where you are. I’ve seen that, even in the Caribbean. Best wishes on your next adventure. Remember, things happen.
  16. He may not need another bath that fast, but if you do want to give him another, I would use some conditioner or a shampoo/conditioner combo. I use the Burt’s Bees one. My groomer uses “Mane and Tail” I believe. We start to notice an odor from Scooter after about 3 weeks in the warmer months, 4-5 in colder months. I can often stretch it if I brush him daily. I use a soft Zoom Groom, the blue one. I wash it daily after brushing him with it, and know he really needs a bath if I’m getting black oil from his (golden) fur. i have also just used baby wipes to wipe the surface of his fur.
  17. Thanks for the comments and congrats above. I don’t expect to need the chair in December. That cruise was supposed to be both of our (human) adult children and their SOs. Plus my mom and someone with her. We haven’t canceled our son’s room yet, but expect he won’t be able to go. I just have to get the leg up to strength, and the knee and ankle up to par. Ankle and knee surgery, involving both bone and soft tissue, is hard to recover from. I’m not walking on unpaved ground yet, but expect to soon. I have a renewed appreciation for the ADA help though. We we are thrilled, since our daughter (25) is now debt free on her side (hubby still has student loans and a car loan though) and son is graduating debt free. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing without Scooter these days. Today, I can’t get anything off the floor. Luckily, he has a great response to “bring it” with a point.
  18. Wow! I've been swamped with work, and away for most of April. I had lots of reading to do! Congrats to Oakland, he has a great place now. I'm finally back to full time walking, and the wheelchair is relegated to being folded up and in the basement. Lots of PT still to do, as the 11 weeks I spent in the WC did a number on my muscle tone. Well, that and the surgeries. Scooter is glad to be back at work with me, although he enjoyed the Pooches Palace. We've now learned we have a place in town that is safe to leave him, besides the vet. If I'm having a really rough day, I can drop him there for a few hours of running with other dogs and he will be tired out. They are inspected regularly, clean, and careful with the dogs. One of the employees used to be a vet tech and is currently a dog trainer (although to baby talk with the dogs for my taste), but we know him and trust him. My youngest graduates from university on May 18, with a degree in mechanical engineering. He receives his commission in the US Army on the same day, and will spend the next few years on active duty. He had earned a ROTC scholarship upon graduating from high school, and will graduate from university debt free - zero in student loans. We didn't have to borrow anything, either! I'm so proud of him! He will spend the summer at Ft Knox, then the fall at Fort Lee, VA, then move to Savannah, GA in late January. We are disappointed he won't be able to join us on our December cruise, but it happens. The debt free part is definitely worth some sacrifices!
  19. On our last cruise, we had pre-purchased a speciality dining package. They didn’t even bring us a ticket to sign at the end. We asked, and were told this was a change because people felt as though they were being charged twice, so they did away with it. Thatvsays to me no additional tip is needed.
  20. I stayed on board in February in the Caribbean as I was recovering from a surgery and confined to a wheelchair. Most of the Caribbean islands are just not WC friendly, and the beach certainly is not. I was amazed at the number of people who also didn't get off the ship. It was wonderful spending 2 weeks not worrying about cleaning, cooking, etc. Hubby especially enjoyed, as he had been doing it all for the previous 2 months!
  21. For a person who is always confined to a WC, I would only choose an accessible room. I've not done a M class ship, but was on Silhouette in a WC in Feb and my daughter was in Equinox a few years back in a WC. We both had limited mobility, but could take a few steps. No way would I do a completely WC bound person in a non-accessible room. I was in a small WC and still had to fold it to get into the room.
  22. On Silhouette in February, the Sunset Bar had mostly paper straws, but occasionally gave a plastic one to us (in our Alcove). They were fine and lasted the length of the drink.
  23. We’ve found that flying on Dec 25 to be reasonable, and often dropping about 4 weeks out. We’ve also found that flying late Dec 31 or early morning Jan 1 is generally not painful. if you must fly on Saturday or Sunday, flying early morning out of Florida is less than later in the day. We’ve stayed the night and more than saved the cost of the room and meals.
  24. Back in about 2015, we did a B2B on Reflection in February in the Caribbean. The NE of the US was being hit with a lot of snow. A significant number of families were on board. We happened to do an excursion in St. Thomas and a bunch of them were on that excursion. They were all complaining about the lack of things for their kids to do. They wanted to know where the water slides, climbing walls, etc were. My gut feeling is that any families that book on less port intensive cruises are going to be complaining like those families were.
  25. The last couple of cruises I’ve been on, there has been a small rack of vests for children by the pool, either near the mast bar or the other end of the pool area. They are usually for rather small children. While I would use one. I would still make sure an adult was in the water with the child.
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