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  1. Yes, that is the GastroPub on EQ. The movie screen on Solstice is only used a little bit, not all the time. Having Movies on the lawn in the evening is kind of cool. I'm pretty sure they are keeping the Glass because of the contract they signed last year. Otherwise, I'm guessing they would replace it with the Lawn Club Grill. My guess is that when the contract with the current glass provider expires, they will install the Lawn Club Grill. It would not require more than a short bit of dry dock work, and could probably be done while at sea. After all, they did Luminea while at sea. Going from Hot Glass to Lawn Club Grill seems less disruptive.
  2. I was on Silhouette for the Feb 10, 2019 sailing. I took two 12-packs of cherry juice (since they don't carry it on board). Had it in an Amazon box. Stuck a luggage tag on the Amazon box and it appeared in my room a few hours later.
  3. Second the recommendation to contact Special Needs. There should be no issue, however. We took a box of bottles of cherry juice on board Silhouette in February with no issue. We simply taped a luggage tag to the box and handed it off to the porters when we arrived. In your instance, make sure to label it medical, but it should not be an issue. Once you board, you may also want to meet with dining to discuss what you may eat. They often can make soups and broths to assist.
  4. We upgrade because we drink a lot of sparkling water, and San Pelligrino is not available on the classic package. Since the possibility of getting them to downgrade us to Premium non-al is hit or miss, we've learned to just pay the upgrade fee, and enjoy the wider range of wines along with the other beverages we like.
  5. We were on Silhouette last week. They only seemed to offer LPC. While the price has an increase, I had bought a dinner package when they were on sale last year, and was not charged any additional charge.
  6. To contact Celebrity, contact them at special_needs@celebrity.com with your reservation number and the situation. We've had mixed results with doing that, to be honest, but they do request it. Then, as soon as you board, go to the MDR and speak to the Hostess on duty to handle MDR requests. They will contact someone for you. Generally, at this time, my daughter pre-orders dinner for that night. After that, she will order dinner for the next day each evening, along with any meals she wants to eat in the MDR (breakfast, lunch on a sea day). It is recommended that you take a list of all allergies on a 3x5 card. We take one to provide to the Asst M'd each time she orders. That way, there is no question. At times, we also email the Restaurant Operations Manager on board the ship the week before we sail. We've had really good results when we've contacted Special Needs, then emailed the ROM, then met the Hostess as soon as we boarded. The cards with the allergy lists that she hands over when placing an order come in EXTRA handy if she does need to eat in the buffet. It gives a written record to the chef they call so that he can see in writing what she cannot have. They regularly get her food from the back rather than what is on the buffet. Other times, the chef steps behind the counter and makes her something, such as at the egg or pasta station. She can often eat at those two, so long as they wash the skillet and start fresh.
  7. Interesting. I am the parent of a young adult with many food allergies, some severe. She has been on a number of Celebrity cruises, both with and without us. She has never eaten in the buffet in self-service due to the risk of cross contamination and because the buffet never listed all the possible ingredients. Maybe it is due to what she is allergic to? If the MDR was not open, she went to the buffet area, found the M’d on duty, who called the chef on duty, who prepared something she could eat in back or who got the untouched trays to get her food without risk of cross contamination. She is is allergic to soy, rice, nuts (both peanut and tree nut), melon, eggplant, peaches, apples, pears, oranges, shellfish, and probably more but I no longer keep up with it all.
  8. I was on a cruise recently and was using a wheelchair. I had asked about moving to an accessible room, but I was told I could waitlist for a particular cabin, but the system did not allow me to ask to waitlist to any accessible cabin in the class of service I had booked. i didn’t care to downgrade to an interior cabin. I didn’t care to pay the substantial added sum to sail in an AquaClass room. So, I managed with a regular cabin. I could walk enough to move the folded chair from the room into the hallway, expand it, then move around the ship in the chair. Then reverse when going to my room. Why should I have expected a free upgrade just because I traveled with a wheelchair?
  9. I have not experienced this ever. In fact, I finished off a box of facial tissue the last afternoon of the cruise and opened the spare that was in the bathroom. After dinner, the spare had been replaced. This was on the 10Feb sailing of Silhouette.
  10. Hi all! I’m back from our Caribbean trip and getting back into life! We spent 12 nights on Celebrity Silhouette. It was wonderful. Best part is I missed 3 ice/snow storms at home! 🙂 Scooter stayed home. You’ll recall I had surgery in December, and he has been mostly off work since then. He was working at home with retrieval’s, but assisting me in public since I really wasn’t in public much. So, now to begin working him again. We have to make sure he is ready for public access again. Just a little bit of remediation needed. He has been going to day camp most days, and just being well behaved dog. The day camp people love him - he is always cheerful and well behaved. Anyway, we basically did nothing on the cruise. No excursions. I was still mostly in the wheelchair and the ankle and knee are still under the weather, so we mostly enjoyed someone else cooking and cleaning. It meant hubby got a vacation from taking care of me since mid-December. I spent lots of time with the leg elevated and iced, and starting to carefully walk with a hand rail. With the recent ankle fracture, ankle and knee surgery, we a e being super careful to just let it fully heal. Goodness I missed being able to hit the beach! Ah, well, now to start PT on the leg. TTFN!
  11. Last year, at a meeting the day before turnaround day, they told all the B2B guests that they would sell discounted speciality packages even though the pre-cruise online sales had sold all the available packages. One year, they gave every B2B guest a bag of laundry for free. Best part, walking up to the counter at the Cafe Al Bacio to order a drink, being told the computers are closed, and responding that we were Back to Back guests. The waitress smiled, got out an order slip, wrote down what I wanted and my name and stateroom. I enjoyed my tea and watched departing passengers do the slow trudge off the ship.
  12. Thanks, Roz! At this point, I’ve not planned any excursions. I’m going to focus on recuperating the rest of the way. We don’t have an accessible room, but I should be able to put weight on the leg by then, so we will manage. I’ll probably even use the gym in my recuperation!
  13. They stopped printing the photos on Solstice this last year and have added displays now. That was the case in May, and I understand it had been that way for a few months. It is supposed to roll across the rest of the fleet shortly.
  14. There are a few family cabins that sleep 5 on each ship. You cannot book them online, you’ll have to call. The second rom is bunk beds and small. There is often a sofa to pull out for a 5th bed. There is still only one bathroom, though. I would book book the max likely since it is easier to drop by a person than to increase. We always book with a holding name if booking for our single son. It is easy to change one name in the room, you cannnot change both. You can drop a 3rd passenger in a room with no issue before final payment, but that may re-rate the room. It might be cheaper for the 3rd to no-show. We have changed sleeping rooms between family members once on board by going to guest services. I would also check the price of a Royal Suite since it has a bath and a half.
  15. We usually get the classic package as our “perk” when booking. If we don’t get it as s perk, we purchase a non-alcohol package, as our real desire is the specialty teas at the Cafe Al Bacio. If that is our choice, I may pay for one glass of wine every couple of days.
  16. What do you like to do? There are pluses and minuses to each route, based on what you like to do.
  17. We have snow and ice here in mid-Missouri. Not too much at my house, but lots just a few miles north or east. I’m still off my feet from ankle surgery, so hubby has been taking good care of me. He and Scooter have had plenty of great walks, including playing in the snow. Wish I could join them! We will have to do some remediation training once I’m back up. Scooter started pulling again, and I’ve not been able to keep up with training while laid up. Since it isn’t safe for me to take him out, and he was getting bored and kind of depressed hanging out here, hubby started taking him to day camp the last little bit. He seems to love it - squeaking when he gets close and sees where he is going. They love him, he gets along well with all the dogs and people and does what they tell him to do. I’m off my feet for at least 2 more weeks. I can’t wait until I can walk. Next cruise is Feb 5. We are leaving Scooter here and I’ll be finishing my recovery. Plus hubby gets a break from all the cooking, cleaning and household chores. Can’t wait !
  18. We received one a couple of years ago. We were able to apply it to a cruise we already had booked. It was NOT in a block of rooms but was booked through a travel agent. The certificate was suppose to expire 12 months after we received it. We received it in January 2016. We already had a cruise past the final payment date for 2016, and our cruise in 2017 was a week past the expiration date. My travel agent called Celebrity after I scanned in the certificate and emailed it to her. They were willing to extend deadline to allow it to be applied to that cruise. It it was simply a credit toward the amount due.
  19. I found the following wording: Whatistheprocess/policyforbookingswithaNon-RefundableProgramthatchangeshipand sailing date? Regardless of if the change generates more revenue, the change fee of $100 USD or $127 CAD per person change fee, depending on the currency of the booking, must be added. This change fee option code will only be applied if they are changing ship/date. No change fee if moving to another cat on same sailing, or re-pricing on same sailing. It was posted on http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/CEL-Non-RefundableFAQs_Trade.pdf My Dec 2019 sailing had only 1 perk. I switched to the non refundable deposit and got 3 fees r no added cost. We have 4 rooms booked, and 2 of the rooms are less certain, so I added 1 more perk to those rooms. The wording says we can still reprice or upgrade categories without losing the deposit.
  20. I found my agent after my first cruise on Carnival, which I had booked direct. I knew nothing about cruising. I vented in FB and an old high school classmate chimed in, saying I had obviously sailed the wrong line for me and that I needed a travel agent specializing in cruising. She worked IT for a travel agent, and set me up with a colleague over the phone. That agent spent 2 hours interviewing me, asking my likes and dislikes, what I wanted to do and what I was looking for. She recommended Celebrity after learning about me. It is a moderately sized company with brick and mortar locations in another state from me, but also has a decent sized online presence. i don’t get as much OBC and perks back as some people say they get, but I can send an email or text and get things taken care of. She knows my likes and dislikes, and I’m satisfied. She doesn’t charge for changes or cancellations, and I’ve made plenty of them over the last 7 years. I’m happy to let her sit on the phone with Celebrity on my behalf.
  21. If you had taken the Monday flights, missed sail away, then caught up with the ship at its next port, most insurance would have covered those costs as trip delay and missed connection. Of course, you would have missed 2 days or so of your cruise. Sounds like your $1500 was well spent to me.
  22. Did you book it with the same credit card you used to book the cruise? I canceled one last year and the refund went to a different card than I expected. I called to ask and learned of the issue. You might call to ask.
  23. MSC is an European Line, and the EU issues pet passports. I’m guessing that the person in special needs is used to EU citizens having them.
  24. We generally have to have the Asst M’D request it from stores on our sailings. It is always on board, but never stocked for some reason.
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