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  1. You might look at the 7night B2B on Summit out of San Juan. Since you are already in the Caribbean, you don’t waste the time returning to Florida. The ship will be among the first to be rehabbed in Revolution, so should be up to snuff.
  2. They do it once you board. It covers your on board service charges, unless you prepay them, plus it covers any purchases you make. On previous cruises, they processed the purchases every few days, but those were longer cruises. On a 7 night or shorter cruise, they generally don’t reconcile until the end. The problem occurs when you don’t have sufficient available credit if there are a number of small holds. The charges don’t line up, so a large debit doesn’t work. Best answer is to use a card with a high available credit, or to go down the night before and pay the account in cash or with a different card.
  3. I would call in. I’m Elite and just paid $188 for my 12 night cruise on Silhouette for Feb. my 7-night cruise in Dec 19 on EQ was $157 with my Elite. Your E+ price should be less.
  4. We saved nearly $100 on the classic to premium upgrade for our Feb 12 night cruise. I had upgraded before the price increase last spring, and called and we refunded the old purchase and we repurchased it at the lower price. Yay! then, I had her check my 7 night Dec 2019 on EQ. It was about $10 per person less. We had upgraded that one back in March as well. I had previously had to call and have the perk added to the cruise, since it was in the booking but not actually added to the cruise. Then I had bought the upgrade. The agent asked if I wanted it refunded or if I’d be OK with OBC. I replied that OBC was just fine, so she added $25 in OBC to my account. That made it super simple. I also got internet at less than what it cost for my Elite discount. Score! Wish I didn’t need it, but business means I must check in a couple of times a day.
  5. $200 is basically tha pre-cruise price. I’ve seen it slightly less, and sometimes more. The full on board price is generally $350. It may h less the first day. If you have additional rooms in your group, you can buy additional packages on board for $175 per added room., half the full price. A slight savings from the preboard price. Any photo with anyone from your room will be in your photos. Double check them, though. We had a bunch left off years ago. Luckily, we had hard copies.
  6. I love the photo! Were you on Celebrity Silhouette? It sounds like their crossing. I’ve heard all kinds of things from people about this years TA and skipping Bahamas (no big loss IMHO), and how cold and windy it was. Hubby and I will be on Silhouette in February. Leaving Scooter at home, though.
  7. When I think of quality, I think of the actual ingredients. Yes, the dishes in them are supposed to be made to order, rather than in large vats in the back, but they start with the same food. it isn't like they have separate steaks for some areas. They get in large sides of beef and someone cuts them into steaks down below in many cases. I watched them doing it on a tour a few years back. They may reserve specific cuts for specific places, but that is as far as it goes. On the other hand, I often have special food in the MDR due to food sensitivities, so maybe I eat differently than you do. 🙂
  8. My upcoming cruise is in a C2. We booked on board. We had originally booked a 2C on deck 6 on the slant. The price was $1999 pp when the schedule was first released, with one perk and we chose the beverage package. On board, they offered two perks if you booked CC or above. We booked the C2 for $2249 pp and chose gratuities (12 nights) as it was worth more. It basically meant we paid an extra $75 pp for the C2 room, get more points (5 per day rather than 3), get the welcome aboard lunch, and slightly nicer towels. For $75 pp, worth it.
  9. My son ate a huge amount last December, both in the MDR and in Tuscan Grill. I would say he probably ate 5 appetizers and 3 main courses in Tuscan. He PTs it off. The waiter would have kept it coming if he had wanted it. If i overheard a a waiter tell someone that gratuity was not included in a speciality I’d be contacting the M’D of that restaurant and the restaurant manager if needed. Some people leave one, some do not. The quality of food is not different, but there are fewer patrons, and a different menu. The gratuity is supposed to be included.
  10. I’ve only been on one cruise with my SD. I uploaded an image regarding where Celebrity puts the relief box. My only real complaint about any of my cruises with them.
  11. My first couple of cruises on Celebrity, we ate early in select, had awesome waiters, and didn’t even know about the “baked Alaska”. Third cruise, the waiter didn’t ask, just slipped it in and didn’t ask what we wanted. It was nasty and I went to the buffet for a better ending to dinner. Since then, we make special requests for our last night.
  12. Afternoon naps Reading whatever I want (not work!) Sitting in the Cafe Al Bacio and enjoying a pot of tea while listening to a book and doing needlework
  13. The APHIS 7001 is the USDA interstate health certificate. Call the USDA service center for your area and ask if you need it signed by them to visit the Bahamas. If they say yes, then go to the vet TODAY or TOMORROW morning and then the USDA service center immediately afterwards. If the USDA service center says it doesn’t need to be signed by them, then your vet will fill it out and give it to you and you are good. For example, Canada doesn’t require it to be counter signed by the USDA vet. The local vet is sufficient. Celebrity still wanted that form plus a copy of the rabies certificate and their own service dog agreement signed. They simply didn’t need the USDA vet to countersign it. I was told to always get it about a week before leaving. That gives sufficient time to get to the USDA vet. I’m lucky that the service center is only 90 minutes by car away, so long as the right person is in the office. keep a copy if the 7001 and your rabies certificate with you at all times. I made a photo copy that I shrunk down and fit the health certificate, rabies certificate, CGC and PAT certificate from our trainer all on one paper that I keep with me. Just make another copy when it gets ratty. Last time we flew, when I was asked for documentation, I said, “you mean this?” It let the airline agent off the hook. Sad what the fakers have done to us.
  14. I'm so sorry about the continued fired and winds. I was watching the news this morning and was amazed. I hope you get some rain soon.
  15. A 1pm flight is just fine. For Celebrity Silhouette, they will even do Luggage Valet for a 1pm flight!
  16. We have SNOW!!!!! It started this morning, before 9am, with light flurries, and has snowed most of the day. I came home mid-morning to work from here the rest of the day. We've had to take a couple of play breaks. Using a pink ball, so that it shows up against the fluffy white wet stuff. I throw, Scooter retrieves. Repeat. He has had to dig it out of mounds of snow a few times.
  17. There is a faculty member from Pepperdine who posts on a listserve I'm on. He was saying that their fire plan was developed in 1993, and that they determined it was safer to shelter in place rather than further clog the roads. He said that much of the campus, students, faculty and staff, are rather dazed feeling between the shooting at the bar last week and now the fire. I can't imagine. My rural Missouri university doesn't even have a full evac policy that I know of. Right now, they are trying to figure out how to finish out the semester to be sure the students are safe, but also able to advance to the spring term with all they need from this term.
  18. It is usually simply a $25 deposit, not a real sale.
  19. It will be honored in all dining rooms, all bars. Not good for room service or your in-room minibar.
  20. We only take the formal garb when the whole family (adult kids and their SOs) go with us. The rest of the time, I'm on vacation!
  21. Wow. At $60 per person, they are going to see the pre-sales go way down. Then they will be standing at the entrance to the MDR giving deals to people in line at the Select time dining.
  22. Some of the newer drivers don’t know what they need to do to enter the port. The instruction generally comes as part of the Uber app. Funny. What would th guy say if you’d said, “sorry, no license. That is why I have a passport.”
  23. This is fantastic! the last couple of cruises, the hard copy was printed so early it missed a lot. Then, you have to try to hang onto it. I welcome the emailed statement! Even better would be if they emailed them to you daily.
  24. The relief stations in the St. Louis, MO airport are wonderful! The one we saw in Phoenix was not bad, but small and stuffy and smelly. Atlanta was good. Very similar to STL. Seattle in May was a piece of turf over some piddle pads. I was surprised to see that. Orlando you had to ask for someone to take you, and you went outside. Columbus, OH is a piddle pad at the bottom of a secure elevator, so you have to get them to take you. They do, no problem, but piddle pads are not the best solution. I wish the relief stations on the ships were like the airport ones in the good airports!
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