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  1. Report it to whom? On my last cruise, the location of the box was in a location that was occasionally closed due to weather. Yet my dog and I had to go out there, in a dangerous wind, for him to eliminate. Additionally, that location is NOT accessible to someone in a wheelchair. There is a doorway, but you must step over/through to get there. It is for a physically able-bodied person only. On my next cruise, I will likely be in a wheelchair. The cruiseline must provide a location for my dog to eliminate. That location MUST be accessible to me in a wheelchair. This means they cannot put it where they usually do on the ship I'll be on. They have to find an accessible location. An interior stairwell may be accessible, and unlikely to be used other than in the event of an emergency. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the box can be walked through or over by able-bodied individuals with no issue.
  2. Given this, I would tell the driver up front what you need and discuss direct payment in cash. Uber drivers are self employed. If you sign up in Uber to be driven to the bank, then when the driver gets there, state that you also need to go to the airport after some business at the bank, and ask how much, the driver might be willing to exit from the Uber driver app once you arrive at the bank, wait, then drive you to FLL. The issue is that this violates the Uber driver agreement, so the driver may not be willing. If you are prepared to pay in cash, though, they may. As suggested above, you could simply book a car with someone like Larry's Limos. Then, you are already booking a specific amount of time and should have an up-front cost declared. If you go to the Florida Departures board, they discuss limo companies.
  3. Celebrity said we could waitlist for a specific cabin, but you can’t for a certain class, it is strange. Poor code writing.
  4. Uber now allows you to add stops in your ride. When you open the app, you can add the intermediate stops right there. That will let the driver know that the ride will be more complicated (and moe expensive). Look on the Uber site for instructions on multiple stops using Uber. Click on "Where to?" then tap + next to the destination box to add stops at any point before or during your ride.
  5. In general, people who need an accessible cabin book as soon as the schedules are released. That is often 2 years out. After that, you need to waitlist for one and hope someone has to cancel that needs one. The last time we reserved an accessible cabin, we were told to have the special needs form in with 30 days or they would move that person to a standard cabin in the same class of stateroom.
  6. Last February we docked right in the middle of things. Easy walk to everything.
  7. Thanks, Chris! I'm looking forward to hearing about Edge. We do not have her booked at thebresent time.
  8. I drew in where Celebrity put the box on the Solstice, and where others have said they've had them on other S-Class ships. The wind tunnel is the little hallway next to the theater. There is a door to go backstage in the area where the box ends up. Any time the ship is underway, the wind tunnel has a quite stiff breeze. The area where they put the box is also used as storage for floor cleaning equipment. This is on deck 5. Definitely not an accessible location, either. There is a good sized lip to step over to get from the deck into the wind tunnel.
  9. Wow! The bartender, bar waiter/waitress and sommelier definitely get what is left for them on their sales slips as tips. I asked about that one directly, to make sure.
  10. All we can say is "Maybe, try it and see." Since they are American Express Travellers Cheques, it is likely that guest services on Celebrity will allow you to use them for your on-board bill. That way, you don't need to have any currency conversion done. You can deposit them with Guest Services to pre-pay your bill in cash, and then if you don't spend it all, they should give you cash at the end of the cruise, I believe. Better than sitting on them.
  11. I was also previously told that if I wanted to leave an extra for a specific waitress or sommelier, I could do so by asking them to print a sale ticket with no charge on it. We took care of our wonderful sommelier on a previous cruise that way. The sommeliers and bar servers do receive pay based on their pours. We had even asked our favorite sommelier whether he received anything if we upgraded from Classic to Premium bev packages on one cruise, and when he said yes, we made sure to upgrade through him rather than at the sale table upon boarding. That was on a B2B, and it was something like our 5th or 6th cruise with the same sommelier. We made sure to look for him. 🙂 On turnover day, we had lunch in Blu (before they did the Concierge Class lunch), and the sommelier automatically poured me better wine and said his roommate had told him to take good care of me. We upgraded during dinner with our favorite. At the end of the cruise, we burned off the OBC-N with extra given to the sommelier and the Cafe Al Bacio. Great way to use it up.
  12. The wind tunnel that is used on the Celebrity S-Class ships is a crazy place for them to put the dog relief box. It is used for storage, and has lots of stuff in it, plus the crazy wind tunnel to get there. In May, on Solstice, the whole area was even closed due to weather (high wind), but Scooter and I had to brave it for his needs. A number of times, there was a rope up saying "No Admittance" and we just took the rope down and then put it back up when we were finished. I was very glad of the hand rails a number of times. Unless we are in a suite and have a larger balcony, we'll likely leave Scooter at home with friends for future cruises. Not to mention, the locations we are going. This February includes St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, Dominica and St. Kitts. In 2019, we are doing the Western, so Costa Rica, Columbia, none of which are great places for dogs.
  13. There was one other dog on board. One box the first day, then a second appeared. I suspect they were in a suite and ended up with their own after a couple of days
  14. We tried to get the potty box on the balcony in May on Celebrity Solstice (Seattle round trip to Alaska), but they said they didn’t have sufficient supplies to make another one. I’m fairly certain if we had been in a suite it would have happened.
  15. I found the Purple! Roz - look for the underlined A on the right next to the "Size" drop down. It should give you the option to choose a color. It likely won't stay, though, you'll likely need to choose it each time. That is normal practice for posting windows these days, the learning management system I use is the same way, as are a number of other things.
  16. I’ve never actually seen wine in the duty free shops, only hard liquor. Are you coming from somewhere you can simply bring it from?
  17. At long last, our favorite thread is BACK! Roz - did you get anything back regarding getting the box on your veranda? How is everyone doing?
  18. Think backyard BBQ. Salad bar, potato salad, mac and cheese, steaks, fish, veggie skewers. We love it. I wear a sundress, hubby wears jeans and t-shirt.
  19. My understanding is that the main line cruise lines generally all refund taxes and port fees as well as the onboard service charges (aka gratuities) if you must cancel a cruise after final payment and you are from the US. Those costs are only imposed if you actually sail on the cruise. The taxes and port fees are remitted to the various ports, and the service charges are remitted to the crew, so if you don’t sail, they have no one to remit them for.
  20. For a shorter cruise, the $300 OBC is better. For a longer cruise (11 nights or longer at least) the gratuities are the better value. We always look at both options.
  21. I would not, instead, plan a tri just to WDW when you can stay on property and enjoy the extra magic hours,
  22. Thank you and your hubby for asking, and keeping the vaping in the smoking area. Many of the eCigs let off by-products that set off my health concerns.
  23. The last couple of cruises we had, there was als a GE line at Port Everglades. It was beautiful to speed through and be led to the front line while being glared at by people standing and waiting. My next cruise, we have early flights out of FLL (10:30am). We plan to enjoy the GE to pass through CBP and through Pre-Check. Makes the early flight possible. The later flight didn’t get us home until after midnight.
  24. Honestly - if you wish to give additional tips (above the daily onboard charges applied to your account or pre-paid), just do it in whatever currency you have. You can use whatever local you have left, or you can use your home currency. They will accept what you offer with a smile. It is EXTRA, above the onboard service charge, so not required or expected, but always appreciated. If it isn't a local currency, they will exchange it either on board or when they wire their funds home. No worries. A few years ago, we sailed in the Med. I tipped a combination of Euros, TL and USD. My home currency is USD, the Euros were left over from our stay in Venice, and we disembarked in Turkey (hence the TL). They could spend the USD on the ship, the Euros in most ports, and the TL when they were in Turkish ports or convert it. I didn't care. I left a large handful of Euro coins that I didn't have a use for. The room steward was happy to have them. It was EXTRA.
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