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  1. Apparently princess has cancelled all cruises for 2020. It will only be a matter of time before all other cruise lines will follow. Unless the US pivot sharply to start bringing down those numbers, I’m afraid that 2021 will also be a year of no cruising.
  2. I don't think it's a matter of what the cruise lines "want" to do. It's more the question of what the CDC will "allow" them to do. I think the measures that VV are putting forward are a step in the right direction, however none of that will be sufficient for CDC to give the okay - unless infections come down considerably more or there is a vaccine or cure - as I say next year. "As new cases surge in the U.S., the White House acknowledges preparing for a fall wave." - https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/21/world/coronavirus-updates.html
  3. Given the upward trend in new infections in North America recently, there’s little VV or any cruise line will be able to do to convince or influence the likes of the CDC to open the ports. I wouldn’t imagine anything sailing until next year. That’s just my opinion, based the fact that Australia with very low infections has announced that borders will be closed until at least end of this year. Can’t see the USA opening up anytime soon.
  4. Well let’s hope no one has to put that to the test. Post COVID anything could happen.
  5. With regard to chargeback, I've discovered through talking to my bank about a charge back, that VISA has excluded all chargebacks associated with COVID-19 circumstances, which bankrupcy due to COVID-19 would be applicable. Here's more info https://www.visa.com.au/dam/VCOM/global/support-legal/documents/managing-disputes-through-covid-19.pdf
  6. Refund has appeared back on my card, 1 week after making the request.
  7. I can confirm that I received email acknowledgement from sailor services saying that they were processing a refund. If they cancel the cruise, you’re entitled to a refund.
  8. I requested my refund 2 days ago. I wouldn’t expect it to be processed for a month at the earliest but I’ll share when it does come through
  9. The reason I’ve opted for refund is that theres no way in telling what a future cruise will look like post-pandemic. What you pay for now may not be what you get next year. Too risky to book anything until the story plays out.
  10. Hey Tim, VV have extended their rebooking window to 24 months in my case, probably because I complained nicely to them about having to travel half way across the world to get there. I, also, are hopeful that they will cancel our Sept sailing, which is entirely possible given the continuing rates of infection in the US. Good luck on getting the outcome you’re hoping for.
  11. After a recent call from VV this morning, I've been informed they are extending the final payment date from 120 days to 60 days in advance of the sail date. My sail date was Sept. I won't be sailing due to international travel ban in Australia until the end of 2020. I'm of the belief that cruising will be the LAST form of transport to be allowed to sail. Just look at the Princess cruises debacle, where 80 infected people were let off the ship in Sydney which subsequently contributed to 50% of the COVID-19 cases in Australia!. I say good luck to anyone booking any cruise until a vaccin
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if they postpone cruising for the entire year given the fact no vaccine or treatment is found, and possibility of second outbreaks and new stringent conditions being placed by the CDC. There’ll also be a high proportion of their guests from outside the US, who cannot even travel outside their home country. Australia has a total travel ban for 6 mths at least!
  13. Well, I'm sorry to say it looks like there is a strong chance we won't be sailing in September. Today the Australian Government has announced an overseas travel ban for 6 months, which includes September if I'm counting properly.
  14. Our plans have not changed - unless the US restrict flights from Australia, we'll still be there!
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