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  1. We are booked on our first Carnival cruise (Vista) in April. We booked a Grand Suite and I am sure it will be a great cabin and the balcony is a great bonus. I just wish they had more perks for the suite to help justify the additional cost.

  2. Hii! So as I've stated my fiancé has always said no to cruising and now is going to give it a try. I'd like to make sure it's a great trip (would LOVE my wedding on a cruise lol) so I am trying to fit a lot in to just 5 days. I think I may be jamming in too much. Tell me what you think is the most important thing to show him that will highlight the fun of a cruise. I already have a hump balcony cabin so I hope that will sell him lol.


    We were married on a cruise ship in NYC and it was perfect for us. Gave us a chance to have both those sailing and non-sailing to attend the wedding and reception on the ship before it left port. He will see the wisdom of the idea after his first cruise!

  3. We have sailed in the Haven many times and found the butler to be okay. They were in a void between the room steward and concierge. They were friendly and helpful, but nothing that left us blown away with the service.


    We recently sailed in a suite on Celebrity and there was a big difference in service by the butler. Our butler was in touch with us at least 1-2 times per day and always made us feel like a priority. He was always available and very responsive to any request. Beyond that, he was great at anticipating our needs.


    We like Norwegian and have a Haven cabin booked on an upcoming cruise on the Escape.

  4. We were in an aft facing penthouse on the Getaway this past April (deck 14). We love the aft cabins anyway, but the Haven Aft is extra special. There was a separate bedroom, 2 bathrooms, and an enormous wrap balcony. Note that the second bathroom was very small, but included a shower. The bathroom off of the bedroom was very large and included a full size bathtub, dual sinks and plenty of storage.


    The con for some people is that the aft cabins are on the opposite end of the ship from the actual Haven. We loved our cabin and the extra exercise did not hurt.


    We have been in the Haven Spa Suite, Haven Forward facing Penthouse, and Haven Aft Penthouse. We enjoyed them all, but the aft was our favorite. One of these days we will actually book a cabin located IN the Haven.


    - Robert

  5. After reading the many posts yesterday by people that were offended by the increased service charge rates, I thought it was worthwhile to share my view of the subject. As I said in my original post, I can understand the many opinions expressed on the subject.


    If discussions on how to avoid paying the new rate are fair game, so should discussions on how to actually pay it. I understand why both have the potential to draw criticism.



    My understanding of the SC is that it's distributed to both the front line and the behind the scenes crew. My hope is that this nominal increase actually reaches the crew, and it's not a cost-saving measure by the higher ups. If the latter proves to be true, I'd try to address it with them in a way that wouldn't inflict a penalty on the crew.



    Happy Cruising,



    Doug, I really appreciate that you started this discussion. I too, prefer to be optimistic and hope the DSC is going to the crew as promised. While we have always appreciated their hard work and effort to make our vacation special, it was still an eye opener to do the behind the scenes tour and get to see the many people working hard to operate the ship.


    There are many "vacation heroes" who never get noticed because they are never seen by the public.

  6. Congratulations!!!!


    Go to the honeymoon/wedding forum on CC. We got married last year on the Norwegian Breakaway and would be happy to provide any assistance. The forum was very helpful too.


    Here is a link to some wedding pictures we posted on youtube



    We loved getting married on the ship. We did ours in port with about 90 guests and then 25 sailed with us. It was perfect for us and totally matched our love of cruising.


    - Robert

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