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  1. Hello, Now that Herod isn't doing tours, what do you suggest? Looking for a comprehensive tour of the island, similar to Herod's... We'd like to do the mud bath, taste some food, etc... Heading out in December. Thanks.
  2. Hi. We're cruising out of NOLA just before Fat Tuesday.... a dream of mine (I'm an adult) but I'm taking my impressionable young kids with me (5, 7) and my parents (mid-70s, get around but definitely showing their age). We want to see the town, eat in great restaurants, stay in nice/convenient places, but I need to stay in my lane as a mom and as a doting daughter. (My kids are super sheltered, but very well behaved and do very well in public situations/fancy restaurants/learning opportunities). Best place to stay? Best place to eat? Things to do? Beignets are a must. Fun activities for kids is preferred... Flying in, do we need to rent a car? Staying 2 days before we cruise out... We'll also have nearly a full day after we disembark. A big please and a huge thanks for your help!
  3. Email sent to them... Thanks for the tip!
  4. Hi... Looking for recommendations for a "private-feeling" helicopter tour in Skagway. We'll be there mid-August. 6 people, ages 5-75. We want an experience where we're the only ones on the chopper, and we land on a hunk of ice, and the pilot/guide lets us run around, and then points out the various natural features we're seeing. Maybe a 20 minute ride to the glacier, 20 to walk, 20 to ride back. Bonus if they pick us up from the cruise port. We don't want to add in dog-sledding stuff, btw. What you got? lol! Thank you!!
  5. Hello, I need recommendations please for combo excursions... We want to do the following: Whale Watching Glacier Walk (where we're the only ones around -- not busy Mendenhall) Bear Observation (preferred at a salmon spawning ladder) White Pass Train Berring Sea Crab Fishing (Deadliest Catch) Our ports: Skagway Juneau Ketchikan How do we fit all 5 activities in at these 3 ports? Thank you!!
  6. HI. I'm looking for recommendations for a glacier walk excursion (booking directly)... Required: Kids allowed (ages 5+) Entire party of 6 fit in one chopper No other people join us in the chopper (pilot ok, of course) Takes us to a glacier where we are basically the only ones -- we don't want a really busy glacier walk experience Preferred: Departs from Skagway port Thanks so much!
  7. Hello, Can you recommend a tour operator/charter to get us from the cruise port (Disney) to The Baths? We can't book through the ship because they only take 5+. Not looking to spend a fortune, but want something reliable and easy. Thank you!
  8. Looking for advice on transportation from the port to the airport in Vancouver. What shuttle service do you like? Are there readily available taxis?
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