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  1. Been on both. Like both ships. Like both lines. Home port: Advantage NCL. Fort Lauderdale is convenient enough, but Manhattan cooler, imo. Main Dining: A toss up. I prefer traditional, which would require Princess, but have been impressed on NCL by how quickly I get seated and find the service by the random waiters to be as pleasant as having my own dedicated staff on Princess. Specialty Dining: Advantage NCL, but get a package deal. I prefer Sterling's to Crown and love the Bistro. I also like that one of the NCL perks for their version of elite is a couple
  2. If you like to do it yourself for transportation (I think I paid the equivalent of $16 for a day pass) and can deal with a pretty spartan room, you might look at the very reasonably priced CPH Studio Hotel. Clean and modern, but the floor was concrete and the shower was a Scandanavian wet room type. It's about 100 yards from the metro, a few stops up from the airport (hence the name), quite handy to get from the airport, to/from downtown and then on to the cruise terminal.
  3. Yes. The first person I spoke to at guest services said not, but the second removed my name from the screen with a few keystrokes on his computer. The old paper entryway nametags were my bookmarks. Now I have to use the time zone change reminder card.
  4. Hiya Set, Regarding the chairs, I don't have exact memories from my trip in April of this year. I copied the above photo from this fine website: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/shiptour.php?r=7458. I can echo Geoherb's observation that the promenade deck always seemed uncrowded and open and wide. Overall, I liked the Island. It compares quite well, imo, to the larger ship classes. Of course, if you search cruise critic enough, you'll certainly find some harsh opposing opinions.
  5. I found the Island very walker friendly. The promenade deck's cut through at the aft end is an elevator/stairwell lobby, easy enough to traverse. I tended to prefer "horseshoe" laps however. I also found the Lido and Sun decks to be relatively uncrowded and pleasant to walk in fair weather. I don't see it as a issue for long cruises and hour long promenades, certainly better than on the Regal/Royal class ships. I'll be doing a 97 day test in Jan '21 and might change my mind.
  6. Hi MissP22 - As far as I know, NCL still doesn't have a similar system. That's my Princess medallion (turned around for privacy), the holder for which I altered by covering the Princess design with a downloaded and printed logo from a different company. That was just me being a smart aleck in response to (what I consider to be) their cheesy and overpriced accessory offerings. Sorry 😉 After wasting too much of my life making that and also getting both a fitbit bracelet and clip, I realize that I'll quite probably just carry the bare medallion like a quarter in my pocket
  7. Yes, Colorado Cruiser, but I shouldn't have used the plural. I guess it was just the one day when there was open seating. Like Jezabel, I was second seating and didn't pay too much attention. The OPs question certainly is fair - the buffet was kind of stressed at times when several excursion groups all returned at the same time. On the other hand, I can't say I ever felt underfed. The Pacific is a great ship - top of my list for Princess.
  8. I recall open seating being available in the MDR for those port days in which all aboard hour extended beyond early seating.
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