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  1. Happy to report that the earning period for 2021 has been extended to December 2022. Paul, the host on Millenium told me that last week when I was on the Alaska cruise. I checked on the website and it’s confirmed there.
  2. I was on the same September 17 sailing - the main dining room was pretty empty and spread out. We had a window seat on Deck 5 restaurant - the table next to us was an 8 or 10 top and two people were seated there, one setting away from us. Service was excellent and staff were so happy and gracious to welcome cruisers back. First time I’ve cruised where servers had plenty of time to share lengthy stories with us. We all talked about how Covid impacted us - our servers talked about their concern that they were never coming back to the ships. All staff we talked to had so many good things to say about how well they were treated by Celebrity, happy to hear that. i don’t believe the dining room was open for lunch. We were concierge and they didn’t offer the usual embarkation day lunch. We just headed for the Oceanview, which was not crowded.
  3. Sitting in SeaTac waiting for our flight back to Connecticut. We used port valet and checked our luggage through, won’t seem them until we land at BDL late tonight. Strange disembarkation - heard no announcements about what group should leave, we just walked off at 7:45 - we’re outside in a cab at 7:55 and were at SeaTac before 9. Flight isn’t until noon, but we were concerned about possibilities of bad traffic on a Friday morning. Long lines at TSA pre check. Cruise was wonderful- very bumpy heading out of Seattle on open ocean; the Captain brought us back on the inside passage to prevent sailing on rough seas. Captain reported 672 passengers and 840 crew. Service and meals were very good. We did an excursion in Juneau and one in Ketchikan. The winner was the Ketchikan excursion - If I remember correctly it was Eagles, Totems, and Lighthouses. We were very pleased with it, plenty of room on boat for social distancing. Captain Jeff is a third generation Alaskan and told us what it’s like for kids growing up in the area. Although no whales were described as part of the excursion, we were fortunate enough to see a couple. Eagles in several places, totems were in Blight Park. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours, even though it was cold and we had some rain. A snack was served of a few local food products, a salmon spread was quite good and we all got the recipe, plus hot chocolate and coffee. I was very happy with this choice. We also did gold panning and a salmon bake in Juneau. Yes, the gold panning is pretty hoaky but we wanted to do a salmon bake and the only other option was a whale watch with Salmon bake and we didn’t want to do another water based excursion. It was raining pretty hard and the excursion was scheduled for 5:15 - way too dark this time of year for that kind of event. I could see this being fun for a couple of younger children if was brighter. The salmon bake was fine, but there were only 5 of us there so it felt rather sad. A couple of years ago we did a salmon bake at Tillicum right out of Seattle. That was exceptional, food and entertainment, and this didn’t offer any of the traditional dances or storytelling. The naturalist on board, Brent Nixon, was super. I love the Beyond the Podium events that Celebrity offers, but he exceeded all that I have attended. An impassioned defender of bears and orcas, but charismatic and funny - he just draws you in! No question, his lectures were the best entertainment on this cruise! Several of the evening shows were quite good and diverse. Personally, I’m tired of Elysium, but if you’ve never seen it, it’s entertaining. Wish I had done a back to back, even with the rainy days. Dawes Glacier was a wonderful experience - my last visit to Alaska was August 2019 and the extensive forest fires in the northwest made for poor viewing. This time was perfect! Going to be doing another Alaska cruise next year - just can’t see everything every trip!
  4. on the Equinox cruise in August that I sailed on, the positive Covid passengers had reported medical issues symptomatic of Covid.
  5. On Millenium currently, in a concierge cabin aft balcony. Easy check in and, as noted before, captain announced that crew outnumbers passengers. Invited to helipad for sailaway from Ketchikan yesterday - in spite of rain earlier, it held off while out there and it was an enjoyable event. I sailed on Equinox a month ago (ABC Islands - 9 nights) so I was prepared for the empty elevators and dining room. I was surprised that some people got on elevators that had more than 4 passengers - we just waited for an empty one. Some wearing of masks - maybe 5 to 10 % - we have used ours only when there are crowds in indoor places. Masks mandatory in Alaska indoors; “suggested” outdoors. Service has been outstanding, but I have always been very happy with Celebrity service. What is unique now is to see servers more relaxed in dining rooms and having the opportunity to have a lengthier chat with them. Food in MDR has been a little hit and miss - I had expectations based on my August cruise on Equinox - ordered an appetizer last night that we really enjoyed on Equinox (a Barolo braised beef/gnocchi dish) and it wasn’t as well prepared. Also found our entree last night (seafood and orzo) was not very good - could have just been an off night because meals prior were fine.
  6. We sailed on August 27 and we’re not pressured to give 10s - our dining room waitstaff did ask that we fill out the surveys because it was important to them, and that they hoped their service met our expectations.
  7. I booked the March 28 ABC Islands 11 night cruise - was on hold at Blue Chip number for about 45 minutes, but finally got through. Very happy with the offer and the Blue Chip agent that took care of me. Got a balcony on the bump with an oversized balcony. You might want to try again.
  8. Great game! Pats fan here, but have a lot of family in Tampa Bay Area so I can still enjoy TB12!
  9. The only way I have ever been able to get my tier level points was to either ask the casino manager while aboard, or just email Blue Chip Club when I get home.
  10. I love Celebrity for lots of reasons, but one of my top ones is the smokeless casino!
  11. They do that on Equinox in Murano. We had dinner there last week and my nephew left for the restroom and they promptly replaced his napkin.
  12. Same thing with no results for us after the first check. When I didn’t hear from anyone by 11 pm I just went to bed and assumed I was negative - I was sure if I tested positive they would be zipping up to the cabin and bring me down to a quarantine room in the medical facility. I did call in the morning to guest relations and they did apologize for not calling me with results. Guessing they were just overwhelmed.
  13. This was my thought, too. I was on the cruise, along with my nephew and his wife. She and I had exposure to someone positive, but he didn’t. She and I were both confined to our respective cabins and had the whole nasal swab, food and drinks to the room, etc. I am sure I know exactly where I was exposed - the casino - the gentleman a couple of machines down from me was coughing and sneezing. My cabin was directly over the gangway when I saw the couple taken off in the evening just before leaving port. It was definitely the guy coughing up a storm in the casino - playing video poker in case you’re wondering what part of the casino. My nephew’s wife spent a lot of time at Sunset Bar so guessing she got exposed there. Most disappointed because I had booked two golf carts for Bonaire and talked this up to the kids - really looking forward to it, but Celebrity needs to do what they can to keep people safe. Other than this blip an amazing cruise! I was enthralled by the empty elevators and having the Solarium as a pretty much private pool was pretty awesome! I’ve done this itinerary before a couple of years ago and it’s one of my favorites. Enjoying cruises right now, boarding Millenium on September 17 and hoping no Covid drama there.
  14. I hadn’t received any offers for more than six months but thought it was because of the pandemic. When I saw mention of others receiving offers I just dropped an email asking if anything was being offered and I received a response two or three days later listing a half dozen or so offers and a suggestion I call for more. I responded and booked the Equinox cruise that sailed on August 27 - wonderful cruise, btw. I have since gotten others, and booked an Alaska one for September 17.
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