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  1. We have UDP for upcoming Allure cruise. Do you know if we can use it at Vintages?
  2. Really enjoyed your review. We have a deck 8 Boardwalk balcony on Allure. Cant wait!!! 78 days!!
  3. Neither Mama Mia or the comedy show are available yet for May 5th either
  4. I just booked this for May. Any recent experiences??
  5. I dont post often but have read many of your reviews. Thanks for doing another. We will be on Allure( our 2nd time) when she returns to FLL May 5th. So excited. It has been 6 years since we cruised.
  6. So how long did it take to get from FLL to Miami? Curious because I am boarding Allure May 5 when she returns toFLL after dropping off passengers in Miami.
  7. Allure departure time is 8pm from FLL on May 5, 2019. The cruise the week prior is out of Miami. Any thoughts on time for boarding??
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