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  1. Patti, check out Lands End for swimming attire.
  2. I was not directly informed about my Moon segments for Hong Kong to Athens being canceled. Learned about it in cruise critic. Checked my SS bookings and sure enough, those segments have vanished. Still no email update from SS or my TA.
  3. Terry, thank you for posting the video. Enjoyed seeing the familiar crew smiles. 🙂
  4. I am eager to get on a cruise and play Trivia! Hoping the new itinerary for Serenity January-April 16th is out soon and stays workable.
  5. Not to stir the pot...but has the Elemis hand wash in the restrooms been replaced with a different product or scent?
  6. Que, I feel your problem and have been in a similar situation. Book the best cabin you can afford, one with a very comfortable balcony and space to lounge inside. Get the beverage package. Do not prepay gratuities because in today's situations, lines are issuing refunds for one thing or another.
  7. All the chat about showing too much skin reminded me of when Crystal leased out one if the ship to an all nude cruise. Then the conversation was about sitting on chairs during the following cruises.
  8. Both are a bad idea, especially if they have a fragrance.
  9. Do not pack in checked luggage anything that is not easily replaced, done without, or what you will need when leaving the airport.
  10. If a tour gets back late, and you are delayed getting to dinner, how long will a specialty restaurant or the main restaurant hold your table?
  11. Video posted on May 27th. Maybe by the time we get there the lava will be closer to the parking area. For now it is a long hike. https://youtu.be/yrz4ah3zwHg
  12. Business class on United can use the Saga lounge. Can not bring guests.
  13. I was on a shoreX in Canada where school busses were brought in from as far as 12 hours away. Part of their journey was by ferry. Our tour guide was the president of the garden club. He knew which streets had the best front yards. 🙂 He and other residents volunteered to show us their town. The small museum on traditional life of the first people in the area was a highlight. An elder spoke and his grandson interpreted. There were 4 exhibits, one for each season. I look forward to opportunities in Iceland to connect with the people who live in the places we will visit.
  14. New article about CDC relaxing mask mandate and social distancing. https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/articles.cfm?
  15. Crystal Endeavor begins 10 day cruises round trip Reykjavik on July 17th.
  16. I hope we can see bright orange against the sky before the early sunrise. July 20th sunrise at 3:56am. Sunset on the 19th is 11:08pm. Sunrise & sunset times https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/iceland/reykjavik?month=6&year=2021
  17. Since we arrive at Reykjavik at 5am, best viewing from the ship may be during the middle of the night. If you are on starboard side, ask when we will have the best view and set your clock. We're port side because no other DV's were/are available. Wonder if it would be OK to walk around the ship in a bathrobe. A few years ago, on a different cruise line, several of us went to the open pool deck in bathrobes and relaxed on loungers waiting and watching a total eclipse of the moon.
  18. Glad you enjoyed the video. Also not hiking there. Looked far too challenging. A view from the plane when we arrive or leave would be a treat.
  19. I like the767 because I can get window and aisle. The seats closer to the window require more agility to get in and out. But it's worth the effort. BTW, United has made changes to our flights 3 times in 1 month. The latest changes are arrive at KEF at 6:30am instead of 8:30am and leave KEF earlier for the flights home. I am not pleased with these changes. If they changed the equipment to planes like Delta's, I would be happier.
  20. Always found the launderettes quite social on another line. Mornings and the last sea day before the end of a segment were particularly crowded. After the evening shows I could have the entire room and run several washers at the same time.
  21. I hope new covid restrictions on social distancing do not change using the launderettes and being able to sit and watch TV while waiting.
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