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  1. mort&fran


    There are perhaps a dozen Medicare "supplement" plans, not to be confused with Medicare "advantage" plans. Each Supplement Plan has standard standard terms, regardless of the insurance company from whom the coverage is purchased. Most people opt for supplement Plan F, since it is reported to be the most comprehensive. It covers the deductibles, copays and coinsurance in Medicare Parts A and B. It also provides up to $50,000 in foreign travel "emergency" medical benefits. While the COVERAGE is consistent across insurance companies, how they handle claims that may occur probably isn't. So if you intend to rely on your Medicare supplement while out of the country, it probably would be wise to consult with them before making your travel arrangements.
  2. mort&fran

    C-pap /tsa

    I've never had a had problem on domestic flights; just put the CPAP case on the belt and it sailed through the scanner. Also, never had a problem taking it on-board as an additional carry-on. On international flights I contacted the airlines before traveling and they noted my flight record. No problem on the outbound legs, and in most instances had no problem at foreign airports (and the issues I encountered were minor).
  3. mort&fran

    Cruise post M.I.?

    OP's situation was a heart attack ca. 3 weeks prior to departure. I'm not sure what she meant when she said their insurance would partially reimburse any medical cost*. Travelguard covered my costs in full. (I had to jump through hoops, but I read everything so there were no surprises. Plus I purchased the insurance within the requisite timeframe.) *My heart attack and subsequent surgery were in Argentina, at a cost significantly less than what would have been the case in the US. I obviously did not know that I would have a heart attach; the limit I selected was not the highest option offered.
  4. mort&fran

    Cruise post M.I.?

    Sorry that I am entering this discussion after the fact. I had an MI (on a cruise ship no less) in January 2014. We next planned a cruise for summer 2015 but had to cancel at the last minute - because my wife needed surgery. (Successful, thankfully) We've been on 3 cruises since, and I've re-entered CC because we're planning another. I had no problem getting travel insurance for any of the cruises, with the pre-existing condition exclusion waived (obviously, because I purchased within 14 days of making our initial deposit). Bottom line, IMO - Once you have a heart attack you have periodic visits with a cardiologist. When your cardiologist says it's OK, go for it!
  5. mort&fran

    Baltic Cruise Souvenirs

    We bought a somewhat larger picture from an artist in a craft mart in Durban, South Africa. He apparently was experienced dealing with tourists, because he had a small supply of appropriately-sized cardboard tubes. He rolled our picture into a tube and sealed it, and the picture made it home intact.
  6. mort&fran

    Just back -- Bergen rt on MS Spitsbergen

    We've used TMobile multiple times in Europe and, as mcpepe said, there was no roaming charge, no charge for text or data, and 20 cents per minute for phone. BUT I first checked with my local TMobile store as to what I had to do/set on my phone to set it up when we arrived in Europe.
  7. mort&fran

    Just back -- Bergen rt on MS Spitsbergen

    TMobile is the US subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom (German company). They do not appear to have a subsidiary in Australia.
  8. mort&fran

    Just back -- Bergen rt on MS Spitsbergen

    Thanks for that info, but what are FB and IG??? Also, were you able to send and receive while the ship was traveling, or only when in port?
  9. mort&fran

    Bergen - much to choose from

    Thanks. That's better than I had expected!
  10. mort&fran

    Bergen - much to choose from

    We expect to be in Bergen in early November. What should we expect weather-wise, and in terms of what will be available for tourists?
  11. Hotel rooms in Europe generally do not have a clock. Does anyone know if there are clocks in cabins on the Nordlys?
  12. mort&fran

    ATM fees while traveling in the Baltic?

    My credit union charges a flat $1 for each cash withdrawal outside of the US (but nothing for credit card purchases), while my bank charges 1% for both cash withdrawals and credit card purchases. So we might use the bank's ATM card for small withdrawals, but generally use the credit union's credit and ATM cards for purchases and larger withdrawals.
  13. mort&fran

    Tipping on Shore Excursions

    I understand that on Hurtigruten tips are not expected (and may not even be accepted). Is that also the case for the guides and drivers on their shore excursions?
  14. mort&fran

    Roll Calls for Hurtigruten on another subforum

    I agree. Note that there also is an "All RiverCruise" Roll Call. Each Roll Call is for one specific sailing,which is handy when you want to coordinate with people on your cruise. On smallervessels with smaller passenger loads that is easily done on board. When we tookour river cruise I found the "All River Cruise" Roll Call especiallyhelpful because I could glean information from people on other sail dates.
  15. mort&fran

    Bergen Questions Answered 2017

    And we will (hopefully) be in Bergen October 30 and 31. Will any of the museums still be open that late in the year? Takk!