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  1. I have to agree with Iancal. We, too, never travel out of the US without comprehensive travel insurance (medical, evacuation, missed connection, etc.). We have had to use it a number of times – never for the reason we thought (e.g., heart attack requiring surgery in Argentina, altitude sickness in Tibet, arriving in Spain but our luggage had not yet departed the US, etc.). I had 44 years in the insurance industry before retiring, so I probably pay more attention to policy terms than most people, and I therefore never had a problem getting full coverage - and assistance. People have
  2. Ditto for the one instance (which involved multiple purchases) I recall - I had notified the credit card company where we would be, so I presume that may have a factor in their being able to pounce upon it promptly. If I remember correctly, they merely sent me an email telling me of the charges and that I would not be responsible for them.
  3. My concern is as much for charges that I have not made being posted to one of my credit or debit cards. So, for all of our cards, I let them know what days we will be where.
  4. I unplug all electronics - TVs, computers, printers... Power surges are rare, but they do happen. Also, I sign up for our police department's "Vacation Watch" program
  5. (1) No self-service laundry, and laundry service prices on board were somewhat on the high side. Rinsed some wash-and-wear things in the bathroom sink; they were a bit slow to dry. (2) Most people in our group of 30 did OK in Tibet. One couple did have problems, and I understand that someone in another group was for some reason hospitalized. The hotel had an oxygen room, which a few (very few) of us used in the evening, my wife and I included. My wife also needed oxygen treatment once (done at the hotel for 100 RMB), but that might be my fault. (We had the meds; the instructions we
  6. We returned from Roof of the World (a marvelous, exceptional experience, by the way) a couple weeks ago, having made our own air arrangements. Gave the specifics to Viking and they provided transfers for us for no additional charge. We arrived and departed at about the same times as people who had Viking make the air arrangements for them. Had that not been the case the story might be different.
  7. Weight is another issue. And just because your suitcase was acceptable on one flight doesn’t mean the same airline will accept it on another. One of our travels included 3 flights on Austrian airlines; same equipment (Airbus 320/ 321) on all 3, and same items in our carry-ons. Two flights, no problem; unacceptable on the third so we had to pay to have them checked. (And because our checked luggage had already been taken, we could not re-pack.
  8. Has anyone flown United non-stop between Chicago and Beijing, or Chicago and Shanghai? United’s site shows only one meal is provided on these flights even though the flight times are 13 hours plus. Really; only one meal? Thanks!
  9. The tragedy off the California coast last week reminded me of something I learned at a maritime law class I had years ago - The greatest hazard at sea is fire.
  10. We have not done that on our Viking cruises. Did it once* on a different cruise line (no longer remember which one) and did not notice any apparent difference in the service we received. (We make it a point to call the people by name and, because they most likely are very busy, to keep the conversations short.) *It was not a portion of the tip; did not reduce the tip at the end of the cruise because it,
  11. I am certainly no wine connoisseur, however the "included" wines we had on both of our Viking cruises were quite good.
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