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  1. I have always found the MDR to be cooler, or even chilly. Have some kind of wrap for evening dining, or a long sleeved garment. You will be glad you did. Marianne😃
  2. I have usually found the Dining Room to be cold. Yes, bring a shawl or wrap. Marianne😊
  3. You ask a good question, re land-cruise vs cruise. And I like either one equally. They are different, but each so interesting. Definitely do the 14 day itinerary, as you will visit many ports not always seen. For the land-cruise, we flew into Fairbanks first, several days before boarding the train to Denali. The University is in that city, and actually we had a lot to see and visit. And also easy to get around on buses or taxis. HAL put us in a suite-style room while we were in Flagstaff. Even the locals were fun to visit, altho we were only tourists. Denali is certainly worth seeing, we only stayed for two days. There is a three-day excursion also. Lots of wildlife to see in Denali, and also from the train. I even saw a moose running across the street just after boarding the bus to the hotel in Fairbanks. Ending up at Anchorage and the sailing to Vancouver also was very scenic. I'm scheduled for another 14 day cruise later this year, but I look longingly at the Yukon-land-cruise trip. Perhaps next year. Hope this info helps. Marianne
  4. I often rate my cruises by the classical music played. I've always enjoyed piano and violin, but also was very impressed with Lincoln Center, especially on my last cruise to Hawaii in November. Please -- let's have more classical music!!!! Marianne
  5. Your cab driver should be able to drive into the Port, up to the area where the porters are. If you have a lightweight chair, it would make it much easier for you. Otherwise, when you leave the vehicle, you will have the porter take the luggage, then you will have to cross over to the line waiting to enter the building. Sometimes the line is long, othertimes not -- maybe after you arrive from the airport, the lines should be shorter. And inside the building there can be long walks, and long snaking lines, thus the chair would make it easier for boarding. I think I'd call HAL and discuss the boarding situation with staff. They probably have a waiting area for assistance to board. I too have mobility issues, but do not use a wheelchair. I did, however, find the lines long, and distances where one had to go trying and tiring. On disembarkation getting to the cab area is short, but I'd ask for wheelchair assistance on disembarkation. Hope this info helps. Marianne
  6. Am a 4-star Mariner and have never had trouble printing docs until the other day. Called HAL and a neat guy named Steve sent my docs thru to my email for printing. He felt some of the problems with the site are due to "security" issues. I also was told it really isn't necessary to have a piece of paper in hand when boarding, as all the info is already:cool: in the computer. Now my problem with the site is that I can't access the "tours". But will wait a few days, hoping the bugs go bye-bye from the site. BTW HAL/Steve was most gracious in helping me and sending the docs to my email. Marianne
  7. We like the itinerary on the 14-day Amsterdam. But we also enjoyed the train trip Alaska adventure from Fairbanks to Denali, then Seward, boarding for seven days on the water (included Sitka). Both Hubbard and Glacier Bay are worth seeing, but I think that Hubbard is more exciting. See them both, also Icy Strait if on the itinerary. I lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years, and probably later in the season will give you more days without rain, but then one never knows either. Whatever you select you will totally enjoy the excitement and grandeur of Alaska. Marianne
  8. We just show up and are seated right away. Sometimes you will have to wait a few minutes but not for long. Also requesting a table for two sometimes calls for a short wait. Otherwise, we ask to be seated with others, and are placed at a table with no waiting. Marianne
  9. Oh lucky you for being on this Prinsendam trip. I'll be with you all the way. Thanks for writing up your adventures. Happy Sailing!!!!!:) Marianne
  10. Thanks SYESMAR. The second one worked just fine, but for some reason I couldn't get the first one to respond. Anyway, thank you. Now I've completed my travel info. Have to wait for about three weeks before I can print the boarding docs. Marianne
  11. Haven't rec'd my T&L for some time, several months anyway. I'm a 4 star Mariner. Has this "perk" be discontinued? Marianne
  12. I can't answer all your questions but I can about dining. My husband and I always enjoyed a table of six or eight, and have made some good friends from those days. What is nice is that you sometimes plan an event with one or two of the couples. Also it's fun to run into each other in your comings and goings while on the ship. Regarding anytime dining, I have done that also. I haven't made any reservations for the main Dining Room but just go when it's convenient for us. We have always been seated, but we usually ask to be seated with others. My usual time to go would be around 7:15-7:30, but anytime that is convenient for you should work out fine. Marianne
  13. I have enjoyed the Roll Calls over the years I've cruised. It's good to put the name to a face after we've communicated via internet. I agree with Ruth -- sometimes we would meet and stay friends over the years. A roll call can be a pleasant experience: we initially meet each other, then see each other on the ship in our comings and goings. And sometimes we plan to meet for an event here and there. Personally I like the Roll Calls and look forward to them. Marianne
  14. Go to the Front Desk and ask. I've had gifts changed to what I preferred. Give it a try. Marianne
  15. Oh Anna, how much I have enjoyed your reporting on the Baltic trip. Several years ago I did the Prinsendam Baltic trip, loved it. Probably my favorite cruise of all times. But then I have German family and fully enjoyed the area. On that cruise we stopped in Rostock, and I totally fell in love with that city. But the Prinsendam hasn't stopped there since. It is such an interesting place. Anyway one of my cousins whom I had never met, rendevouzed with me in Rostock and we spent the day in her summer house out on the Spit of land. I loved that whole trip and the Kiel canal was also fascinating. Thanks for writing about your adventures. It's so much fun to read about the area again. Have a wonderful rest of the cruise. Happy sailing!!!! Marianne
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