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  1. We just took off walking from the hotel mostly. Walked all over, down across the river to the church, into residential area, talked to locals, and into town. Bought fudge, and looked in shops. Picked up something for breakfast at a grocery. Took a bus to the University and looked around there -- much to see but ran out of time. Also took a bus to a pharmacy to pick up some meds we needed. Found a good Italian restaurant also. This was over a period of three days, because we slept late and got up when the mood moved us. Also one night the hotel desk called us about 2:30-3:00 in the morning advising that if we got up we could see the northern lights -- and we did. It was just such a pleasurable trip, mostly enjoying the locals and Fairbanks itself. And the weather was also so pleasant. Marianne
  2. This land/sea package is a great way to see Alaska, altho you will only be seeing a part of it. Holland America arranged our airfare for us. At that time we were living in Portland Oregon, and Holland charged us a total of $100 for out trip to Fairbanks, and then from Vancouver back to Portland. We flew via Alaska Airlines. We spent several days in Fairbanks and had such a good time in that city. The weather was warm, we walked all over or took public transportation. Regarding baggage handling: We were instructed to take one bag for train travel to live out during that time. The rest of our luggage was taken to the ship and in our room when we arrived. The baggage situation was no problem at all for us. Actually everything was well taken care of, Holland America did a good job of caring for us. While in Denali we stayed in a cabin, again arranged by the ship, and the bus tour of Denali was to me very interesting, saw animals and the weather was good. (not cold) Traveling this trip in the late summer/early fall we saw quite a bit of animal activity while on the train as well as in Denali, and in the towns as the moose were in rhut. This was truly a wonderful trip for us, and actually our first trip to Alaska. I'd like to do the Yukon segment for my next trip. I hope I answered your questions. Marianne
  3. We went starting the first week in September in Fairbanks. Stayed there a few days before boarding the train. There we saw wildlife, some coming down from high country. We stayed only two days in Denali but there was a lot to see, altho the mountain hid from us. From thereon the moose were in rhut, and saw moose all over, even in the city streets. Fascinating. Then on to Anchorage, boarding the ship in Seward, with a restful trip sailing home. The weather was good except for one day while aboard the train with some rain. You will love this land/sea combination -- a great vacation trip.☺️ Marianne
  4. I just ordered dinner the night before, but I did eat breakfast in the MDR also. But I don't eat much for breakfast, all I want usually is a cold cereal and a cinnamon roll. But if I ordered eggs, I just told them 'lo salt, and I was never disappointed. We ate in the Pinnacle quite a few times, again I just told them when ordering for 'lo salt' ; the meals were always delivered as requested. I only ate Italian once but was in a group, actually I don't recall specifically what I ordered, but it must have been okay. Just tell the waiter in the MDR at time of order you are on low salt, I don't think you'll have a problem. I usually lunched in the Lido and had the guys build a san for me; I chose the bread and a slice of meat, which was never salty. BTW they have great ice cream, also the bread pudding. Have fun dining --- I always found something I enjoyed --- 😂 Marianne
  5. I am on a lo sodium diet and ordered the night before. This was on the Amsterdam. and the meals when arriving were definitely low sodium. Yes, I agree, often food off the menu has a high salt content. I was really pleased with the meal service provided me. 🤤 Marianne
  6. I encountered an interesting situation on our recent Amsterdam trip to Alaska. The first morning on board we went for breakfast in the MDR. I asked for a cinnamon roll and raisin bran cereal. They had no cinnamon rolls they told me, but would get one from somewhere -- I don't know where. In time I received the cinnamon roll. Next morning, again no cinnamon roll, but my niece had been up to the Lido earlier and saw a tray of sticky buns. She brought one down to the room, and I took one with me to the MDR every day thereafter. I was told, that cinnamon rolls were discontinued in the MDR, A few days later I again asked for raisin bran cereal, and the MDR was "out of it". My niece again told me that it was available in the Lido. Instead thereafter I ordered other items off the menu. When others saw the sticky bun, they also wanted one, but were told it wasn't available in the MDR. HAL has such a good bakery and it is one of my delights to have a fresh pastry for breakfast. This strikes me rather strange to not have fresh pastries available in the MDR. Another cut-back, I guess. 😯 Marianne
  7. I have always found the MDR to be cooler, or even chilly. Have some kind of wrap for evening dining, or a long sleeved garment. You will be glad you did. Marianne😃
  8. I have usually found the Dining Room to be cold. Yes, bring a shawl or wrap. Marianne😊
  9. You ask a good question, re land-cruise vs cruise. And I like either one equally. They are different, but each so interesting. Definitely do the 14 day itinerary, as you will visit many ports not always seen. For the land-cruise, we flew into Fairbanks first, several days before boarding the train to Denali. The University is in that city, and actually we had a lot to see and visit. And also easy to get around on buses or taxis. HAL put us in a suite-style room while we were in Flagstaff. Even the locals were fun to visit, altho we were only tourists. Denali is certainly worth seeing, we only stayed for two days. There is a three-day excursion also. Lots of wildlife to see in Denali, and also from the train. I even saw a moose running across the street just after boarding the bus to the hotel in Fairbanks. Ending up at Anchorage and the sailing to Vancouver also was very scenic. I'm scheduled for another 14 day cruise later this year, but I look longingly at the Yukon-land-cruise trip. Perhaps next year. Hope this info helps. Marianne
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