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  1. Thank you for your replies, we are stopping at Gibraltar too and I know that cigarettes are cheaper there too .
  2. We are on Ocean Horizons Transatlantic and wondered if there will be cigarettes and tobacco for sale as we will be outside the EU ? We were on Discovery2 Transatlantic last year and they were on sale but wondered if rules had changed this year? Thanks Sue
  3. Thank you for your update dronnygirl , we go on 30th on Transatlantic so will only be in Naples on our arrival, hopefully Barbados will be a better experience for our departure.
  4. Does anybody know the prices of the different dining packages on board please? We are on board in 5 weeks time and are especially interested in the package with all the dining experiences including the Dining Club options. Thanks Sue
  5. We are definitely upgrading, it only works out around £7 a day each and in our opinion it is well worth it .
  6. Oooooo how lovely I'm well jealous 😂 it's our turn in 6 weeks on the Transatlantic on Explorer2!! Have a great cruise.
  7. I agree Pensioncruiser the Bottega gold prosecco is a beautiful drink and costs £19 plus for a bottle in uk!!
  8. We did the Transatlantic last October on Discovery2 and they were selling the upgrade each day at a lower price but maybe that was because it was a longer cruise than normal?
  9. We are also on this cruise. We did the transatlantic last year on Discovery2 and lots of people dressed up for Halloween. We are up for a Halloween party too.
  10. Thanks suekay, we just wanted to try and walk in and experience the vibe and our daughter wants pizza from a traditional place lol.
  11. Thanks 2BACRUISER all opinions are appreciated so that we can make an informed decision. Thanks for your honesty.
  12. We are joining Explorer2 on October 30th for Ocean Horizons and we will be well on board by midday. My question is does anybody know where we will be docked? I believe that if it is Stazione Marittima that it is only a short walk into the centre and we would love to see part of Naples for a couple of hours. Any advice and tips would be appreciated. Also has anybody any updates on the airport situation please, we are hoping that it has improved? Thanks Sue.
  13. We have done this cruise many times and the majority of them were from Santa Cruz Tenerife and one we did from Las Palmas, on the cruise from Santa Cruz we always had a sail away party as it was Day 1 of the cruise, when we joined the cruise from Las Palmas there was no sail away party on the day we joined but it was on the night before we left. It's all personal preference but we like to join the ship on the first day of the cruise.
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