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  1. Angelsea57

    Oasis - CATS

    Agree. We walked out for that reason. We saw the show on Oasis back in October 2018, Even though the show and set were great, I thought it was hard to follow.
  2. Angelsea57

    New Program called "The Key"

    Well , the more money they get the more they want. It's all about the mighty dollar.
  3. And these photos of Arcadia park, breathtaking!!! Thanks for posting.
  4. Food at Jaimie's Looked scrumptious!! We have to try it on our cruise. Pictures of the sunset are so gorgeous! Stay warm enjoy your evening!!
  5. Yes, very helpful information you gave us, Thank you so much for your response.
  6. I love those photos from Boston, specially the market and the skyline when you were leaving in the evening. So gorgeous! I have never been to Boston before, so I'm looking forward to visiting on our upcoming cruise. What was the highlight of your visit to Boston? Any not to miss spots? Thank!
  7. Thank you for your reviews, I'm really enjoying the reviews you are posting and the beautiful photos. Question for you, We will be on Anthem in 3 weeks. Since this is a last minute booking we missed out on booking a reservations for the Northstar and the Ifly. Did you book in advance for both of these? Hoping we can get a spot once we are onboard, but not sure of it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ahhh Freedom of the seas!! So happy for you. One on my favorite ships. I love the crew there, very nice people. Our last time on Freedom was 2017 when she was still in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. Can't wait to sail out of Puerto Rico. Enjoy your trip.
  9. Harmony for me, great ship. We have been on all three Oasis, Allure and Harmony. We have experienced that the crowds on the first day tend to stay heavy in certain areas, some people just don't know that there are so many other areas of the ship they can grab a bite to eat, and they tend to stick with the Windjammer. These ships are so spacious, after the first day I think people start to spread out better throughout the ship and it does not feel as crowded. We had a wonderful cruise on Harmony. Younger crowd too. This would be my choice.
  10. Angelsea57

    Where does explorer dock in Seattle

    Good info. Good to know for future cruises. Thanks
  11. We were on Harmony in November 2016 with our family, (8 of us) 4 kids ages 5, 12,15 and the oldest who had just turned 18. The 15 year old really enjoyed the teen's club, plenty for him to do and that's why he loved it. He was always involved with doing something with the other teens his age. For 18 year old, this was his first time not being able to be with his brother at the teen's club like other cruises we have been on (since he had just turned 18) he was a little disappointed. He was able to find other things to do, but really missed being with his brother in the teen's club on this cruise. If you have been on Allure and Oasis before, then it's basicly the same thing, except for some of the main attractions like the Abbiss (slide), Escape the Rubicon (puzzle room) and the new production shows. There is plenty for the teenagers to do on this ship. The sports court, flowrider, mini golf, zip line, the Abbiss, just to name a few. We really enjoyed the 3-D movies and the Escape room as a family. We all had a great time on Harmony. Food was good, and the service from our waiters and cabin attendant were outstanding. We chose Boardwalk balcony cabins and it came with a super nice perks. We had a free soft drink package for 2 free, and dinner at Johnny Rockets for 4 free. This was by far one of the best cruises we've had on Royal Caribbean. 3 of us had the wristband from previous cruises and all we had to do was take it to the front desk to get it reprogramed, no charge. So it's worth it to pay for it, you can re-use it on other cruises.
  12. Wow ,quite a spread there. Thanks, very nice pictures. Some of our early on cruises we have been on had the midnight buffets, with the ice carvings, food and such, but not as fancy as yours. The food on those pictures look so scrumptious!! f
  13. Midnight buffets!! Those were the good old days. ;) I remember!!
  14. So much looking forward to the new ship booking (itinerary) to open. Wondering if it's going to be released this March too.
  15. We were on Harmony this past November with the family. We all loved the Zipline, 3D movies, the Abyss slide and the puzzle room. You pay a little extra for the puzzle room but it's a lot of fun. Shows were pretty good too specially Greece.