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  1. The drink dispensers I saw were by the snack shack or by the picnic area, even an ice machine. I thought this was a very nice addition. And yes everything is served on disposables.
  2. We visited Coco Cay May 2019, Totally different from the old Coco Cay. We had a fantastic time with the family (group of 11) We purchased the water park tickets and spent most of day there except 2 hours that we took to explore the island. We used the tran to go from one side of the island to the other because it got too hot out there. It runs very frequently (great idea) but it's very easy to walk from one side to the other. There were plenty of chairs and some umbrellas. We were there early and we had no problem finding a good spot with umbrellas both at the water park and the other side of the island by the beach. The lagoon is pretty long and spacious, and plenty of chairs to sit around, this side is free. Also there is a play area for the kids, it has a large ship that looks like a small water park for them, very cute, also free. So there is plenty to see and do even if you don't pay for the water park. We were there on Mariner Of the Seas, and the only ship at port. Not sure how it would be with more than one ship at port, but our time there was very relaxing and did not have to worry about finding a good spot. The food from both the snack shack from water park and the Skippers Grill were great the Skippers grill has lots of choices from fresh fruits and salads to steak sandwiches, hotdogs hamburger, and some vegetarian options. Also water, tea, fruit punch, and flavored water. Beautiful food spread. Just loved it. The Snack shack at the water park, you can order fresh burgers from the grill, crispy chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, mozzarella sticks, fries, salads, funnel cakes, brownies, cookies. (funnel cakes were so freshe and good) It was fantastic and all free included with in your cruise price, except the bar drinks and bottled water, these are for a charge of course. Unless you have the drink package. Hope you have a fantastic time there!
  3. Agree. We walked out for that reason. We saw the show on Oasis back in October 2018, Even though the show and set were great, I thought it was hard to follow.
  4. Well , the more money they get the more they want. It's all about the mighty dollar.
  5. And these photos of Arcadia park, breathtaking!!! Thanks for posting.
  6. Food at Jaimie's Looked scrumptious!! We have to try it on our cruise. Pictures of the sunset are so gorgeous! Stay warm enjoy your evening!!
  7. Yes, very helpful information you gave us, Thank you so much for your response.
  8. I love those photos from Boston, specially the market and the skyline when you were leaving in the evening. So gorgeous! I have never been to Boston before, so I'm looking forward to visiting on our upcoming cruise. What was the highlight of your visit to Boston? Any not to miss spots? Thank!
  9. Thank you for your reviews, I'm really enjoying the reviews you are posting and the beautiful photos. Question for you, We will be on Anthem in 3 weeks. Since this is a last minute booking we missed out on booking a reservations for the Northstar and the Ifly. Did you book in advance for both of these? Hoping we can get a spot once we are onboard, but not sure of it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ahhh Freedom of the seas!! So happy for you. One on my favorite ships. I love the crew there, very nice people. Our last time on Freedom was 2017 when she was still in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. Can't wait to sail out of Puerto Rico. Enjoy your trip.
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