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  1. Good morning dailyites. Thanks for the daily report Rich. Just finished watching the Nieuw Statendam sail out, fine looking ship! I have a handful of almonds most everyday. I enjoy watermelon. Not sure about night out day on Tuesday. Great quote today and so true. Since we don’t have an instant pot we won’t be having today’s meal suggestion although it sounds tasty. Will look forward to the photos of today’s port since we haven’t been. Prayers to everyone on the prayer list today I also pray that it shrinks. Happy____________ to everyone celebrating!
  2. Good Monday morning everyone and thank you Rich for the daily report. Cheers to CAD Day and it’s users, Dino from the Flintstones is my personal favorite, I’m up for coloring today if it means I can stay home! Blake’s quote is quite inspiring and true. The meal suggestion sounds like it could be very good depending on the ingredients. Have not been to today’s port yet. Offering prayers for everyone on our prayer list and cheers to everyone with a celebration today.
  3. Ha! Well guess what? Despite using 50 sunblock I’m sporting a nice back burn. The conditions were exactly the same, sunny, mid 70’s with a nice cooling breeze off the ocean. I wish I could say that I’m young and foolish but since I’ll be turning 60 later this month I can’t. At least I’m still able to act it!
  4. Good morning everyone. Thank you for the daily report. Cheers to international friends, and forgiveness and girlfriends! The Gabor quote is funny. Today’s meal suggestion sounds nice as does Roy’s alternative, decisions decisions. I love sailing out of San Juan and I wish HAL had at least one ship home port there. We’re off to the beach in Ogunquit today, two nice weekend days in a row, I hardly know what to do with myself! Prayers to all on our list today and cheers to all with a celebration.
  5. Good morning everyone, it’s going to be a beautiful summer day here in Boston. Thanks for the daily report Rich. Mutts are just wonderful, no pretense just love. Can take avocados or leave them. Remember the avocado kitchen appliances way back when? I used to enjoy cotton candy at fairs when I was a kid. The quote today is one to live by although I do feel like being lazy today. The meal sounds nice but at another time. Haven’t been to Mexico at all but hope to in the future. Prayers for everyone on our prayer list today. Happiness cheer for everyone celebrating a happy event today. 🙏🎉
  6. I must jump in here to say that I am one of those “bean counters” and we aren’t the ones that make the decisions. We provide the information (real news) to management and management makes those decisions. Leave bean counters out of this, our only task is to tell management that their baby is beautiful or ugly.
  7. How fortunate for us to have another live from trip report to follow along with! Sorry for the loss of your wife, it’s nice that you are traveling again. Safe travels today. We’ll all be nearby!
  8. Happy Friday everyone and thanks for today’s report. What a nice collection of days, I love cheesecake and nothing better than friends, Although my FIL was deceased before I met my SO, I did visit his gravesite in Haverhill MA for the first time this year. I’m not so sure that I agree with today’s quote, 3/4 seems a bit much to be obsessed with something that should just come naturally. Had steak for dinner last so maybe another day. Loved our visit to Skagway as I hope all of the returning visitors do. Prayers for everyone on our prayer list today with the hope that it gets shorter soon. Cheers to all celebrating a happy event today!
  9. Good morning everyone, thanks for putting today’s daily report together Rich. Tigers are beautiful creatures and deserve their own day. Chicken wings, yum. The closest that I get to lipstick is chapstick in the winter, you go girls. The quote is very good advice for initiating change. The meal suggestion sounds very good today. Would have visited today’s port in May had our cruise sailed but will have to settle for today’s welcomed photos. Prayers to everyone on our prayer list today, cheers to all celebrating happy events.
  10. @atexsixBruno, my deepest condolences for you and Dear Dad’s loss. Your daily family is here to support you at this sad time.
  11. Well we loved it! I reckon to think that that they’re just jealous.
  12. Good morning all and thanks for giving us the always entertaining and educational daily report Rich. I learn so many interesting and fun facts from it and all of the dailyites. Buffalo soldiers played a very important role in our history, true patriots for sure. Isn’t every day milk chocolate day? World nature conservation needs all of our help. On a cool gray day here beef stew sounds perfect. What a thunderstorm we had last evening! Haven’t been to today’s port, can’t wait to see the pictures. Prayers for all on our prayer list and salud to everyone celebrating a happy event today. 🥳
  13. Good morning everyone and thanks for the daily report Rich. A salute to all Korean War Vets. I have visited the Marconi site on Cape Cod where the first trans Atlantic telegraph office was located. Bagpipes seem difficult to play. Never mastered stilts but I recently learned that Lucille Ball was adept at them. The meal suggestion sounds very good today. I haven’t been to today’s port but my neighbor is from there, it looks very nice from what I have seen. Prayers for everyone on our prayer list today and cheers to all celebrating events today. 🥳
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