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  1. What a great review! Welcome back, we’ve all been holding down for you the best we can. Seattle’s not such a bad place to reenter.
  2. Have a fantastic honeymoon and a great trip. I think you’ll love Alaska, those are all very nice ports. Will be intently following along.
  3. Thank you. As is fatcat04, we’re having ribs and other artery clogging dishes. Those rice krispie treats sound delicious, we’re having blueberry, lime, ginger pie instead. Watching the fireworks from our roof deck. 🇺🇸
  4. Happy Canada Day to our friends in the north and south (if you’re in Detroit).🇨🇦
  5. Today’s weather was so perfect that we did a day trip to Ogunquit. Although tomorrow in Boston doesn’t look quite as pristine it doesn’t look too bad either. I hope you enjoy whatever you have planned.
  6. Can’t wait to follow your next adventure. Welcome back to New England. We’re pretty sure that we want to be you guys when we grow up!
  7. Welcome Host Joe from David and Phil.
  8. Hi Paul, following along and am reminiscing about our first Alaska cruise out of Vancouver just a year ago yesterday. I look forward to your reports, thank-you for taking the time to do so. Safe travels.
  9. Ditto what StuLaurie said. Except the part about boarding the Millennium in a few weeks 🙁 I’ve really enjoyed your reports and beautiful photos.
  10. Now that’s my kind of social media influencer!
  11. Beautiful photographs Jim. Thanks so much for sharing them. I'm enjoying the sunshine in them as I sit through another gray, cool, drizzly day waiting for the spring that doesn't seem to want to arrive this year!
  12. Very sad to hear this morning. Condolences to his family and friends. Safe travels Host Walt.
  13. I feel that driving his car and paying for the parking would be the best option. I can’t imagine that renting a car each way could be any less expensive, while you would be at the mercy of rental agency shuttles. I don’t know about you, but when I disembark I’m ready to be home.
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