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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in Canada. I am thankful that you are our neighbors and can’t wait to see you in person when it’s safe to do so. Missing you.
  2. That was fun, thanks for sharing it.
  3. This thread has been so refreshing to read. From all of the great projects and crafts that folks are working on to the promise of new life. Whether it be a flower, a tomato or a beautiful new baby. Thank you all for sharing your happy happenings!
  4. We did the same here in Boston. We literally live next door to the cathedral and Cardinal O’Malley said the 8am. Talk about feeling slightly guilty for attending in our pj’s while we could look over from where he was being televised. Oh, while sipping coffee!
  5. If used for medicinal purposes couldn’t they be classified as pharmacies?
  6. Welcome back. This year’s world cruise definitely had a different twist! Glad you are both safe at home.
  7. Exitedly following along. Your posts definitely won’t be the same old same old They already aren’t! Congrats on the upgrade as well. Certainly a nice place to be in quarantine if it came to that. Your positive outlook is such a welcome oasis from the news. Safe travels.
  8. Have a wonderful vacation with lots of rest and relaxation! My father in law who was chief of surgery in two hospitals up here said that a hospital is only as good as it’s nursing staff.
  9. Good for you Lois, I hope you have many more in your future! We had dinner last evening with a friend of ours who was forced into early retirement (by two years) last June. We hadn’t seen him since November and he seems like a totally different person. Very relaxed, has taken up photography and has been traveling. He said that he wouldn’t go back to his old job if they paid him double. That coming from a PhD in biochemistry says it all to me!
  10. Following along Jean87510, thanks for taking the time to review your cruise. We’re sailing on the Summit next month so I’m all ears. Safe travels!
  11. I’m really enjoying reading your review! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your trip. One funny observation, in your last posted photo, at first glance, I thought that was a witch riding a broom until I zoomed in and realized that it is a bird!
  12. While most Alaskans would roll their eyes, reading Alaska by James Michener helped to make the time pass and set the stage from a natural history perspective.
  13. Thank you for your thorough and honest review. We’ll be sailing on the Summit next month and your thoughts are most appreciated. Glad you had a nice holiday.
  14. Happy New Year! Got sick on the way home from my early release! The hot toddy is working wonders as well as is Bob Ross!
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