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  1. Mr. Boston

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Just catching up to your travels Roy. Thank you for your most excellent reporting, I almost feel like I’m there! What a wonderful analogy between the older gentleman and the widow, perfect story to read as I wake up. I think you’ve just made my day!
  2. Mr. Boston

    John and Diane's Lucky Number 7

    I’m really enjoying your trip reports. The Panama Canal looks fascinating, I hope to see it some day. Thank-you for bringing everything to life!
  3. Bon voyage, I hope you have a wonderful travels.
  4. Safe travels Bill & Mary Ann. I always enjoy following your travels.
  5. Mr. Boston

    Ideas for Nassau stop

    It sounds fun. How may people attended the tour that you were on?
  6. Welcome home and Merry Christmas. It was a pleasure to follow along with you. Thank you for all of the photos and taking the time each day to share your travels with us!
  7. Mr. Boston


    Glen cut my hair on the Noordam this May on our Alaskan cruise and my experience was the same as yours. Better cut than my stylist here in Boston.
  8. I’m more afraid of the gentleman’s choice of skorts with matching kneesocks!
  9. Bon voyage Brian, I look forward to following along with you!
  10. Mr. Boston

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Looking forward, as always, to your wonderful reports Roy. Enjoy the anticipation!