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  1. Yikes employed docs are probably not going to be allowed to use their common sense and sign that. My husband is a gynecologist and they won’t let us travel by car to west va to work on his dads farm even though there are no covid 19 cases there. They told us if we travel anyway automatic 14 day quarantine without pay. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Good for you! My husbands employer said if we travel without permission it’s automatic 14 day quarantine without pay. Hoping we get to do our May 8 cruise[emoji17] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. We are booked on British isles cruise may8 and they opened bidding for upgrades so hopefully they won’t cancel as we fly to a Dublin to board, Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Hello all! I have always wanted to do a British Isles cruise but most of them include Iceland. Celebrity is offering one itinerary next May with all of the ports I would like to visit. We haven't cruised often but we cruised celebrity two years ago ( Carribean) and I booked it though American Airlines when they had some good perks offered. So, would you book sooner without really many perks or wait for offers or for the price to come down? Would you book through a travel agent or through just an online booking engine? We have never traveled to Europe so I'm unsure about what the be
  5. I’ve been wanting to book a British Isles cruise but most of the itineraries include Iceland, except for one 10 night next May. Since it is a one cruise offering, would you book it without any special offers, would you wait and watch the price for a while? Would you use a travel agent? We have never traveled to Europe. We have previously booked celebrity once with American Airlines cruises. Thank you for your advice, mary
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