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  1. don’t let Hubby hear no charge for beer. He may have a new cruiseline if they have aft-facing cabins
  2. Be careful! We we’re Loyal to Royal until we experienced our cute little Summit. We are now dedicated cabin 9164 people - aft facing, handicapped. If you see no need for floating Amusement Parks, the Summy will sweep you off your feet.
  3. Everyone is missing the point. we must do everything and anything we can ..... right now! Secondly, you think things will go back to life before? Remember all those people who fought wearing masks, etc? They are the same who will refuse the vaccine. Unsafe, DONT take vaccines, I’m from the planet Plucideruptus and we refuse all medical care. They won’t get in line like my Mother put me in line for the polio vaccine. Because of all the “Not Gonna’s”, we may never return to the way it was.
  4. I’m sorry you are having such a bad experience. Someone else’s $$$ is nothing to play around with. I only have our reservation and our friend’s to comment on. Both got our $$$ back within days of each other (50 days after cancellation For us in 3 credits to our travel card). Jim (hubby) would call late and rarely waited long and he never mentioned any problems. i know they brought on staff to expedite all of this when it became obvious they were overwhelmed. i wonder if they put the Newbees on the phones before they were ready.
  5. They did what we didn’t do. Extensive testing, Isolated the sick, traced people who had been exposed, face masks required, social distancing, quarantine. They started when they had only a few cases. They didn’t point fingers, they didn’t boast about not wearing face masks. They put on their big boy and big girl Pants and did what was necessary no matter how challenging.
  6. Your TA needs to checkout the news. Canada has closed its ports to Cruise Ships through October. But this was announced just a week ago. My hubby works with international contacts daily. What he has heard is many countries are concerned about allowing in a cruise ship full of Americans who flaunt their respect for new conditions into their ports. Some cannot follow rules for POOL CHAIRS. How will they follow the serious rules (face masks, 6’ apart and washing hands.) I think Canada wants the cruise industry to “practice” the new rules on somebody else.
  7. Well our Canada/New England cruise - changed to Nassau cruise is finally cancelled. Best friend cruising in the Med at the same time got notice of his cancellation. We were tempted to rebook an August 2021 Canada/New England and grab the 125% but ... (pls don’t get mad) we all agree it’s crazy to do a cruise until a vaccine it available. (I have a compromised medical history X 4). Also (and this reality hurts) this is a deathly environment for the cruise business. I doubt everyone will make it without filing for bankruptcy. If anything, cruising as we know it is gon
  8. During the last big recession Disney required each cost center to reduce payroll by 40% with the promise to hire back when things improved. Oops to the last part. Anyway, their favorite policy is to buyout the older, long term employees and replace with young pups out of college ... or the same people as contract labor. their preference. Who are we to disagree!
  9. Don’t forget Hong Kong and Shanghai have been closed since February. Tokyo just closed so everything, ships too will be closed. i for one am happy the parks and cruises are only 9% of the company. BUT hubby is a 41 year veteran and we would love to see a buyout.
  10. How exciting! A new cruise line. The nice thing is you have selected a GREAT collection of ships. Our Bermuda cruise was the first Celebrity Cruise for my Jim. He loved it (I knew he would) .... booked our Canada/New England on the same ship - same cabin. Just wanted to say ... Welcome to the Celebrity family! 🤗
  11. How did our friend in the inside cabin, who got approval to be there, cheapen the Blu experience for everyone else? How could you tell he wasn’t traveling in an AC cabin? Lou is the human version of a bear hug and the last thing he would want to do would be to upset fellow diners. Yes, we needed a 4 top instead of a 2 top but every time we tried Blu is was nearly empty.
  12. I know on the Summit the galley for the MDR mingles with the Blu galley. Its very easy to request something from the other dining room. I did it both ways which made things easy because we loved, liked allot, enjoyed tremendously our wait staff in the MDR but there were a few things from Blu we didn’t want to miss.
  13. Blu was dead on our trip to Bermuda. Our first evening there (day 3) there were 3 large tables of guests and it was as quiet as a tomb. Indeed, Celebrity had a great deal to apologize for but what could it hurt to checkin at the desk at Blu and just ...... ask? I was simply suggesting. If they continue to be as slow as they were on our cruise, they may be motivated to say ...... SURE!
  14. We had our best friend travel with us on the Summit to Bermuda. About 10 weeks out Celebrity decided to give our handicap accessible cabin to someone else. (We had booked months prior and completed Celebrity’s paperwork for the cabin along with a letter from my physician). They gave us a regular Aqua Class cabin - no way could I deal with a traditional bathroom and no room for my scooter. Anyway, we worked it out but our friend was now in an inside cabin by himself. Customer service contacted Blu on the Summit and they allowed our friend to dine with us in
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