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  1. I have always gotten price drops on casino rates up until final payment. You need call Carnival and ask for the department that handles the casino offers. They can help you and do it over the phone. Good luck.
  2. I had a Mardi Gras cruise for September and it was canceled by Carnival. I got $502 in FCC and $200 in OBC if I changed to another cruise by mid February. So we booked the Vista out of Galveston for May 9th. On the 12th of March I cancelled and moved the booking to October on the Horizon out of Miami. They transferred the FCC and the OBC since that was due to the Mardi Gras debacle. After I got all situated and everything done they cancel the May cruise and offer OBC of &600 plus a FCC. That is retroactive to May 6th and later if you had already canceled and booked a new cruise. I w
  3. Jimbo554, you are correct. It is the ship builders fault. They are the one in control of everything that goes into that ship until they hand it over to Carnival. I am one of those who was booked for the sailing out of New York. Even though I am not happy, I understand that things happen but they really screwed up on this one causing 8 sailings to be cancelled. I feel Carnival is generous with what they offered and the way they offered it. I would not want OBC instead of a FCC as the OP suggest. I don't shop on the ships and I will only consume a few drinks during the week. I want it to
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