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  1. Again, thanks. Will have to include this in another trip, another time.
  2. John Bull, thanks for all of the detailed insight. One last question, is a train a possibility from Cadiz to some practical point in Gibraltar?
  3. Is a private excursion to Gibraltar a possibility from a port stop in Cadiz?
  4. You can also check it out during the spa tour on embarkation day! It's open to see everything, and the staff explain the spa's services. You could probably sit/lay down for a minute or two on the heated lounger. They frequently have staff giving free 5-minute shoulder massage during the spa tour times, too. BONUS! Also, I have never been Aqua or Concierge and have sometimes purchased the Persian Garden pass on board; usually on Day 1. NEVER have been turned away.
  5. Thanks everyone! This will help with some packing decisions.
  6. Well, our ship is now offering an Alhambra tour! As much as we like independent excursions, the timeline means we'll book the ship's tour and make the best of it.
  7. Hello, I'd love to hear from people who have sailed on a springtime TA, Florida to the Mediterranean. What kind of temperatures can I expect out on deck? Is it pleasant to sit on a balcony, or is it windy and cooler given you're in the Atlantic? Is the pool deck do-able? I do realize no one can guarantee weather. Just looking for a general idea, so I know how to pack and if I should plan on outdoor lounging or indoor lounging.
  8. Maybe I'm reading more into the descriptions than I should. I'm interpreting: The Classic package as including all Coca Cola products ONLY. And if there are non-Coca Cola products they are not included. The Premium package as including those same products PLUS any other soda types they have on board. But what I think they MEAN is: Classic and Premium include sodas. Oh, by the way, we serve Coke products. Thanks to those who had actual experiences to relay.
  9. Hi, OK, maybe I need to join the bad copywriters, because I wasn't clear about my question. 1. Other than Coca Cola products, what other "soda" options are there that might or might not be included? E.g. can I get ginger ale? Club soda? Tonic water? Carbonated water from the gun (not bottled sparking water)? 2. Regardless of how the beverage is delivered (can or gun), is there a difference in the actual soda choices between the two soda packages? Unfortunately, the description on X's website is NOT fairly clear.
  10. We've been on dozens of Celebrity sailings, but have never done the bev packages. Our question is on the non-alcoholic choices. Classic description says "Enjoy your favorite Coca Cola...sodas such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Coke Zero..." Premium description says "Enjoy nearly our (sic) entire selection of sodas on board including all canned and fountain soft drinks from Coca Cola..." So, are ALL kinds of sodas included in both of these? Assuming the Premium text should be "Enjoy nearly ALL our..." And yet what other sodas are in their selection if you can enjoy NEARLY all of them? Are they not included in the Classic package? What sodas AREN'T included in either of these packages? I'm not asking about water, or Red Bull or Vitamin Water. Just soda. The copywriter for these beverage package blurbs could have made all of the package descriptions much more clear, as we all know. But perhaps that would put Cruise Critic out of business...
  11. Thanks for the input, everyone. I'm willing to be creative, and we're typically independent travelers (non ship tours), but this time looks like a bust. Fingers crossed that the ship's itinerary changes closer to sailing time. Strange that we have so many stops in Spain and none involve the Alhambra or Gibraltar. Even the Cadiz stop seems a little short to truly enjoy Seville. We'll certainly find great sights and adventures regardless.
  12. We were hoping to get to the Alhambra from Malaga. I should note that we typically book independent tours, but I start my research with ship excursion info so that I know what's possible. I'm concerned that our ship lists no excursions to Grenada or the Alhambra. We are in port from 7 am to 4 pm. Could it be that the timing is too tight for this? Or can we expect to see this excursion come up closer to sailing date? Independent tours are billing this as a 9-hour trip, and that seems a little too tight for comfort, although if we could skip the compulsory shopping and restaurant visits, it may be do-able. Please provide your feedback and experience?
  13. So glad to hear the waffle station still exists and thanks for the tips on getting good ones. I feel privileged also to have gotten a weigh-in from celebrity waffle "obsessor" Texed. I knew it was inevitable, but still...
  14. It's been 2 years since we've sailed Celebrity. (What were we thinking?) Do they still have the morning waffle station, and specifically on Equinox? I tried searching "waffle" here , which returned alot of posts about the bathrobes, so I'm concerned. (yn)
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