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  1. SixOneTwo

    Waffle Station on Equinox?

    So glad to hear the waffle station still exists and thanks for the tips on getting good ones. I feel privileged also to have gotten a weigh-in from celebrity waffle "obsessor" Texed. I knew it was inevitable, but still...
  2. SixOneTwo

    Waffle Station on Equinox?

    It's been 2 years since we've sailed Celebrity. (What were we thinking?) Do they still have the morning waffle station, and specifically on Equinox? I tried searching "waffle" here , which returned alot of posts about the bathrobes, so I'm concerned. (yn)
  3. SixOneTwo

    Why Chair Hog Bullies Proliferate

    Thoughts on "enforcement" of deck chair rules: 1. If the pool attendants had strong extroverted, and charismatic personalities with the ability to convince you diplomatically of your "chair hogging wrongs," they would not be working as pool attendants on a cruise ship. 2. If the pool attendants were paid a higher wage to handle some of the ridiculous confrontations we've all seen in life when these types of things come up, they might be more inclined to step into the ring, as it were, and challenge those who break the rules. 3. If the pool attendants were not under direct threat of losing their jobs as a result of bad questionnaire comments, they may be less intimidated about enforcing the chair guidelines. 4. So institute the timed sticker idea and spin the message in a more positive light. Rather than saying your items will be taken from the chair and put in Lost and Found, the message should be: After one hour, your items will be removed for safe-keeping. The pool attendants could staff a nice-looking counter area with cubbyholes behind them where your items are "being kept." So people are not receiving a penalty, they are being watched-out for. Thoughts on "hogging" in other venues: Why is it OK to sit on a deck chair all day, chatting or playing cards, or SLEEPING, without using the pool; but it's NOT OK to do that at Windjammer, Cafe Al Bacio, etc. without eating? I feel that the Cafe al Bacio / Windjammer comparison to deck chair hogs is apples to oranges. If someone went to the Windjammer or Cafe al Bacio and put his book on the table and a sweater over each of two chairs, then walked away for 2 hours, THAT would be a chair hog. Or if someone went to Windjammer at 10:00 am, shoved tables together so they could prepare for a group of 20 seated together for lunch at noon, THAT would be a chair hog. If you're butt is in the seat, I feel it's OK. Honestly, there are alot of places to sit on board in relative isolation and read, study or visit, including your cabin. But being with and around people has a certain appeal. (And one can only drink so much coffee!) The ship is built for community...if not the cabins would be bigger and the public spaces would be fewer.
  4. SixOneTwo

    Sail Beyond Event

    A quick addendum to my last post. After "anonymously" calling Celebrity last night for an answer to this question, imagine my surprise when today, not 12 hours after that inquiry, I had received FOUR e-mails and a phone message from Celebrity encouraging me to book my next vacation. They literally "had my number." And given the result of that anonymous call, all of these messages just pour salt in the "no perks for you" wound. :(
  5. SixOneTwo

    Sail Beyond Event

    Thanks to everyone for their thoughts. So, I checked two places on this. First with my TA, who told me that because I booked a Verandah GTY, I was ineligible for the promotion. She offered to change my booking to a promotion-eligible fare for the same cabin for $700 more. Um...no thanks. Then I called X and just asked if I book a GTY cabin, am I eligible. The rep stated that GTYs are eligible, but if you book with a resident, senior or other discount, you are NOT eligible. This is exactly why I don't play the coupon-promotion-discount game. It always ends up NOT in my favor and I end up feeling bad. Looking at the X website today, I see that an assigned verandah cabin is $250 more (in total) than we paid. I'm not going to re-book for $250 more to get perks that I won't actually feel I'm getting that level of value. In the future, I'll be sure to check all combinations of prices with or without Captain's Club, resident, senior, military, and ongoing promotions before I make a decision. Others may want to do the same. Regardless of all of this, I'm taking a "glass half full" attitude. I feel like I got a good fare. We are typically inside-cabin-cheapest-fare people. We got the verandah GTY for less than the cheapest interior fare. We've already been assigned our cabin and it's in a good location. And, honestly, the worst day cruising is usually better than the best day working. AND, as I write this, it's 6 degrees F, which I will enjoy leaving behind for a week!
  6. SixOneTwo

    Sail Beyond Event

    Anyone know when this promotion began? We booked a verandah for a March 2018 sailing through a travel agent on January 19 (2018). Nothing was said about it. I wonder if we can go back and request it, even though we are past final payment?
  7. SixOneTwo

    Mini Bar Charges Post Cruise

    Me too. Just received my credit card bill, 10 days after returning from our cruise (April 29) and, sure enough, a $6.19 charge. I keep all of my receipts and compare them to my final bill. The $6.19 was a SECOND charge on the same day as my full bill was charged. Interestingly, there was no mini bar in our room and when I asked that the Evian water be removed, the cabin attendant fought with me and insisted that it be left in the room. It remained there when we left. This is not a glitch.
  8. A few years ago we took a ship's excursion (Princess) to Todos Santos outside of Cabo. It was advertised as a tour to see the Hotel California which inspired the Eagles' classic album. We were skeptical, knowing that the song is supposed to be an allegory and the photo on the album cover is of the Beverly Hills Hotel. We really wondered how they got away with advertising the town's and hotel's "fame." The hotel / restaurant played alot of Eagles music in the background and there was a shop across the street selling T-shirts with this claim to fame. Today I see in the news that the Eagles are suing the owners of this hotel for fabricating this story and perpetuating it to attract visitors to this little village which has nothing else to attract or offer tourists. http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/the-eagles-sue-hotel-california/ar-BBAEfsa?OCID=ansmsnnews11 Please be aware of this if you should be tempted to book a tour to Todos Santos. The cruise lines, I hope, will change their tour descriptions now that this is out in the open. It's really just a 60-minute bus ride to a small village which has a hotel and restaurant that caters to tourists.
  9. SixOneTwo

    HBTY Rhapsody

    On Rhapsody today...it is her 20th birthday, having been delivered on 4/23/97 from Chantiers de l'Atlantique in St. Nazaire, France. Minor celebrations on board with a happy hour 25% off drinks and a "birthday toast" (details unknown) later tonight.
  10. SixOneTwo

    Medical on board

    If it were me with this issue, I'd do one of two things: 1. Ask my doctor's office if they would advise me how to do it for my husband. 2. Post on my roll call and see if there are any healthcare professionals traveling along with you who would be willing to do the suture removal. It would be nice to have an experienced person do this so that on the very rare chance that something is not right, a trained eye could see it.
  11. To those who have commented with some warnings on my advice that a TA can help, thanks for offering that. I do always read the fine print and make sure that my needs will be met. I hope everyone does that! Oh, and I use an agent who is "live and in person" and trustworthy. I probably wouldn't be so quick to recommend you get insurance advice from an agency with only an online presence. I should have included these aspects in my original post.
  12. If you work with a travel agent, they can also recommend (and sign you up) for a plan. I have to agree with others who've advised against buying any insurance through the cruise line. I think it's risky, because if your trip is affected by something that the cruise line did or didn't do, it may be awkward and difficult to get a claim paid. (e.g. they may want to just give you a cruise credit and call it good.) Buying the right kind of trip insurance will not only cover medical, it will cover the costs of other things like delays, lost luggage, etc. And some will even cover trip cancellation due to your house being broken into, losing your job or having a car accident on the way to the airport/cruise port. I think medical evacuation is a necessity as is repatriation of remains in case of a very bad travel situation. So maybe you don't want *just* medical coverage, but more. We buy trip insurance whenever we cruise. Luckily, we have never had to use it.
  13. OK, we've bought a single-device weeklong package through the cruise planner. I'm now re-thinking this and am still not sure I really need to use my own device. It might be more advantageous to just buy daily access and use the "internet cafe" (or whatever they call it) on board. I don't need access on the first or last day. So does this scenario work? Day 2 pay $20 Day 3 pay $20 Day 4 pay $20 Day 5 use Diamond free day (self) Day 6 use Diamond free day (spouse) FWIW we are not really married to our smartphones, so do not expect to do alot of communicating that way while cruising.
  14. SixOneTwo

    No Excursion Cruising

    I am a very active vacationer who plans more activities than can humanly fit into a day, but when we do Caribbean cruises I typically stay on board. I don't like beaches (too much sand!) or water sports (too wet!) and I'm over shopping (costs money!). DH likes SCUBA, so he does that and I get in some good reading while he's gone. Every once in a while I'll step off the ship to take photos, but it has to be a pretty compelling subject. I would say this also has alot to do with having taken AMANY Caribbean cruises over the years. When we first started these sailings, I did visit the islands and took in what they had to offer...but it got pretty repetitive.
  15. Most excellent! Thank you! Looking forward to this perk on our next sailing. It was not available (or I was unaware) last time we sailed RCCL in 2013.