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  1. Lois- I’m so glad you made it home safely and good to hear you made your connection in ATL. We’ve been through that before. I can’t believe you are taking another cruise in 2 months! That one should be a breeze compared with the protocols required of the overseas cruises.are you taking any next year? Or are you taking a vacation from your cruise vacations? LOL. you should join one of their world cruises and live on board for a year😊 at the rate you are going, I’m wondering if I’ll bump into you on board our next one! welcome home and enjoy your next cruise! liz
  2. Lois- I’m so glad you had another great cruise. I can’t believe how fortunate you were to go on 3 courses in a matter of 4 months and all during this recent wave of Covid without any serious glitches . Lucky you! So glad you enjoyed each one, as well as meeting so many people on each cruise. I’ve enjoyed reading about your travel experiences and appreciate all of the helpful feedback you provided all of us. have to wait over a year for my next Silverseas, something tells me you will be on board again much sooner. Enjoy your planning! liz
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies . Hoping I get the smoother ride like some of you experienced, but based on your responses, this should be a good time to go. I’m looking forward to our cruise. Wish it could be tomorrow 😜
  4. Looking fir any advice regarding weather and sea conditions fir those who have traveled on a cruise in September from NYC to Montreal. We have one scheduled next year and was concerned about sailing conditions since that is right at peak of hurricane season. I would assume this does not deter the cruise lines or passengers since it appears to be a popular time to travel this region. thanks for any advice
  5. Preston- thanks for sharing your daily experience with all of the us. I was on the Aug 29th sailing and sorry I didn’t share more, but think you covered just about everything. Glad you are enjoying your cruise. thanks for the feedback on the silver Suites below the pool. We reserved 2 of those for next year and preferred to be a little lower and more central, but I was wondering about the location . We ended up on the highest floor , so glad you confirmed my concerns about the lower level Silver suites. continue to enjoy your cruise and safe journey home.
  6. I echo the observations of my fellow Muse travelers on board this journey. Having a wonderful journey so far, only hiccup was the new testing process. We must have just missed you highplanes, we dropped our luggage off a little before 1:30, but were able to board before 3. I believe the back up started immediately since at least 50 people arrived sometime after 1 and don’t believe they were prepared to start testing until about 1:30 . I must have been assigned the “roto router “ tech also, so he probably got a good sample. Most people following the mask protocols, some not so much. You can definitely social distance if you choose. We accidentally came in through the back entrance to Indochine last night and it was so woefully empty (assuming most others were in Atlantide since it was formal optional?) , we felt bad and decided to eat at Indochine . (Able to snag a window seat 😊) . I’m glad we did, it was very good. (It would have been nice if they had dimmed the lights, a little more romantic) since it was only 4 other occupied tables . So much for the dress code, some must have read that informal/ formal optional as both were optional. As we were leaving, I swore one couple looked extremely casual, wearing sweaters, no jacket. The other nearby restaurants(appeared to have people dressed per the code. Overall, Very glad we chose this cruise, great to be on board again, the Muse is lovely, service is wonderful, food is delicious. And the ample space and low passenger count is an added plus. ( imagine that testing process with a full ship😳) . To my fellow travelers currently on board. Enjoy! PS thanks again Lois ( and glad you made it home safely) and others for sharing your experience with all of us! And Highplanes thanks for starting this threadSent from my iPad
  7. Lois- sorry to hear about the death of the passenger. Any death is so tragic, regardless the cause. Well as mentioned by Anchorbuoy our cruise will require testing to board, so something changed to trigger that protocol. Will cross our fingers that we pass. Continue to stay healthy and safe. Once again thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks Lois and there was no proof of negative test required 72 hours before sailing. Some of us are confused by what this person posted. Interesting you are doing icy point after Juneau, Juneau and Tracy Arm/Endicott Arm were our last stop. I do hope that person with the medical emergency will be ok. . Continue Safe and healthy journey to you all .
  9. Hey Lois- are they testing after 3 days? Someone posted on FB that they were on the Muse recently and they were tested 72 hours in. They were probably on b4 they added the mask rules. Just curious if that test happened on yours. Thanks liz
  10. Thanks so much Lois for all of your responses. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, meeting new people, enjoying the sights. I think you made the right decision to book this cruise great itinerary, great weather , great companions, and great food and accommodations! Continue to enjoy ! P.s I’m sorry for my late response. I actually responded yesterday , but CC is temperamental and apparently I hit something and it never saved my response. This keeps happening and I’m at home, wondering if this will be worse once we board. I would like to provide feedback/advice to others like you and others are doing for us, but if I continue to to experience this “over sensitive” technology, may have to wait until I return. Sent from my iPad
  11. Lois- So glad you you are having a wonderful time and you are enjoying sunny skies ! Wondering if I need to pack a winter jacket ( I have one of those lightweight down jackets that you can roll up, but want to avoid lugging it) . I was going to bring a rain jacket and turtlenecks and a sweatshirt to wear underneath . Will also bring a scarfs, gloves and a hat. Will that be sufficient? Also for dinners , is it cool in the restaurants or do I need to bring sweaters. Again I’m trying to limit what I need to bring and if I simply layer my outfits with a knit poncho, if that will be sufficient. Want to avoid bringing heavier sweaters especially if eating inside. Have you been able to even outside during this cruise? Thanks again for any advice. Enjoy! Liz
  12. Safe journey Lois! Enjoy your cruise! No worries about posting while sailing, you are there to relax. We’ll find out soon enough when we ourselves arrive, chomping at the bit! Liz
  13. Lois- if I don’t talk to you b4 you leave , have a great time on your trip! Looking forward to hearing about your experience and as always thanks in advance for posting while on vacation. all the best Liz
  14. I got the same email. So it’s official . I’m satisfied with the protocols.
  15. Thanks CJ for the info. That is nice having only 250 guests. I hope ours is as llight on capacity as yours, especially if they are not testing. I wonder why they are telling guests we will be tested? Maybe it will change .... Are the guests wearing masks? I’m torn, I’m excited they are not testing only because god forbid you test positive, you can’t board, but at the same time it would give me peace of mind that at least we all know those that just boarded are most likely not carriers. You have to wear masks when you disembark at the ports and on excursions, correct? Have they told you when formal nights are scheduled? I’d be interested on hearing about the excursions and the ports. What’s worth doing on your own and what’s not. I’m interested if when you arrive at Juneau if you can sign up for a shuttle that takes you to Mendenhall Glacier . I know the local bus does not take you all the way. However, don’t feel obligated to respond, just enjoy your cruise! .....and stay safe!
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