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  1. Thank you both. Yes, I do overthink. What's struck me about this cruise as opposed to others is that I won't be getting off at the next port to buy what I didn't realize I needed until I was onboard.
  2. Hello, We're scheduled on the Silver Explorer for Antarctica in late February. What is the temperature like inside the ship (dining room, lounge, etc.)? Is it comfortable, hot or cold? I've spent loads of time planning what to wear on expedition, but it may be worse to pack the wrong weight of clothes for dinner and lectures.
  3. Here's the latest on my Silversea booking experience. I called the number on the Silversea website and told the consultant who answered that I was displeased with the service and lack of response I was receiving. I also said that I wanted to find out if I had been dealing directly with a Silversea consultant. He apologized and as with my original consultant was extremely friendly. He assured me that the consultant I named was indeed a colleague of his and sounded surprised that I had not been receiving responsive service. He placed me on hold and then came back stating that my consultant was in the office, that he had just talked to her and as she was there, would need to transfer my call to her. She was the apologetic, friendly, and provided me with reasons for not responding promptly. She added the additional pre-cruise hotel night I needed while on the phone. She followed up our call the next morning and has finally provided me with business class air on the right dates - not from the airport, nor the airline that I requested, but at least it's business. I thanked her and said with an updated invoice, I would gladly pay. She sent an email saying she would call or I could call her. Crickets. I have called her twice since that exchange last Wednesday. So, complaining improved the situation temporarily and I know that I am dealing directly with a Silversea consultant. I'm assuming that we will get in touch this week so that I can complete payment for the trip. That will mean that all of the big items are done. I may pop back up on the board here to ask what a first time Silversea cruiser doesn't know to do ahead of time - every cruise line has those things and often in the past it was the cruise consultant or TA who would let me know. Many thanks for all of the help from long-time Silversea cruisers.
  4. Hi Keith, After researching cruise lines that visit Antarctica on the IAATO website for ships that fit the style of trip we desire, I went to silversea.com and selected, "Request a Quote." The next day, a personal cruise consultant called me. During that call, I made my initial deposit. I did receive a thank you email with a booking number from Silversea and I think two more emails from Silversea that day. The email did not state the remaining amount due, nor when it was due. In spite of this, I would consider all well those first couple of days. It was after that when I attempted to reach my personal cruise consultant again that these long delays and difficulty reaching her by phone and email began. To be fair she does eventually call me back, it just takes a week.
  5. Thanks both Joe&Barry and Observer. My cruise consultant is female, J&B - sounds like yours is male. Hopefully, this is not either a decrease in service from what others have experienced or else Silversea is less interested in those of us who are first timers with them. May we all have resolution and a wonderful trip!
  6. Thank you for the responses. I am somewhat relieved to know that poor customer service is unusual for Silversea as it was making me a bit apprehensive about the trip itself. My booking does show on my.silversea.com, so I do not think I am being scammed, although that was the first thing that crossed my mind when the service problems began.
  7. In early August, we reserved and paid the initial deposit for our Silversea Antarctica trip next year. We did this directly through Silversea. The cruise consultant is super friendly on the phone; however, it takes days and repeated emails and calls to get a response. I received an automated email stating that I needed to pay my invoice before I even received an invoice and while still awaiting follow-up on changing to business class flights and post-cruise options. I can understand delays due to Hurricane Dorian. I am not counting those days as a problem. Have others experienced this lackadaisical approach to customer bookings with Silversea? If so, what did you do to get it resolved? The contrast from the phenomenal booking experience with Regent is remarkable.
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