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  1. herb

    Booking shore excursions...

    thanks for the heads up.. We certainly don't wait until we're on board to pick excursions just wasn't sure whether they would accept the booking without final payment being made. Thanks for your help.. :)
  2. Can you book shore excursions before final payment is made or do you have to wait until you've made full payment for cruise? Thanks ..
  3. Thank you for the quick responses. Mind set at ease :)
  4. It's been awhile since sailing HAL. Are there still 2 formal nights on 7 night Alaska sailings? Would a gentleman be denied entry to dining room wearing dress pants and button down shirt? Thanks for update...
  5. herb

    Just back from Bermuda on the Summit

    On your Bermuda cruise did you notice any difference as to how guests dressed on elegant chic nights vs. other evenings in Dining Room?
  6. We had a wonderful time on our Viking Rhine Cruise this past summer. We were very impressed with the ship as well as service. Our church is hosting a Christmas Market cruise for Dec. 2016 and they are using GCT as their river cruise company. We are contemplating joining them. question: is GCT comparable to Viking? Will we be disappointed with their product or will we be awed by their superior product compared to Viking. The ship we'd be sailing with is the River Aria... (on Viking we sailed on one of their longships)... Thanks for any input... :)
  7. definitely a blessing in disguise... Bermuda is BEAUTIFUL! :) ENJOY :D
  8. thank you for posting those pictures. We will be in this cabin when we sail on the Summit in July 2016 :)
  9. Thank you for this great thread... because of it we were able to snag 3112 on the Summit for July 2016 :D
  10. just curious ... if you've sailed on either of these itineraries (Romantic sailing from Nuremberg, Waltz sailing from Passau) ... what was the deciding factor in your decision... Thanks .. :)
  11. we also used Viking custom air... no problems... we were given a choice of airlines/times and then asked to pick out our seats.. worked well :)
  12. I was looking up pre-cruise options for Viking Danube cruises Passau to Budapest and was surprised that even though the cruise begins in Passau with a flight to Munich, Munich was not offered as a choice for a 2 night pre-stay... they offer Prague... I'm wondering why not Munich, since you land there anyway...
  13. Thank you so much for your VERY informative review, with pictures. We are leaving this Saturday (July 18, 2015) for a 2 night pre-stay in Lucerne and then on July 21 we will board the Viking Hlin for our Rhine Getaway cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. Your in depth review definitely answered any questions/concerns we had. We hope to enjoy the cruise as much as you did.
  14. our friends are on this sailing... glad to hear they finally got going and are on their way to Bermuda.. :)