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  1. Well written and thorough. A fair balance of good and bad. I was also on the same sailing as you.
  2. Public spaces within ship were nicely appointed
  3. By adding cabins in place of 2 lounges during refurbishment of Sunrise think it adds up to more than just an extra 200 passengers.
  4. Last year family and friends ( approx. 40) made the decision to take a cruise out of NYC. I was definitely looking forward to this and enjoyed spending quality time with them, especially since this was my first vacation without my wife who passed away last year. Carnival Sunrise was marketed as a newly refurbished ship costing millions of dollars. What they did was get rid of the old Vegas glitz as well as remove 2 lounges in the back of the ship to add many more cabins = many more people! Check in, (as well as disembarkation) in NYC was quick and efficient. Upon entering ship you immediately noticed that all the previous "Carnival Look" was changed to muted colors. My cabin was fine and kept neat and clean. Our dining room waiter was very pleasant and cordial. The lounges were all very eye pleasing.Yes, they still do the waiter shows at every dinner. Pretty much wear for dinner what you want. No one at door that stopped anyone, they just said hello. We had opted for early seating. Ports: Grand Turk: we walked to Jack's Shack to enjoy the water … great day Puerto Rico: we waked around Old San Juan … fun exploring and doing some shopping Amber Cove: a duplicate of Margaritaville in Grand Turk with different signage … pool was refreshing We had beautiful weather all week … sunny and hot. What I didn't like … 1. The unbelievable crowds everywhere. The lido buffet where the food didn't look very appealing as well as the pool food options, which were good, always had very long lines. Never even bothered trying to get on the Deli line. I basically didn't eat what I wanted, I opted to eat wherever I found the shortest line. For breakfast we decided to eat in the dining room, lunch was a "free for all", dinner in dining room. 2. The only indoor area where smoking is permitted on the whole ship was the casino. I smoke, but I felt bad for the people who had no choice but to pass through the casino (it was a blue cloud) to get to the other venues, … unless you wanted to climb up and down staircases. 3. The lounge where they had the Punchliner comedy shows at night was stifling throughout entire cruise. I only went once, couldn't wait for show to be over. When my cousin found an officer who happened to be in the lounge and complained, she looked at her as if she was making it up. No response. 4. Lido Deck area … PACKED is an understatement! On the 4 sea days I never saw the water in either of the 2 pools, only bobbing heads. Never saw such a crowded pool area in my life. The bussing staff was overwhelmed by the amount of plates, glasses etc. they had to remove. It was very hard for them to keep up. 5. Guest behavior - I love having a good time and laughing; and our group did do that, but the amount of screaming vulgar language used by adults as well as unsupervised children running rampant was appalling. It wasn't uncommon to be woken up way after midnight by kids running up and down the cabin hallways as well as adults having loud screaming arguments right outside cabin doors as guests were trying to sleep. 6. Thankfully I was not one of many who had toilet plumbing issues in their cabins, thank God! We've cruised many times on many different cruiselines including Carnival … but unfortunately this cruise has left a very bad taste in my mouth regarding the Carnival product.
  5. Hi Jeff... Nice to "see" you again after a long time. Still keep in touch with a whole bunch of past C@ posters on FB. I'm leaving on the Sunrise in August and of course all this nonsense in the DR has garnered my attention. I'll be sailing with a group of approx. 40 people; friends and family. I originally did not want to go since my wife JoAnn passed away suddenly last August and this will be my first vacation in 38 years without her. Everyone talked me into going so I'll try to make the best of it. Hope all is well with you...
  6. Is Carnival giving guests any guidance or precautionary statements regarding food and beverages before they disembark in DR ports?
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