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  1. I havent been on CC in a coupke of years..My dad passed away and bff had a cancer battle. We are doing a weekend cruise next month. I was SO EXCITED to see your review. They are always the best!! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to!:D
  2. Bodidly~ Used to be pretty active on here. Its been rough. Thanks again!
  3. Ive been away awhile due to my dads passing and my bff's battle with cancer. two years.. We had to cancel several cruises. We are testing the waters again with a brief cruise in February from Long Beach. Whats the staggered embarkation? Im platinum does that apply? Can I still go early check in VIP and get on early? Whats the rules on water and soda now? Can we still take on a bottle of wine? I know the cut backs have been terrible. I had a credit to use so we did before I lost it. really looking forward to a few days away.
  4. I am cruising with my aunts and cousins next week. I am platinum and they arent so we want to do the early check in for them ( 3 additional cabins) What time frame is that set up? They are all from Texas so we will walk around the Queen Mary afterwards, so they can see that as well. I havent needed to do it in awhile and the search brought up year old posts. Thanks much!!:)
  5. I am trying to book an excursion not offered by Carnival. Its starts at 12pm per the website. The ship ( Miracle) ports at 11 per the itinerary. Can we do it?
  6. Anyone know when the flights will open for mid August 2015? Not quite there yet..:rolleyes: Thanks!!
  7. You'll love the light and extra room. As for the Interior walkway view.. On most ships much more expensive and have odd shapes and sometimes small, so really check out oics of them first.
  8. There was only one this year I would go see. Lady Antebellum. Next year for sure Rascal Flatts !!:D
  9. YES.. I have 24 cruises, 25 in Dec. Although Carnival already shows me at 25 with my 3 day in two weeks.. Did not get any of the free offers earlier this year given to random people nor did my two adult kids also platinum.. Obviously wont get this offer because we aren't Diamond and along with that when they "revamped the brilliant loyalty program" they took away perks from the platinum level.. What is so brilliant about Carnival's program for loyal cruisers?? NOTHING! :rolleyes:
  10. and that's why no one is buying LOL!:D
  11. I just had to post..I am a big shopper of Ebay. I used to get some good deals on Carnival items on there. I was just looking now and the prices of EVERYTHING are ridiculous. Who buys there? 4 tervis tumblers you got for free your selling for $88.00+.. Just gotta laugh.:rolleyes:
  12. Having lost my dad in March it is a hard thing to go thru. I missed a cruise in Oct 2012 because my dad called us together the weekend before to tell us the news. I could not leave my children for 10 days having just found out.I was scheduled to cruise March 13th of this year and my dad passed away on the 12th.. We weren't expecting it. I have booked inside guarantees and never gotten and upper/lower. A lot of people actually book those for the cheapest price. Hope you have a fantastic time. We are finally going on a short cruise the 28th-31st my son and I just to get away finally..:)
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