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  1. With everything that is happeneing right now, I want to take the road that would have the best financial outcome for me, if there is one. Currently, I have 2 cruisenext certs with a total value of $500, and an FCC of about the same from an interupted Epic cruise I took last year. My plan was to use it all the end of this year, but who know what is happening. My question is, assuming the worst and NCl dissolves, do you think I would have a better chance of getting any of it refunded if I have a live booking that will have partial payment (using the certs and FCC) or le
  2. I have 2 certs that will expire in Feb 2021 and I was planning to use them later this year. along with a FCC from an interrupted cruise that is also expiring Feb 2021. I just looked at teh certs in my account and they now say they are good through Feb. 2023. Did they automatically extend these for 2 more years?
  3. I know from time to time that have promotions where you can use two certs for any type of cabin. Does anyone know how often that sales happens? I have two certs that expire next Feb, plus a credit from my Epic cruise that was interrupted last year that I have to use this year, but I will only be able to take one cruise and would like to use it all together.
  4. Thanks. I love how quick this board is. Another potential glitch, since he doesn't drink alcohol, I called and had them do the Deluxe for me and the royal refreshment for him, and I had to pay for both on my card. Since I am still going, will his still be refunded back to my card? And since it was in a single transaction, will mine be refunded too and I'll have to repurchase onboard?
  5. HI All, I am leave today on the Adventure and my travel companion had a last minute family emergency and will no longer be going, but I am. He is on his way back to the airport now to fly home. We didn't get the insurance because we only booked it last week and it was pretty cheap so we know he lost his cruise fare. My question is, are the Voom package and the drink package still refundable on the day of sailing or is that money lost too? He purchased the Voom 2-device that we should share and if he no-shows the cruise does that cancel it and I'll have to purchase my own at the onboard pr
  6. I am sailing on the 17th and just got my email today to bid on the Up. We just booked an inside cabin on Thursday and everything else was sold out so I have no expectation of an upgrade, but I threw something out there.
  7. I understand that a second cabin occupant is able to buy the refreshment package if they don't drink, but, what if they do purchase alcohol a la carte? My travel companion said they may only have 1-2 for the whole cruise so they don't want the deluxe but I do. Will they be allowed to purchase a drink or is there some sort of penalty and they upgrade your package to the deluxe if you do?
  8. Mine hit my card last night. It was about $40 more than half my base fare so I'm guessing that is port charges and fees. Maybe prepaid gratuities? Either way it was $40 more than I was expecting so I'm good.
  9. I know from personal experience, carnival does have a 15 limit. NCL does not
  10. Now that I am back I thought I would share some thoughts. The Solo's meet and greet works OK as an ice breaker. Ariel is the host and he is there every night, but that is about all he does. The bar in the lounge is open from 5-7pm, but dinner each night is in either the Taste or Manhattan dining room and reservations are for 5:30pm so the group leaves around 5:20pm. Why not make dinner later and enjoy happy hour? I asked and he said it was so they could get the group into the dining room before the crowds. He escorts the group there but then leaves. Some of us that didn't want to go th
  11. The people on the 2/16 sailing are getting 50% refund as a credit towards a future cruise. That is the credit she is referring to on her account. The other 50% is supposed to go back to our credit card and I'm sure will take a few weeks.
  12. I was on here too and agree with everything the OP said. I never came across a crew member that was not friendly, and given the circumstances, most of the passengers were in good spirits too. Not too many grumblers. The shows were great, but I will advise that Priscilla is an adult themed show, and it help to have an open mind. If you are more conservative leaning, it might not be for you. I did chat with someone on the cruise director staff about the boy in the show and was told that there are 2 that play that character and they rotate on 6 week schedules and travel with chaperones. He
  13. It looks much better now that they painted it. On Sunday when we boarded it did not look that good. I guess the extra day in PC on Monday gave them the time to patch it up
  14. I am on the ship now, and we had to be towed by a tug when we left PC. They hooked a line to the stern and pull us back a few hundred feet so the ship could spin around. I was watching with a group in the spa deck and several commented that they have been on this ship before and never saw that happen. Could it be reverse thrust is not working? Do we need a new tranny? I didn't see the docking in Nassau, but it seem like it took a lot longer than normal.
  15. Yes, thank you Briji04 for keeping us updated so well. I stuck with the upcoming cruise, and I hope to salvage a good time. I'm expecting more than a few vocal people to be aboard. There is another group here in my hotel and the front desk agent said they have done nothing but complain about everything concerning this cruise..
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