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  1. Mine hit my card last night. It was about $40 more than half my base fare so I'm guessing that is port charges and fees. Maybe prepaid gratuities? Either way it was $40 more than I was expecting so I'm good.
  2. I know from personal experience, carnival does have a 15 limit. NCL does not
  3. Now that I am back I thought I would share some thoughts. The Solo's meet and greet works OK as an ice breaker. Ariel is the host and he is there every night, but that is about all he does. The bar in the lounge is open from 5-7pm, but dinner each night is in either the Taste or Manhattan dining room and reservations are for 5:30pm so the group leaves around 5:20pm. Why not make dinner later and enjoy happy hour? I asked and he said it was so they could get the group into the dining room before the crowds. He escorts the group there but then leaves. Some of us that didn't want to go that early, or wanted to go somewhere else would linger behind and go on our own. Of the 100+ studio's on the ship, I don't think more than 30-40 people ever showed up at 5pm, and most nights it was more like 20. The one night I did go to the group dinner there were 7 of us. He also makes reservations for the shows (Priscilla and Burn the Floor), but you do not go as a group. You just go to the theater at the reserved show time. If you see others you can sit with them, or sit on your own. I thought it would be more of a meet in the lounge and go as a group. There is also a solo breakfast at 8am on the schedule, but I was never up at that hour so I can't comment on it. There are no other "group" outings or activities which was a bit disappointing. It would be nice it they picked an excursion in each port that a group can go on. Something generic that appeals to many.
  4. The people on the 2/16 sailing are getting 50% refund as a credit towards a future cruise. That is the credit she is referring to on her account. The other 50% is supposed to go back to our credit card and I'm sure will take a few weeks.
  5. I was on here too and agree with everything the OP said. I never came across a crew member that was not friendly, and given the circumstances, most of the passengers were in good spirits too. Not too many grumblers. The shows were great, but I will advise that Priscilla is an adult themed show, and it help to have an open mind. If you are more conservative leaning, it might not be for you. I did chat with someone on the cruise director staff about the boy in the show and was told that there are 2 that play that character and they rotate on 6 week schedules and travel with chaperones. He also said they are about 13 and they only see the part of the show they are in, not the whole show. That should give you an idea of the shows content. Like the OP said, the dining room food was good, but not as special as it used to be. I didn't cook it so I'm not complaining, and I too tend to get things that I don't normally make at home so its still a treat for me. I went to O'Shehan's one late night, or maybe early morning 😉 and I will say the nachos were gross. I'm not sure how they make their cheese, but it needs to change. My only complaint would be the ship itself, and that is subjective. I didn't find it to have a lot of outdoor deck space so what it had tended to feel crowded. The indoor space never did, just outdoors.
  6. It looks much better now that they painted it. On Sunday when we boarded it did not look that good. I guess the extra day in PC on Monday gave them the time to patch it up
  7. I am on the ship now, and we had to be towed by a tug when we left PC. They hooked a line to the stern and pull us back a few hundred feet so the ship could spin around. I was watching with a group in the spa deck and several commented that they have been on this ship before and never saw that happen. Could it be reverse thrust is not working? Do we need a new tranny? I didn't see the docking in Nassau, but it seem like it took a lot longer than normal.
  8. Yes, thank you Briji04 for keeping us updated so well. I stuck with the upcoming cruise, and I hope to salvage a good time. I'm expecting more than a few vocal people to be aboard. There is another group here in my hotel and the front desk agent said they have done nothing but complain about everything concerning this cruise..
  9. Dang it. This was starting to turn into a profitable trip. I'm going the Epic so I've already got my cruise fare back in refund and credit, then with this and some cruise next certs, I would have another cheap cruise coming. Oh well
  10. I wonder if that would work with onboard purchases? I am boarding tomorrow and would buy come cruise next certs. I know there was an online agency that had that promo for platinum cards, but in the fine print it said it didn't apply to Delta cards.
  11. I'm not sure is 100% refund. It may be 100% credit towards a future cruise. Either way, I would take that deal and run. You just got a free weeks vacation.
  12. I am booked for Saturday and have no intentions of changing. Worst case is they delay us a bit, or maybe miss a port. Not worth canceling for such a minor change.
  13. Have they given you any update on your schedule as far as getting back to PC on time, or why they are stopping in Freeport (possibly)?
  14. Someone on my roll call for next weeks sailing in now saying that the ship will stay in San Juan until Thursday to complete repairs, so I doubt GSC will be done on Friday, or at least not all day.
  15. Leave the 13th to where? Back to Port Canaveral?
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